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Asian Maerican Leadership Characteristics Essay

Leadership Characteristics


Humility is defined as not being proud or arrogant and display courteous respect for other people. It also means to reduce one’s rank to show consideration of other people’s thoughts and feelings. A humble person does not display a show of arrogance or a strong-willed ego when in the presence of others.

Humble leaders are those that allow management by objective – they allow their staff the right to voice their opinions and make decisions collectively ass a team. A humble leader avoids conflict of interest at all times and prioritizes the well-being of the organization above his or her needs.


Integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. A person who demonstrates integrity does not cheat or make remarks that are below a person’s self-worth. Integrity can be displayed through admission of mistakes, taking responsibility of errors and by showing a strong understanding of the job.

A leader who reflects upon his or her integrity does not compromise his or her principles when carrying out the job function. He or she would not participate in immoral activities just to get ahead of the game. Leaders with integrity will not sacrifice moral values at the expense of

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Decisiveness is reflected in the power or quality of decision-making. A person who is able to put an end to controversy, crucial or important issues at hand with swift skill and credibility is known to be a decisive person. This person rarely hesitates and is always determined to come to a positive outcome of the matter at hand.

Decisiveness is an integral characteristic of all leaders. A leader who is unable to make decisions quickly and accurately is not naturally talented leaders. Decision making should also be made in the context of the organization to safeguard fiduciary relationships with shareholders, employees as well as clientele.

Emotional Toughness

Emotional toughness is resilience when the going gets tough. It is not uncommon for stress and anxiety to compound at work. It is important though to be able to deal with problems such as these to persevere through new puzzles and hindrances to the operations of a company. Many managers can fall into the trap of becoming emotionally involved with their work – it is important that it does not interfere with their personal lives.

A leader of emotional toughness will be able to get through difficult situations by shutting off at the end of a work-day. He or she is able to compartmentalize between work and personal issues. If a leader allows one or the other to interfere with each other, the intertwining of problems – work related and personal issues – can lead to a nervous breakdown. A leader has to be tough in times of adversity – this is part of a being a credible leader.

Emotional Resonance

Emotional resonance is the ability to respond to problems in the external environment. It is not sufficient for a leader to feel detached from problems when they do arise or walk away from problems at hand.

A leader with emotional resonance will respond to issues in a professional way. Being emotional about a job is not always seen in a negative light. In fact, being emotionally involved demonstrates a strong passion and interest in an organization.


Adaptability is the ability to adjust oneself readily to different conditions. Being adaptable to the environment demonstrates the ability to respond to change. In today’s ever-changing environment, adaptability is an integral characteristic of successful company.

Leaders who adapt well to change are more likely to succeed in the long-run as they are forward looking and plan well-ahead of those who observe short-term strategies.


A person with self-knowledge is more confident as he or she has assessed his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Understanding their own capabilities allows him or her to focus on their own strengths in order to succeed.

A leader with self-knowledge demonstrates integrity as he or she is able to credibly put-forth his or her own suggestions or strategies that will benefit the company as a whole.


Passion is a strong and extravagant fondness or enthusiasm for something. Leaders cannot go without passion as an organization will be set to fail should there be no desire to seek steps towards success.

Leaders who are passionate in what they do exhaust all avenues to maximize profits, reduce costs and to motivate employees. Passion is also contagious and with that, employees will also feel compelled to outperform expectations.


A conviction is a fixed or firm belief. It also means the ability to convince another person. Leaders have to be able to demonstrate conviction at all times as this is the underlying characteristic of a credible leader. It is important that a leader does not resort to misrepresentation as this would undercut any conviction there was in the first place.

Hence, all these characteristics make a good leader and lead an organization to reach their goals in friendly environment.


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