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assignment 7

what tabs found in the Windows Task Manager dialog box
– Processes
– Performance
– Startup
when a user logs into Windows, what registry key is created
what partition is the bootable partition the startup BIOS turns to when searching for an operating system to start up on an MBR partitioned drive
active partition
what option, when passed to the shutdown command, will restart the local computer
where can a user find out more information about a hardware or network failure that occurred on that particular PC
Event Viewer
what are two methods that can be used to free up disk space on a hard drive
– use drive compression
– uninstall software you no longer use
how often does Windows 7/Vista automatically defragment a hard drive
once a week
if you need to see information about problems and errors that have happened over time, what utility should you use
Reliability Monitor
the Home editions of Windows 7 do not include the Local Security Policy or Print Management
the chkdsk command will not fix anything on the drive unless the drive is unlocked
text files that are called initialization files often utilize what two file name extensions
Windows Disk Cleanup is the utility to use whenever you want to defragment your hard drive
what Windows utility is used to control the Windows and third-party services installed on a system
services console
what task can’t be performed by using Task Manager
restart a process
Using what Windows 7 utility allows you to create a backup schedule that can include any folder on the hard drive and the system image
Backup and Restore
volumes within an extended partition are known by what term
logical drives
what type of storage drive contains spinning platters
magnetic hard disk drives
a custom view filter in Event Viewer can be saved to a file using what extension
using Windows 7 Backup and Restore, you can back up the volume on which Windows is installed
if you enter a command and want to terminate its execution before it is finished, what key press should you use
ctrl + c
what is the term given to the individual tools in a console
can be set to launch a task or program at a future time, including at startup
Task Scheduler
a Windows tool useful for troubleshooting hardware or network failures, OS error messages, failed services and more
Event Viewer
uses a flash drive or secure digital (SD) memory card to boost hard drive performance
Windows ReadyBoost
lets you view the applications and processes running on your computer as well as information about process and memory performance, network activity, and user activity
Task Manager
a database designed with a treelike structure that contains configuration information for Window,s users, software applications, and installed hardware devices
the core of the OS that is responsible for interacting with hardware
the portion of an OS that relates to the user and to a pplications
a window that consolidates several Windows administrative tools that you can use to manage the local PC or other computers on the network
Computer Management
a program that runs in the background and is called on by other programs to perform a background task
a component of the kernel which makes up the layer closest to the hardware
using what utility allows you to build your own customized console windows
Microsoft Management Console
what status indicators apply only to dynamic disks
foreign drive; healthy (at risk)
the Windows kernel includes what two main components
1. executive services
2. HAL
on a magnetic drive, what is the most common sector size
512 bytes
there is no undo feature in the Registry Editor
what command should you use to rearrange parts of files on the drive so they are contiguous
what file holds the preferences and setting of the currently signed-in user
how much storage does a dynamic disk require for the disk management database
what Windows utility is particularly useful in identifying software and hardware bottlenecks, and provides the ability to monitor in real time
Performance Monitor
what is the fourth partition on a hard drive called
extended partition
you do not have to be logged on as an administrator in order to use tools found in Computer Management
if a storage pool is configured as if it has more virtual storage than the physical drives actually offer, what feature is being used
thin provisioning
what utilities can be accessed using the Computer Management window
– Event Viewer
– Performance Monitor
if a game or desktop publishing app that relies heavily on graphics is not performing well or giving errors, what command can you run to view DirectX information
what registry key stores information that determines which application is opened when a user double-clicks a file
in order to ensure drive health, what command should you use to search for and repair file system error
regarding the Performance Monitor utility, which statements are accurate
– helps to identify bottlenecks
– can save data in logs
– can monitor in real time
the Windows shell is responsible for interacting with hardware
restore points are created at regular intervals and just before you install software or hardware by what utility
System Protection
you can use what utility to convert two or more basic disks to dynamic disks
Disk Management
what term is used to describe the unused space at the end of the last cluster
what types of events are logged by Windows and can be viewed using the Event Viewer
– error
– warning
– information
what is a snapshot of the system settings and configuration called
restore point
what command creates a subdirectory under a directory
what Performance counter tracks the percentage of time the hard drive is in use
%Disk Time
what Task Manager tab shows running processes organized by Apps, Background processes, and Windows processes
defragmenting is not recommended for solid-state hard drives
what is Pagefile.sys used for in Windows
virtual memory
within the Properties box of a service in the Services console, what is NOT a valid startup type for a service
what file systems supported by Windows can be used for volumes and drives that don’t hold the Windows installation
shell subsystems that have only a limited access to system information and can access hardware only through other OS services are operating in what mode
user mode
Windows Task Scheduler can be set to launch a task or program at a future time, including at startup
when troubleshooting a device or service that has failed to start, what utility may have information regarding the cause
Event Viewer
what registry key is considered to be the most important key, containing hardware, software, and security data
what Windows utility can be used to find out what processes are launched at startup
System Configuration
in Windows, what two terms describe the active partition on an MBR drive, and the location where the Windows operating system is stored, respectively
system partition
boot partition
if you need to find the model and speed of the installed processor and hard drive and the amount of memory installed, what utility should you open
what is another name for a file allocation unit
can span more than one hard drive
dynamic volumes
used to enhance the amount of RAM in a system
virtual memory
rearranges files on the drive into as few segments as possible
an extra copy of a data or software file that you can use if the original file becomes damaged or destroyed
a volume that can be accessed by way of a folder on another volume so that the folder has more available space
mounted drive
searches for bad sectors on a volume and recovers the data from the mis possible
Chkdsk utility
a hidden file stored in the root directory of drive C
can be partitioned and formatted as a stand-alone hard drive
basic disk
snapshots of the system and include Windows system files that have changed
restore points
the overall structure an OS uses to name, store, and organize files on a drive
file system
windows needs free space on the hard drive for normal operation, for defragmenting the drive, for burning CDs and DVDs, and for a variety of the tasks, so it’s important to delete unneeded files occasionally

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