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ATI leadership test proctored

ability to inspire others to achieve a desired outcome
process of planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating the work within an organization
* makes decisions for the group
* motivates by coercion
* communication down the chain of command
* work output by staff is high (good for crisis)
* Includes group when decisions are made
* Motivates
* Communication up&down chain of command
* work output is good quality
*makes few decisions, little planning
*lack of motivation
*communication up&down chain of command
*work output is low
*effective with professional employees
Characteristics of a good leader
* Initiative
* Inspiration
* energy
* Positive attitude
* communication skills
* Respect
* Problem solving and critical thinking skills
Transformational leaders
empower followers to assume responsibility for a communal vision, and personal development is a secondary outcome
Transactional leaders
focus on immediate problems, maintain status quo, use rewards to motivate followers
Emotional intelligence in a leader
* insight to emotions of members of the team
*understand the perspective of others
*encourage constructive criticism, be open to new ideas
*multi-task by maintaining focus
***manages emotions and channels them in a positive direction
***refrains from judgment or emotionally charged situations until facts are gathered
5 major functions of management
Planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling
the decisions regarding what needs to be done, how it will be done, and who is going to do it
the organizational structure that determines the lines of authority, channels of communication, and where decisions are made
the acquisition of adequate staff
the leadership role assumed by a manager; influences and motivates staff
evaluation of staff performance and goals; ensure outcomes are being met
Characteristics of Managers
hold formal position of authority and power
possess clinical expertise
network with members of the team
coach subordinates
make decisions about the function of the organization
Open airway= highest priority
Maslow’s Hierarchy
1. Physiological (food, water, warmth, rest)
2. Safety (security)
3. Love/Belonging (intimate relationships, friends)
4. Esteem (prestige and feeling of accomplishment)
5. Self actualization (achieving one’s full potential, including creative activities)
Time management of a Nurse
Organize care-
What must be done immediately
What must be done by specific time
What must be done by the end of shift
What can be delegated
Time savers
*document nursing interventions ASAP (accurate and thorough documentation
*grouping activities for patients
*delegate to other staff when avail
*take time to plan care and taking priorities into consideration
Time wasters
*documenting at the end of the shift
*making repeated trips to the supply room for equip
*reluctant to delegate
*not asking for help
*socializing with staff during client care time
process of transferring the authority, accountability, and responsibility of a client care to another member of the health care team
process of transferring the authority and responsibility to another team member to complete a task while retaining the accountability
process of directing, monitoring, and evaluating the performance of task by another member of the health care team. RN supervise AP’s and PN’s
Delegatee factors
* Education, training, experience
*knowledge and skill to perform task
*level of critical thinking required to complete task
*ability to communicate with others as it pertains to the task
*demonstrated competence
*the delegatee’s culture
*agency policies and procedures
5 rights of delegation
RIGHT task
RIGHT circumstance
RIGHT person
RIGHT direction and communication
RIGHT supervision and evaluation
Right task
delegate task to appropriate levels of team members based on standards of practice, legal and facility guidelines
Right circumstance
assess the health status and complexity of care required by client
match the complexity of care demands to skill level of health care team member
Right person
assess and verify the competency of the health care team member
task must be within their scope of practice
Right direction/communication
communicate in writing or orally:
data that needs to be collected
specific tasks
expected results/time lines/follow up
Right supervision/evaluation
The delegating nurse must:
* provide supervision (directly or indirectly)
* provide clear direction and expectations
*monitor performance
*provide feedback
*intervene if necessary
*evaluate client and determine if outcomes were met
Staff education
the quality of client care provided is directly related to the education and level of competency of health care providers
Steps in providing educational programs
1. Identify and Respond
2. Analyze
3. Research
4. Plan
5. Implement
6. Evaluate
5 stages of nursing ability
Novice Nurse
Advanced Beginner
Competent Nurse
Proficient Nurse
Expert Nurse
Novice nurse
students or newly licensed nurses who have minimal clinical experience
Advanced beginner
most new nurses function at this level
practice independently and make some clinical judgment
begin to rely on prior experience to make practice decisions
Competent nurse
usually been in practice 2-3 years
demonstrate increasing levels of skill and proficiency and clinical judgment
Proficient nurse
significant amount of experience
Expert nurse
make decisions at an advanced level of intuition and analytical ability

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