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BA 205 Term Review

A sense of caring is demonstrated by an employer who
prioritizes the development of his or her employees’ skills.
In high-trust relationships
people are more willing to cooperate with each other.
In the business world, caring can be demonstrated by
considering the needs of customers and employees.
Which of the following factors reduces the incidence of unethical behavior?
a transparent atmosphere
In low-trust relationships, people tend to
regard the actions of other people negatively.
When personal values and corporate values are aligned, employees have more
Which of the following employees is most likely to be an extrovert?
Len meets everyone in the department by his third day on the job.
In the interpersonal communication process, the messages exchanged are
simultaneous and mutual.
What is sight-reading?
intelligent observation of nonverbal communication
Which of the following employees is acting with incivility?
Scott usually greets female colleagues by saying, “Hello there, girls.”
______ is a show of respect for the dignity and importance of others.
Which of the following is characteristic of learner mind-sets?
viewing differences of opinion as normal
Antonio has been appointed the facilitator of his team. His main job is to
ensure that each agenda item is properly discussed.
Which of the following correctly describes how often teams should meet when working on group writing?
consistently during all stages of the project
_____ refers to a set of shared perceptions and commitment to collective values, norms, roles, responsibilities, and goals
Team culture
Which of the following questions will best help virtual teams profit from diversity by capturing the perspectives of all team members?
“What do you think about this idea?”
What is one technique that meeting leaders can use to encourage discussion but avoid arguments during the early part of meetings?
foster disassociation
Which is the advantage of using Google Drive to store group documents?
It allows all group members to edit the document in real time.
Which action is most likely to occur during the norming stage of team development?
The entire team agrees on goals, individual tasks, and ways to be accountable.
Which of the following is a reason in favor of using virtual teams?
Experts in different locations can pool their skills and knowledge.
In societies with low performance orientation, people
hold relationships to be more important than results.
_____ refers to a mind-set that values choice more than obligation.
Khadija is an international student who has mixed feelings about life in Riverside. The people are helpful and friendly, but they sometimes make unflattering and incorrect assumptions about her culture. The behavior of the people of Riverside is an example of which of the following concepts?
Which of the following is characteristic of people from high uncertainty avoidance cultures?
They often stress orderliness and consistency, even if it means sacrificing experimentation and innovation.
Daniel has to prepare a report outlining the reasons why his company is going to shut down two factories in the United States. How will Daniel structure the report if he wants to use the inductive method?
lay out the supporting reasons in careful order; state the primary message
While examining the pros and cons of introducing a stress-busting yoga program for the employees of Hillock Inc., Juanita learns that the pros far outnumber the cons and decides to recommend implementation of the yoga program. Which of the following statements is most likely to increase the positivity of her proposition?
The yoga program would increase the efficiency of the employees.
While analyzing the advantages of orientation programs for new employees, Carter learns that these programs can make new employees more comfortable in their jobs and thus help them focus on their work. This in turn increases employee efficiency and reduces the likelihood that they will quit their jobs. Which of the following statements should Carter avoid making because it exaggerates the facts?
Orientation programs eliminate the likelihood of new employees quitting their jobs.
_____ are statements that can be relied on with a fair amount of certainty and can be observed objectively.
Which of the following should ideally be one of the goals of a business communicator?
to express the message in a way that respects others
What is the most likely impact of slanting facts?
It reduces the credibility of a business message.
While conducting the FAIR test, which of the following questions will help you analyze the impact of your business message?
Have you thought about how the message will affect stakeholders?
While conducting the FAIR test, which of the following questions will help you analyze whether your message demonstrates respect for the inherent worth of your audience?
Have you shown that you value others?
Typically, paragraphs in routine business messages have
40-80 words.
Writers of business messages should avoid sentences that begin with “it is” or “there are” because they
contain more words than necessary.
Which of the following statements about navigational designs will help improve the ease of reading?
Avoid formatting features that distract readers from the main message.
Which guideline for navigational design is most likely to improve the ease of reading for business messages?
Use white space appropriately.
What is the primary advantage of using word processing software to compose important email messages?
It is better at reviewing text for typos and grammatical problems than email systems.
Which statement correctly describes the current state of texting in the workplace
Texting is a new, undeveloped form of communication in the workplace, and attitudes toward it vary significantly.
When dealing with email, many business professionals consider use of the ______ a breach of privacy.
“blind carbon copy” feature
Which of the following is a synchronous communication channel that is most likely to be high in control?
a webinar
Which of the following involves an act or thought process committed by the sender rather than the receiver of an email?
The heavy volume of digital messages received on a daily basis makes it necessary for business professionals to perform the delicate task of balancing the
need to respond to others with their own need to focus on work.
When stakeholders judge whether the communications and actions of an organization match their needs and interests, they are evaluating the organization’s
Traditionally, a blog contains entries by:
just one or a few individuals.
Jessica wants to get ahead in her career, so she has a professional blog. Which of the following posts is most likely to damage her reputation?
a story about how much fun she and her coworkers had visiting bars after the annual sales meeting
Cara has been participating in her company’s social networking platform for a while. Which behavior is her supervisor most likely to ask her to change?
She often inquires about her colleagues’ personal lives.
What are the two most common formats for public relations messages placed on a company blog?
the press release and the op-ed piece
Which statement correctly compares the rate that technology changes to the rate that workplaces change?
Technology can change in a matter of months, while workplaces sometimes take decades to change.
Which of the following is an example of a bad-news message characterized by low severity and high controllability?
one colleague rejecting another colleague’s idea
Which of the following is an example of an external partner?
a supplier
Lane has to deliver his first negative performance review. He should make sure to
focus on the unacceptable actions and their results.
In the context of bad news, a teaser message is a message that
prepares recipients emotionally yet does not reveal specific information.
While delivering bad news in writing to customers, use
passive verbs.
Which of the following would damage the effectiveness of a written message designed to convey bad news to colleagues or employees?
avoiding discussion of the immediate impact of the bad news on recipients
In terms of maintaining credibility, the most important quality to convey when delivering bad news is
Serena, a bank manager at the United Front Bank, heads the business loan department. She wants to communicate to all of the bank’s long-term customers that interest rates on business loans are increasing by a full percentage point. Which of the following guidelines should Serena follow while communicating this bad news?
She should use specific and simple language.
Which of the following relates to how current and representative data is?
Which of the following is a helpful guideline for formatting bar charts?
Bars should be arranged in ascending or descending order in most cases.
In general, survey questions should
cover multiple ideas.
Which type of question is designed to gain the response that the survey designer prefers and produces unreliable and unusable information as a result?
Which of the following is a helpful guideline for formatting tables?
Arrange entries in ascending or descending order.
Which of the following is a type of primary research?
conducting survey research
Which of the following is an advantage of including bulleting and enumerated lists in a report?
They help readers rapidly process and group dense information.
Which of the following raises the credibility of a report?
supplying the facts with precision
Which statement is a helpful guideline to use in creating business reports?
Business reports should project objectivity first and positivity second.
What is the advantage of placing a clear statement of the business problem at the beginning of a report?
It helps establish the purpose and value of the report.
Which of the following statements about paraphrasing is true?
Paraphrasing significantly alters the original words and sentence structure.
To use another person’s ideas and pass them off as one’s own is known as
If you want your presentation to appeal to professionals with a red motivational value system, you should
discuss immediate goals.
Which of the following is true of kinesthetic learners?
They need group activities or hands-on activities.
Shawn likes to open his presentations with jokes in order to grab the attention of his audience. Which of the following should Shawn keep in mind while doing so?
He should tie his jokes to his key messages.
In the AIM content planning process, how do you develop your ideas?
by identifying key facts and conclusions related to your topic
Which component of a presentation is analogous to the conclusion in a written document?
the review
In the story line approach to business presentations, what is a resolution?
a solution to the challenges or tensions
Which of the following types of attire should generally be avoided in business-related settings?
jeans and a polo shirt
Which of the following will help you manage your nervousness before your presentation?
watching what foods and beverages you consume
Hadiya is skillful at reading the emotional signals of her audience and making quick, subtle adaptations to her presentation to connect with them. Hadiya is good at showing her
In the context of workplace attire, which of the following styles requires men to wear neckties?
formal business dress
During presentations, speakers show their ______ by knowing their content well.
The primary challenge for a team presentation is to make sure that it is

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