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Bank Manager

“Describe an instance when an employee of another organization (perhaps you were a customer) acted in a way that was inappropriate to the transaction at hand. Describe the situation and prepare a recommendation for an intervention that would be accomplished by the supervisor of the employee. A memorandum to the Bank Manager of X Bank, by the Managing Director of Y Firm: This is to bring to your kind notice the following facts for kind consideration and appropriate action. That, we are customers of your Bank for the last 3 years.

We are a collecting agency and we have occasions to deposit currency notes in small denominations. This represents the cash collections that we make from our retail customers/depositors. The deposits are at times quite heavy ranging up to one million dollar at a time. We had discussed this issue at the time of opening the Current Account of our firm with your Manager. We have a written undertaking from the then Manager, that your Bank will accept currency notes in small denominations for depositing into our account without any limit.

Today, when our Cashier went to Counter No 1, the Teller on duty refused to accept the cash, stating that he had no time to do the machine counting of 1 million dollars. Even when I told him that we have a written agreement with the Bank, it is reported that the Teller was quite rude and he told our Cashier to contact or complain to the Manager of his Bank. Unfortunately the Manager was on leave on that day. My Cashier had to return back without depositing the money. I agree that the Teller was extremely busy and that he had o deal with lots of customers that day and yet he no business to be impolite to a customer.

We therefore, request you to look into the matter immediately, as to the flowing issues. 1. Why the standing instructions with regard to the deposit currency notes in smaller denominations were violated by the Bank. 2. How you can be rude to your three year old customer or for that matter any customer. 3. Relevant instructions should be noted in the folio of our account (against the account number) that we have such deposit facility with you. Even if the Manager or any authority is on leave, the instructions should be available for the guidance of the Teller. We await your rely to this memorandum