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BC CHP. 10

Which of the following statements is most accurate?
Proposals are persuasive documents used to solve problems, provide services, or sell products
All proposals should show the value and benefits of the product or services being recommended and
use easy-to-understand language
A business would most likely write a request for proposal to
renovate offices
An effective proposal should do all of the following except
analyze findings, draw conclusions, and make recommendations intended to solve a problem
You can make the introduction of a proposal more persuasive if you
provide a “hook” such as mentioning a remarkable resource available exclusively to the writer
In which part of a solicited proposal would you most likely convince your reader that you understand the problem completely?
In which section of an informal proposal would you most likely include a timetable for a project to be completed?
What should be included in the staffing section of an informal proposal?
Credentials and expertise of project leaders
The budget in a proposal should
reflect careful research because a proposal is a legal contract
What is the first step in writing a formal report?
writing a purpose statement
what is the best advice when writing a statement of purpose for a formal report?
use action verbs that tell what you intend to do
A work plan for a formal report should
include a clear problem statement, a purpose statement, and a description of the research methods to be used
Primary research data can be defined as
information gained from firsthand experience and observation
which of the following statement about documenting data is not accurate
documenting data is not necessary if you put the information in your own words
Paraphrasing is
restating an original passage in your own words
smart writers incorporate visuals and graphics in a report because they know that visuals and graphics can
all answers choices are correct
All of the following are front matter components of a formal report except the
What is the purpose of a letter or memo of transmittal
to announce the topic of the report
What advice should you follow when preparing a table of contents
title the page Contents and Table of Contents
The purpose of an executive summary is to
present an overview of a longer report for people who may not have time to read the entire document
What information should be included in the introduction of a formal report?
Explanation of the problem
The body of a formal report should
discuss, analyze, interpret, and evaluate the research findings or solution to the problem
What is the best advice to follow when developing a bibliographic list of sources for a formal report?
list the sources in alphabetical order
All proposals should use easy-to-understand language and show the value and benefits of the product or services being recommended
proposals are always written for only external audiences
to make the introduction of your proposal persuasive, include a “hook” that focuses on the audience’s specific needs and benefits
in a solicited proposal, your goal is to convince the reader that problem exists
in the proposal, plan, and schedule section of a business proposal, your goal is to explain your plan for solving the problem
proposal writers should avoid mentioning staff qualifications and credentials in a formal proposal
a proposal represents a legal contract
the conclusion of a proposal should remind the reader of the proposal’s key benefits and make it easy for the reader to respond
formal report writers conduct most of their research using primary sources
an advantage of secondary data over primary data is that secondary data are easier and cheaper to develop
books can provide historical, in-depth data
when you conduct an interview, prepare close-ended questions to make the interviewee feel relaxed and at ease
direct quotations are often useful to provide objective data and to establish the severity of a problem as seen by experts
avoid the use of graphics in a report because graphics usually confuse readers
the major advantage of line charts is that they show changes over time, thus indicating trends
avoid referencing graphics in the text of your report, the visual should speak for itself
Report graphics should include a caption or title
if included with a report, a letter or memo of transmittal should be written using the indirect strategy
the purpose o a table of contents is to present an overview of the report for people who may not have time to read the entire report
The most important section of a report to a reader is the conclusions and recommendations

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