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BCOM 6-9

Which of the following sounds most conversational?
Thanks for your help last week
Which of the following does not contain a trite business phrase?
We received your application for the marketing position
Which of the following is the best example of business writing?
Please tell your employees about the company’s new e-mail guidelines
The best way to evaluate your finished written message is by
Receiving feedback
The subject line of an e-mail message should
Summarize the main idea
Which of the following is not a common business use of blogs?
To allow remote team members to share information and to access and edit their documents online
Annette wants to start a blog for her small business. What should she do first?
Identify her audience
Majority of your writing on your job will be
Routine, positive messages
What is the first question you should ask yourself as you begin to prepare a message?
Is this business message necessary?
Mitchell has decided to write a letter to a local company to ask about internship opportunities. What should he do first?
Analyze the purpose of the letter and the reader
A phone call or face-to-face visit is a better channel choice than e-mail when you need to
All of these choices
Chandra wants to give her employees a brief update about an upcoming sales promotion. What is the best communication channel for Chandra to use to send this message to her employees?
Routine request and response messages should be written using
The direct strategy
Natalie is writing a routine e-mail request. The main idea or purpose of her message should be placed in
the opening.
Which of the following is the best example of placing the most important information first in a routine information request message?
Please answer the following questions about your office printers
The best business writers do what in the opening paragraph of a routine request message?
State immediately why they are writing.
Which of the following is a command disguised as a polite request?
Will you please send my order by USPS Priority Mail?
Gemma is writing an e-mail message to a company to ask about its software for removing malware (malicious software) from her company’s network. Which is the best opening statement for her letter?
Please answer the following questions about your new malware removal program
What is the least accurate statement about routine response messages?
Routine response messages generally use the indirect organizational pattern
Which of the following is the best closing for an adjustment letter?
We hope that this refund check proves our commitment to providing excellent customer service
What is the most accurate statement about goodwill messages?
Written goodwill messages give more importance to our well-wishing and provide a record that can be reread, savored, and treasured
The best goodwill messages concentrate on the five Ss. Which of the following is not one of the five Ss?
Which of the following statements about formatting international business messages is most accurate?
If a letter is important, have someone familiar with local customs read and revise it.
When should the direct pattern be used to communicate negative news?
When firmness is necessary
When should the indirect pattern be used to communicate negative news?
When the bad news will provoke a hostile reaction
The most important part of a bad-news letter is
The section that explains the reasons for the bad news
Which of the following sentences uses the passive voice to present the bad news?
Although the medical billing clerk position has been filled, we wish you well in your job search
Bad-news messages to customers differ from other bad-news messages in what one major way?
Customers aren’t going to be given the reason for the occurrence of the bad news
Caroline must deny a request made by one of her employees. The most effective statement in a bad-news message denying this request would be
Although your extra night cannot be reimbursed, we will process the remainder of your expense claim immediately
Which is the most effective statement in a letter to a customer about an order for which the customer has not yet paid?
As soon as we receive your payment, we’ll ship your order.
Allan is writing instructions for filing an employee grievance. He should use a bulleted list because the order of steps in the process is important
Routine documents and complex documents are proofread using the same method
Most companies try to control damage by writing to the individuals involved
In a negative message, you should always use a buffer

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