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BCOM Final

to emphasize a word or an idea, position it first or last in a sentence, clause, paragraph, or document
bullets are usually preferred over numerals in a document list unless sequence is important
chunking breaks text down into blocks of info, introduces reader-friendly white space, and increases retention by as much as 50 percent
the readability level of a passage is affected by the length of the sentences and difficulty of the words
grammar and style checkers in word processing programs replace the need for a human editor
the first step in proofreading a document that you have word processed is to use the spell check
when proofreading, reading a document from right to left is recommended because it helps the writer focus on individual words and spacing elements in the text
generally, when writing a first draft, you should
write rapidly with the intent to fix mistakes during the editing process
which of the following sentences illustrates passive voice
Susan had been in sales for five years
which of the following is not appropriate advice for effective revising and proofreading
remember that allowing others to proof your work is not helpful because you are the best judge of the accuracy of your writing
which of the following is not an effective attitude when revising and proofreading documents
the perspective of the audience is not as important as the writer’s viewpoint
which of the following is true of text chunking in documents
chunking makes the page look more organized and increases retention by 50 percent
which of the following is the most effective report heading
4th Quarter Sales Exceed Predictions
which of the following is the most effective heading in a memo report to employees
How DO Benefit Changes Affect You?
in business documents, a general rule for readability is that paragraphs normally should be
6 lines or less in length
neutral messages contain content that is not likely to generate an emotional message from the receiver
because message expectations and social conventions differ among cultures, effective communicators adapt their strategies when communicating with carious audiences
memorandums, or memos, are appropriate for communication both inside and outside the company
if you need to convey info that contains good or neutral news, you could use
email, memos, or voice mail
as compared to letters, memos and email are channels for sharing information of a somewhat ____ nature
the organization of business messages should be organized based on
a prediction of the receiver’s reaction to the main idea
Mary has a neutral message to deliver to a co-worker. what delivery options would be the most effective
memo, email, or phone
which of the following is not an advantage of the deductive sequence approach for a good news message
the organization is persuasive and calls for action
the strategies for structuring effective good and neutral news messages
are generally consistent among North American audiences
Email messages and memos differ from letters in that they are
less formal in tone and formatting
in some circumstances, sharing bad news via email rather than face-to-face is justified
By placing bad news in the first paragraph, receiver support is more likely than when it is presented after giving reasons
since the main message of a negative-news message is the bad news, more space should be devoted to the refusal than to the explanations for the refusal
in some circumstances, placing a refusal in the first sentence is justified
“i have received and read your letter of April 12” is an effective way to begin the first paragraph of a bad news message
which of the following is false concerning personal delivery of bad news
personal delivery eliminates any potential escalation of emotion
if bad news appears in the first sentence of a message, the
receiver’s reaction is likely to be defensive
what is the correct order for the inductive writing sequence
buffer, reasons, bad news, counter proposal, and desire to continue the relationship
exceptions to the use of inductive approach for bad-news messages include
messages addressing a very small, insignificant matter
an effective opening for a bad-news message
makes a neutral comment related to the main idea
which of the following are false when writing bad-news messages
the writer should state the bad news early and reinforce it throughout the message
which of the following is not a technique for writing a bad news message
use the deductive writing approach
Greg Komuro often delivers messages to clients in which he must convey negative ideas. which of the following techniques could Greg use to subordinate bad news?
passive voice and abstract nouns as the subjects of sentances
your employer asked you to compose a message to be sent to all job applicants who were not selected for a sales representative position. you should
place the “not selected” message in the dependent clause of a complex sentence describing the stiff competition for this job
a counterproposal
is an alternative to the action requested that helps preserve your future relationship with the receiver
the monthly financial statement that Sharecom Investments sends to its investors is an example of an analytical report
reports typically travel upward in an organization because they usually are requested by a higher authority
the main function of vertical reports is to contribute to management control
the statement of purpose is the goal of the study and includes the objectives the researcher hopes to accomplish
limitations refer to boundaries imposed outside the control of the researcher, such as time limit and budget
which of the following provides the best definition of a report
ab orderly objective message used to convey information within an organization for the purpose of presenting date for the customer
which of the following represents the correct sequence of steps in the problem-solving process
recognize and define the problem; collect and organize the data; select a method of solution; arrive at an answer
as a result of the changing demographics in your area, your company, has decided to hire those previously declared “unemployable”. your task is to educate these people to do the job. which of the following questions will help you most in solving the problem
what type of skills do these new employees need to do their jobs
when explaining “limitations” the researcher is noting
normal constraints placed on the research which are beyond the control of the researcher
which of the following procedures is not recommended when conducting an electronic search
start with a large search engine and then move to a smaller one if necessary
differences in education level, experience, and culture or distractions such as noise, uncomfortable room temperature, and interruptions are examples of
which of the following is an example of communication that typically comes through an informal communication network
online chats
an organizational chart is a graphic representation of
formal communication channels within the organization
the grapevine in an organization
is typically no more or less accurate than other channels
the ___ communication channel is created by management to control individual and group behavior and to achieve the organization’s goals
interpersonal communication occurs when
an individual processes information individually
in downward communication management attempts to ___ activities within an organization while with horizontal communication management hopes to ___ them
control; coordinate
which of the following is not a contextual force that affects communication
economic downturn
you are faced with a work-related ethical dilemma. in deciding what action to take, you would:
check legal implications and the company code of ethics, and then decide if the action is personally ethical
in confronting the international problems caused by lack of language training, the most useful advice for North Americans is to
try to acquire second language skills if possible, or at least learn a few words in the language of your audience
data integrity refers to which of the following advantages of databases
the assurance that data will be accurate and complete
which of the following statements about nonverbal messages is false
nonverbal messages are consistent across cultures
an ultimate requirement of listening for information is that the listener
is able to separate fact from fiction and humor from seriousness
which of the following is not a bad listening habit
thinking ahead
Preeti is having a business lunch with Jose to discuss the downsizing of the manufacturing plant in South America. Preeti is expecting an important call on her cell phone during the lunch and answers her phone several times. Preeti is not listening attentively to Jose most likely because of the following listening problem
allowing disruptions
Jakeel is a new sales representative with Sensations, Inc. He attends a regional sales meeting, followed by a reception. He converses with three new sales people and an hour later forgers their names. this is an example of the following bad listening habit:
faking attention: he pretends to listen but messes the messages
which of the following facts makes listening difficult
out minds process much faster than a speaker can talk
which of the following is appropriate etiquette when listening
restate in your own words what you think the speaker has said
which of the following is not a characteristic of effective groups
members compete for the leadership position
which of the following describes the major difference between teams and groups
members of teams generally have a higher commitment to the overall goal than do members of groups
in a team with representatives from many different departments in a company, the director of human resources keeps tension low among members. the director of human resources is fulfilling which role in the team
which of the following stages of team development is often not experienced, even in long-term teams
which of the following stages of team development is marked by optimal performance levels
which of the following is false concerning leadership in teams
leaders are optional when an organization moves to a group concept
which of the following is not a benefit of e-mail
e-mail is private because it requires the use of a password to access it
an email message with the subject “Meeting Notes Attached: Crescent City Grill Launch Party” might use which of the following as its first sentence
attached are the notes from our Monday meeting discussing the Launch Party of the Crescent City Grill on March 3
email messages should be limited to one topic because
the recipient might forget to respond to multiple points discussed
which of the following is not an example of good email etiquette
answer every email message as soon as it is received
when composing an email message
ideas should be organized inductively when the message contains good news or routine information
electronic messages as a communication channel would not be appropriate for which of the following situations
when you need to send sensitive or extremely confidential information
during a business lunch with a client, a colleague calls with bad news about another project. you should
excuse yourself form the table, take the call somewhere unobtrusive, handle anything you can handle quickly, and then tell your colleague you will call him back later
which of the following is true of cell phone communication
none of the above is true
a manager is faced with having to lay off some of his staff due to financial losses that the company has suffered. which of the following channels of communication would be most appropriate for sharing this news, given the sensitive nature of the message
a face-to-face meeting with each employee
according to the Electronic Communicatons Privacy Act, firms may check the email messages of their emplyees
to determine if employees are using the email system for legitimate work-related purposes
Text messaging should not be used for which of the following business messages
a less emotional way to tell a subordinate he did not receive a desired promotion
which of the following is not an acceptable situation for using email
evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a current employee
you receive an email message from a co-manager concerning the negative performance of an employee. how to you respond
meet with your co-manager and discuss the employee’s weaknesses face to face
what is the best attitude to have regarding finding a job
finding a job is a process
which of the following descriptions of duties in the work experience section of a resume is most effective
created eye-catching floor displays with minimal financial resources
you are organizing your resume for a highly competitive summer internship with an accounting firm. you believe your education is your strongest qualification because your work experience has been seasonal jobs at minimum wage. you also believe that your abilities, interests, and character are qualities that closely parallel the job description supplied about the business. what type of resume would be least preferred for conveying your strengths
an employer is likely to interpret a writing style or punctuation error on your resume or letter of application as an indication that
all of the above are true
to accommodate different employers’ preferences for the presentation and delivery of resumes, a person should prepare
all of the above
Alicia had developed a standard resume for her job search for a technical writing position, which of the following would be the most useful additional tool for communicating her qualifications
an e-portfolio
a resume summarizes information related to a job’s requirements; the application message
summarizes how the company can benefit the applicant
a letter of application or application email message ideally should be addressed to
a specific individual
by sending unsolicited application letters
you alert employers to needs not previously identified for someone with your abilities
which of the following would be the best opening sentence for an application letter for a sales trainee job that was advertised on a company website
after reading about the exciting opportinity available at KayStar, I am determined to join this exciting team and desire the chance to convince you that my education background, leadership abilities, and internship experience qualify me for a sales position with your firm
Marisol wants to know the best way to let the recipient of her application letter to know that her resume is included. which of the following would you advise
include the following in the second half of the letter: “the enclosed resume details my responsibilities as office manager at Carson Office Systems, a job that gave me the opportunity to experience some of the situations you described in your ad.”
Franz is sending a resume to an advertising agency that has advertised in his local newspaper for a copywriter. which of the following would make the nest closing sentence for the application letter
“I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss how i can benefit Acme Corporation in the copywriter position
Juanita is a new college graduate involved in the job search process. what advice will you give her concerning the physical appearance of resumes and accompanying application letters she will mail to potential employers
a one page format is typically recommended for both documents
which of the following channels is not relatively inexpensive
face-to-face meeting
Zhenyu wants to select a channel of communication that will allow him the greatest degree of control over his message. Which channel generally provides the greatest control
to project a positive tactful tone in a written message
avoid using second person when stating negative ideas
communicating with and about others with the same kindness and fairness that you wish others to use when communicating with and about you is referred to as what
the golden rule of communication
organizing a message before writing it
ensures that ideas are presented clearly and logically
an executive summary should only be used for long and complex reports
an appendix contains supplementary information that supports the report but is not appropriate for inclusion in the report itself
talking heading are preferred in business reports because they tell about the content of the sections and reveal any conclusion(s) presented in the sections
which of the following is not true concerning the table of contents of a report
the contents page includes the beginning and ending page numbers for report parts
which of the following statements is not correct concerning the appendix of a report
each report contains only one appendix, although several things may be placed in it
team members who are not currently speaking during the presentation should maintain eye contact with the audience or look at their own notes
which of the following should a speaker generally avoid in the body of a presentation
numerous detailed statistics
good preparation for an interview is to study your resume, as the typical interview focuses on information contained in the applicant’s resume

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