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Regina runs into her supervisor in the hallway and updates him on a current project. Such an encounter is a type of oral briefing.
To be effective as a presenter, you must spend time learning about the audience.
Sierra is planning a presentation on teamwork. An important part of planning this presentation should be for her to determine what she wants to accomplish during this presentation.
Humor should not be used when introducing a presentation because it can be offensive to members of the audience.
Because spoken communication is more difficult to process than written communication, complex, lengthy sentences that are acceptable for written documents are NOT effective in a presentation.
In a typical business presentation, the number of major points should be limited to three to five.
The close of a presentation should be creative and memorable because audiences tend to remember what they hear last.
Speakers who use presentation visuals are considered better prepared and more persuasive and interesting then speakers who do not use visuals.
To avoid clutter, you should limit slide content to key ideas presented in as few words as possible.
As a general rule in presentations, a speaker should include only one major idea on each slide.
Since color is an attention getter, the skilled presenter should use as many different colors as his or her software supports.
Black text against a white background provides the greatest contrast.
Extemporaneous speeches require no preparation or rehearsal.
When delivering a presentation, an impressive introduction of you as the speaker will help to establish your credibility with the audience.
Gestures should be eliminated during a business presentation since they distract your audience
One effective way to elicit feedback about your presentation from an intercultural audience is to frequently ask them if they understand.
North Americans are perceived by members of some cultures as too casual in their presentation style.
Although North Americans prefer a direct approach (with the main idea presented first) in most presentations, many cultures including the Japanese, Latin Americans, and Arabs consider the straightforward approach tactless and rude.
To produce a unified team presentation, many experts recommend scheduling at least five practice sessions.
Team members who are not currently speaking during the presentation should maintain eye contact with the audience or look at their own notes.
Gerome has planned a distance presentation for new employees in his company’s six locations. Since he has not previously met the participants in person, he should schedule a conference call with the participants to establish rapport prior to the distance presentation.
Knowing the audience for a business presentation involves
a. identifying their ages, incomes, occupations, and gender.
b. understanding their perspective on the topic you will present.
c. understanding why the topic you will present is important to them.
d. all of the above.
Which of the following is a factor that will help you direct a presentation specifically to an audience?
a. the location and occasion of the speech
b. the audience’s knowledge & experience
c. the seating arrangement for the presentation
d. all of the above.
Which of the following statements is FALSE concerning the introduction of a presentation?
a. What you say at the beginning sets the stage for your entire presentation and initiates your rapport with the audience.
b. Attention-getting techniques may include a quotation by an expert, an appropriate joke, or a startling statistic.
c. The inductive approach is typically used, because the deductive approach would remove the element of suspense for the audience.
d. After presenting the purpose, you should preview the major points you will discuss in the order you will discuss them.
Which of the following is a goal of an effective introduction to a presentation?
a. Provide relevant statistics.
b. Use jargon and technical terms.
c. Establish rapport.
d. Cover three to five major points.
Which of the following should a speaker generally avoid in the body of a presentation?
a. Quotes from prominent people
b. Jokes and humor
c. Anecdotes
d. Numerous detailed statistics
Management is requiring employees at Sentac Enterprises to attend a presentation by your consulting firm about how to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. What technique should you use to get the audience interested in the presentation?
a. Open your presentation with “Thirty-five percent of employees at Sentac Enterprises say that in the last six months, they have felt uncomfortable in a work situation because of a sexual comment by a colleague.”
b. Thank your audience in advance for their time.
c. Tell a sexually explicit joke as an example of what not to do to prevent sexual harassment.
d. None of the above
Which of the following would BEST capture the attention of the audience in an introduction to a speech about diversity in the workplace?
a. First of all, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to speak today on “Diversity in the Workplace.”
b. My name is John Smith, and today I will speak to you about managing intercultural workforces.
c. My name is John Smith, and I have 15 years of experience managing intercultural workforces.
d. How many of you were born outside the U.S.? Let’s see a show of hands.
Jacob, an expert in traffic patterns requirements for increasing highway lanes, is presenting to the Tennessee Department of Transportation about the need for additional highway lanes between Nashville and Memphis. What would be an effective opening for his presentation?
a. Thank you for having me today. I want to tell you why TDOT needs to increase the number of highway lanes between Nashville and Memphis to 12.
b. I am glad to be here! Isn’t the weather in Tennessee wonderful today?
c. How many of you have spent time on the Interstate 51 between Nashville and Memphis? Then you have seen what I am about to describe.
d. All of the above would be equally effective.
Tristan is developing a presentation for employee orientation. Which of the following should NOT be used as a technique to ensure that the audience understands the points of his presentation?
a. Interesting anecdotes that tie into the presentation.
b. Relevant statistics to lend authority to points.
c. Presentation visuals to enhance effectiveness.
d. Long, complex sentences to enhance credibility.
Jessica, an architect with experience in designing jails for rural areas, is making a presentation to the Nixon County Board of Supervisors to convince them to hire Peterson & Melton Architects to design and manage the building of their 200-bed jail in rural Alabama. What would be an effective closing to her presentation?
a. Thank you for your time.
b. Hire Peterson & Melton to design and oversee construction for the Nixon County jail because we have designed 20 others jails in the rural South with similar design issues. We can make our experience work for you.
c. Let Peterson & Melton design your jail, and we will do the best job we can.
d. Hire Peterson & Melton Architects to design and oversee your jail because you need our experience.
Ravi has just presented a preview of the office of the future to a group of office managers. Which of the following would provide the best closing to his presentation?
a. “Adjusting to the dynamic environment of the future will require an adaptable attitude, an inquisitive mind, and an adventurous spirit. Are you up to the challenge?”
b. “Get ready for a new way to work.”
c. “That’s all I have. Thank you.”
d. “So, now you have a better understanding of the office of the future. Are there any questions?”
Scarlette is developing appropriate presentation visuals for an upcoming workshop. Which of the following is a limitation of using an electronic presentation?
a. It can lead to poor delivery if misused.
b. It is not easily updated.
c. It reduces audience attention on the topic.
d. It requires highly developed skills.
Randall, an advertising campaign specialist, is making a presentation to decision makers at his firm on marketing a new sports nutrition supplement, Crealean, for building muscle. What would be the most effective presentation visual for him to use?
a. A handout providing a detailed summary of his presentation.
b. A person who has used the product.
c. A model of the product.
d. An electronic presentation outlining specific marketing strategies.
When designing an electronic slide
a. use portrait orientation.
b. use the 7 7 rule, which limits text to seven lines per slide and limits words to seven per line.
c. use centered lines of text as a general rule.
d. select fonts that have not been overused to create a fresh presentation that is different from those of your competition.
Which of the following guidelines is NOT applicable to the design of electronic slides?
a. Use all capital letters to emphasize ideas and increase visibility.
b. Omit punctuation at the end of bulleted lists.
c. Limit colors to no more than three on a slide.
d. All of the above are applicable.
Which of the following is true when using color in presentation visuals?
a. Brighter colors give a less formal look than do muted colors.
b. Blues and greens stimulate, while reds and oranges relax the audience.
c. Red and green are good colors to use to differentiate important points.
d. The more colors used, the better.
Which of the following statements is correct concerning the use of color in electronic slide presentations?
a. Include a wide variety of colors on each side to gain and keep audience attention.
b. Choose the foreground color first and then the background color.
c. Try to link your color choices to your topic or audience.
d. None of the above are correct statements.
The way in which a speaker produces and joins sounds is referred to as
a. articulation.
b. phonation.
c. pitch.
d. dialect.
Gannon has prepared an effective and well-thought-out electronic presentation on business uses of social networking. As he is setting up for his presentation, the laptop he plans to use with the projector has a hardware failure. What should he do?
a. Expect that his host will provide him with another computer because he cannot complete his presentation without his slides.
b. Hand out copies of the slides to the audience and give his talk as he planned, only without the computer.
c. Decline to deliver the presentation.
d. Reschedule the presentation for a later date.
Which of the following statements is true of the use of presentation visuals?
a. You should include on a visual everything you wish to say about a given point.
b. Too many visuals can overwhelm, bore, and tire the audience.
c. The most effective visual combines many fonts, colors, textures, and images.
d. You should focus your eye contact on the visual so your audience will do likewise.
An engineer would like to give an electronic presentation on his company’s new security product to a client. The engineer would like to project a high-tech, classy, and simple image in his presentation. What color scheme should you recommend that he use?
a. Purple, gold, and black
b. Black, red, and yellow
c. Gray, blue, and white
d. Brown, tan, and off white
Which of the following is recommended during delivery of a presentation?
a. Watch the audience for feedback and make appropriate adjustments in the length and content of your speech.
b. Stay behind the lectern, rather than causing distraction by moving around.
c. Make eye contact with every person in the audience, even if only for a second.
d. Keep breathing shallow and regular through your nose and mouth.
Which of the following is NOT recommended concerning the use of gestures during a business presentation?
a. Vary hand motions to emphasize important points; otherwise, relax your hands in your pockets.
b. Try to use only one hand to make points unless you specifically need two.
c. Eliminate nervous gestures that distract the audience.
d. Refine your gestures to portray a relaxed, approachable appearance.
During the question-and-answer period at the end of your presentation,
a. encourage the audience to ask questions.
b. ask hostile questioners to leave the audience.
c. allow the questions to continue until there are no more asked.
d. avoid restating the question and instead focus on the answer.
Because scripted speeches restrict eye contact with the audience,
a. they should be avoided altogether by business speakers.
b. they should be selected only for particular situations, such as when an exact time constraint is applied.
c. they are recommended when the speaker is self-conscious.
d. they should be used only when visual aids are available.
In the national organization Toastmasters, members are required to speak on a regular basis. In one situation, a member pulls a topic from a hat, spends a few minutes preparing, and then gives a 3-5 minute presentation on the topic. What kind of delivery is this?
a. Memorized
b. Scripted
c. Written-and-read
d. Impromptu
Which of the following is NOT true of an extemporaneous business presentation?
a. The presentation is planned, prepared, and rehearsed.
b. The speaker may utilize note cards, an outline, or other reminders during the presentation.
c. The presentation is written in detail to serve as a visual reminder during the delivery.
d. All of the above are true.
José is making a presentation to potential donors for International University about design and construction plans for the new Health Sciences Center planned for the institution. He has never spoken to these donors before and he is new to the university. Which of the following techniques should he use to make an effective presentation?
a. Thoroughly research the donors, their backgrounds, and the project.
b. Review the presentation but avoid practicing so the delivery will seem natural.
c. Arrive just before the presentation to avoid mingling with people who are unfamiliar.
d. All of the above are recommended techniques.
Crystal, a special events coordinator for the American Heart Association, is visiting Henderson Middle School to kick off a campaign called Jump Rope for Heart. She is in a gymnasium speaking to 300 11-year-old students without the aid of a microphone. Which particular vocal quality might be a concern?
a. Dialect
b. Pitch
c. Volume
d. Rate
A male friend has asked for advice on how he should dress to give a presentation at a local business organization’s annual awards banquet to be held in a downtown hotel. Which of the following would be your BEST suggestion?
a. Dress professionally, as much for yourself as for your audience.
b. Anything that is clean and neat would be appropriate; your appearance will not be important to the audience.
c. It is better to underdress than to overdress, so that you don’t alienate yourself from your audience.
d. Business casual wear would be appropriate, since the event is being held after work hours.
When creating a “winning team” to prepare and deliver a team presentation,
a. “divvy up” the work into pieces and go through one complete practice prior to the presentation date.
b. choose all members based on their presentation skills.
c. determine whether each selected member will be committed to supporting the team strategy and schedule.
d. use all of the above strategies.
Which of the following is FALSE concerning effective team presentations?
a. During a team presentation, everyone on the team should take part.
b. Teams members should plan seamless transitions between segments and presenters.
c. Only one individual should be designated to answer questions from the audience.
d. Team members must agree on the purpose and schedule.
Distance delivery presentation methods are appropriate
a. for covering highly sensitive or confidential issues.
b. for persuasive or problem solving meetings where no relationship has been established among participants.
c. whenever participants are unfamiliar with the technology.
d. when the costs in time, money, and human energy justify them.
You will make an initial presentation to the board of directors of an international company. All members of the board are competent speakers of English as a second language. You should
a. enunciate precisely and speak more slowly than normal.
b. speak as you normally would in your own company setting.
c. use humor generously to break the ice.
d. eliminate body language because it may be offensive.
You will be making a presentation to an Arab audience. Remember that
a. Arab audiences will listen more attentively if you use a direct approach.
b. Arab listeners keep their eyes lowered to show you respect.
c. Arab listeners may stare into your eyes.
d. None of the above
Which of the following is FALSE concerning cultural perceptions of North Americans?
a. Some cultures value silence more so than do North Americans.
b. North Americans are frequently perceived by other cultures as being too formal.
c. While North Americans prefer a direct approach to most messages, many cultures such as the Japanese, Latin American, and Arabic cultures consider this approach tactless and rude.
d. The Japanese typically think North Americans use inappropriate humor.
Jennifer, a young business associate with your firm, is anticipating her first international sales tour to make presentations to businesses in five countries. You recall your own first trip abroad and some awkward problems you encountered in business protocol. Which of the following would NOT be good business etiquette advice for Jennifer?
a. Avoid gift-giving, since each culture has its own expectations and taboos.
b. Learn how to give and receive business cards appropriately.
c. Learn how to deliver the expected greeting such as the handshake, bow, etc.
d. Expect to allow extra time prior to the presentation for mingling with the audience.
Marcus, Leroy, and Mallory are planning to give a team presentation on diversity for their company. Which of the following is NOT an effective guideline for their team presentation?
a. All team members should respond to each question asked at the end of the presentation.
b. The team members should agree on the purpose and schedule.
c. The team should pay close attention to each other as each member presents.
d. The team should plan seamless transitions between presenters.

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