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Best Target Market at Behavioral Segmentation

Red Bull has identified the best target market for its product at behavioral segmentation. Red Bull was set up by Mr… Dietrich Mathematics and Mr… Cholera Heavily in Austria since 1984. It took another three years to adapt the blue-collar drink to appeal to a completely different market – initially, skiers and mountain snowboarders. Red Bull is non-alcoholic energy drink which adding only carbon dioxide, while retaining the original Thai ingredients of a-vitamins, caffeine, sugar, and the amino acid terrine to let it more refreshing in the beginning.

Mr… Mathematics mound that their customers also included all-night disco dancers, cosmopolitans college students cramming for exams, and energy-burning sports enthusiasts across Europe and North America who cult Red Bull as contain a promise of improved their performance especially during the times of increased stress or strain. Thus, Red Bull is not Just an energy drink it is primarily a utility drink to be taken against mental or physical weariness or exhaustion.

That means use Red Bull to help in increase endurance and heighten alertness as well as reactions and generally spoken the use f Red Bull helps to cope with the challenges of every day life, which includes sports, work and leisure. I

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agreed that Red Bull has identified the best target market for its product at behavioral segmentation, especially in workers, athletes and Clubber. 1 / Worker Red Bull was popular with Thai truck drivers, rice farmers and work hard such as a manager or street worker to keep them awake while working long hours.

Red Bull is non-alcoholic energy drink which concocting a caffeine-rich energy drink for them to get pushed up and would rather than a coffee. 2/ Athletes Red Bull supports over 240 athletes worldwide mainly in a diverse range of extreme sports, including kite boarding, windsurfing, motocross, friskier, triathlon, mountain biking, hand gliding, cliff diving, beach volleyball, inline skating and paragliding as part of its promotion efforts. The athletes would find that Red Bull is usually a person who takes his sport very serious, what means he wants to get the best out of his body.

Therefore Red Bull is part of his diet and sport life for him; it is a very good and easy way to import his endurance or speed. / Clubber The typical Red Bull drinker is dynamic and active; the gender does not play any role at all. But it is more likely that more younger who like to go out fall for Red Bull. Research (PATH, 11/97 Smith Kline Became Energy & Sports Drinks Report) has shown that 53% of the people who drink energy/ sports drinks are within the age between 14-34 years.

Moreover they found out that the main reason for purchasing energy/ sports drinks were to quench thirst (37%) and give boost. Best Target Market at Behavioral Segmentation By Pocono in China. In the recent years, people willing to have a new taste in the good energy drinks that the Red Bull might target the other market segments which Mathematics also concedes that the first generation of drinkers he wooed is now aging and Red Bull need to get a new generation of 16-year-olds on board every year.

In market segments, Red Bull might target at Generation Y types and younger to develop the wide market especially for younger people and in China market, especially in Clubber, for the group of people in different events or activities to get fresh and energy to present the good performance. 1/ Generation Y Types and younger In recent survey of British marketers which dubbed Red Bull’s effort as a “non- marketed brand” phenomenon during asses. Red Bull used “street teams” to spread the word to important, trend setting Generation Y types.

It carefully won over these hips influential set Off grass roots marketing wave. It also deploys “mobile energy teams” to hand out free samples at places where people might need an energy boost such as in gyms, office buildings and construction sites. It would get a new generation of 16-year-olds on board continuous every year by TV commercials demonstrate Red Bull’s stimulating effect on body and mind in a spirited, fresh, ironic and witty way to win the image and brand name in the worldwide market. / Market in China, especially at Clubber Red Bull should have a good chance to get the market in China, especially promote Red Bull and develop its image in Clubber as Stealth marketing strategy to win the a large marketing share percentage in China and good and health image in the market; monger people, dancer, and workers and office manger would like to have this energy drinks. Who is Red Bull’s competitor? Red Bull is a non-alcoholic energy drink and therefore falls under the category of soft drinks.

Thus, Coca-cola, Pepsi Cola and Enhancers Blush were the competitors to Red Bull. These are big company and developed for several years of their soft drinks in different seasons or events.. Soft drinks can be divided into sub-segments and one of these segments is energy and sports drinks. These can be divided again into 3 different categories; glucose energy drink; sport drinks and high energy stimulation drinks which also the direct competitors to Red Bull.

Energy Drinks have become very famous in the last decade. During the last ten years, there were established hundreds of them around the world, such as Storage, Powered by Coca-Cola and All Sports by Pepsi Cola. All of them are marketed as energy spending and as very suitable mixer with alcohol. Although, the above are prepared to penetrate the market very soon, it is not easy to compare the image and brand name of Red Bull in the market, especially in Sport.

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