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BIS Chapter 2

Define business process
A network of activities for accomplishing a business function.
Define business process modeling notation or BPMN
This notation is an international standard for creating business process diagrams.
What is a swimlane format?
A graphical arrangement in which all of the activities for a given role are shown in a single vertical or horizontal lane.
Each swimlane has _____
What are activities?
Specific tasks that need to be accomplished as part of the process.
What is a role?
A subset of activities in a business process that is performed by an actor.
What is an actor?
A person, group, department, or organization
True or False: a given role may be fulfilled by many people
True or False: A given employee will only play one role.
False.They can play many roles
True or False: a role can be fulfilled by an information system?
According to the BPMN standard, the start of a business process is symbolized by what?
A circle having a narrow border
What does a circle having a thick border symbolize?
the end of business process.
What does the business process start with, what role?
The Buyer role, or we can say the buyer starts the process
what are show in rectangles?
Activities with a business process
what is the first activity for the buyer role?
To select a vendor and product
What do buyers use to search for vendors and products to include in an action? How do they also obtain vendor and product data?
The internet; from the vendor data repository
Define repository
Collection of data that is stored within the business process.
What are examples of repositories?
computer databases, collections of files in the cloud, printed records stored in a cabinet, etc.
True or False: for the purpose of documenting a business process, the particular medium in which repository data is stored is unimportant.
what is the cloud?
A term that refers to pooled computer resources that are accessed via the internet using internet protocols.
What is cloud computing
Computing services that provide processing, data storage, and specific application functions over the Internet
What does the vendor data repository contain?
Data from prior auctions and prior Buyer searches of vendor and product data.
What are data flows?
They represent the movement of data from one activity to another.
True or false: the medium of the data delivery and the format of the data item is important.
False; it’s unimportant
After the buyer finishes the select vendor and product activity, what is the Buyer’s next action?
To perform the negotiate prices and maximum quantities activity.
How are the selector vendor and product activity and negotiate prices and maximum quantities connected in the swimlane format?
By a solid line that are called sequence flows.
What does an activity with a boxed plus sign inside it indicate?
A subprocess, and is used when the work to be done is sufficiently complex as to require a process diagram of its own.
The receive goods activity is performed by what role?
The operations role
What’s the best way to explain how information systems can benefit business processes?
Information systems improve process quality
What two dimensions can process quality be measured in?
– process effectiveness
– process efficiency
An effective business process does what?
enables the organization to accomplish its strategy
what is one way to make a process more effective?
By changing tis structure
What is efficiency?
The ratio of benefits to costs
What is one major source of cost?
The time of the employees who perform the process activities.
What are the outermost components of an information system?
hardware and people
Hardware and people are both _____
actors. They take action
True or False: software and procedure components are both sets of instructions
True or False: software is instructions for the people and procedures are instructions for hardware.
False. Software is instructions for hardware and procedures are instructions for people.
What is the bridge between the computer side on the left and the human side on the right?
What happens when an activity in a business processes is automated?
Work formally done by people following procedures has been moved to computers that perform the work by following instructions in software.
If systems development is left solely to tech personnel, what can happen?
They may develop a system that is technically elegant, but cost inefficient.
In addition to improving process efficiency, info systems can also improve what?
process effectiveness
Define information
knowledge derived from data
define data
recorded facts or figures
True or False: another definition of information is that information is data presented in a meaningful context
True or False: another definition is that information is processed data or that information is data processed by summing, ordering, averaging, grouping, comparing, or other similar operations.
What is the fundamental idea of the definition above?
That we do something to data to produce information
True or False: people will perceive the same information from the same data.
False. people will perceive different information from the same data
True or False: “I sent you that information” makes sense.
False. It doesn’t make sense to say information, but you could say “I sent you the data, from which you conceived the information.”
Good information is conceived from ____, _____, and _____ data
accurate, correct, and complete
Good information requires that data is, what?
Timely, available in time for its intended use
Data should be relevant both to the ____ and to the _____
context and subject
True or False: data needs to be very sufficient
False. It needs to be barely sufficient.
For data to be worth its cost, what must exist?
an appropriate relationship must exist between the cost of data and its value.
What are the five characteristics of good data?
1. accurate
2. timely
3. relevant
4. just barely sufficient
5. worth its cost
people, facilities, or computer programs that are assigned to roles

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