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BSG Final

Most attractive way to reduce or eliminate the impact of paying tariffs on imported pairs to Latin America is to
build a plant in latin american and expand it as needed
Which of the following are effective ways to try to boost a company’s stock price
increase dividend payment each year by at least 5 cents per share, repurchase shares, and make every effort to increase EPS
Which one of the following is NOT a way to effectively differentiate a company’s branded footwear?
Achieve a lower reject rate on pairs produced than most all other rivals
In supplying private-level footwear to chain retailers, the size of the margins over direct costs should be viewed as
how much private label sales added to the pretax profits
If a company wants to enhance profitability by differentiating its brand product offering from rivals by offering 500 models, how do they reduce annual cost for production
plant upgrade option B
Under what circumstances should a company’s management team give serious consideration to bidding aggressively to win contracts to supply private label footwear to chain retailers in a particular region?
When the company has excess production capacity in one or more region that would otherwise be idle
Which of the following actions is guaranteed to result in lower labor costs per pair produced at one of the plants?
Increase total employee compensation by 4% and realizing a 6% increase in productivity
If a company adds a new plant capacity, the annual depreciation costs will rise by
What is not a way to improve SQ rating of branded pairs produced at a plant?
increase number of models
Industry low, average, high benchmark data in the FIR does what
aids managers in assessing whether their companies costs are competitive
Benefit of pursing a strategy of social responsibility and corporate citizenship
positive impact that a strategy has on the company image rating
Most important results from the last decision round managers need to review in order to guide their moves and decisions to improve competitiveness are
Market Snapshot data in the top half of the competitive intelligence report that shows each company efforts
To achieve labor costs/pair at a plant that are low compared to others in the same region mangers must
seek out a combination of base pay increases ,piecework incentives, and expenditures for best practices incentives
What is included as part of the company’s cost in supplying private label footwear to chain retailers?
Proportionate share of plant supervision costs, maintenance, and depreciation
What does not help a company effectively differentiate its branded footwear from rivals?
charge retailers a price below the price they charge consumers to buy online
The plant and production cost benchmark reported in each issue of the FIR
always merits close examination
what are the factors that affect worker productivity?
1. Size of incentive payments
2. Base pay increase
3. Expenditures for training
4. Compensation package compared to industry average
Shipments of branded and private label footwear from plants to distribution centers are subject to
any import tariffs and exchange rate adjustments
At the end of year 10 what was the production capability
6 million pairs w/o overtime
7.2 million pairs w/ overtime
The interest rate a comply pays on loans outstanding depends on
its credit rating
Factors in determining a credit rating?
default risk ratio, deb asset ratio, and interest coverage ratio
Currencies involved
singapore dollars, euros, us dollars, Brazilian reals
Yer 11 what can they expect to sell
average of 4.84 million branded
800,000 private label
Growth of branded footwear
5-7% in NA and EA during year 11-15
3-5% years 16-20
Components of the compensation package for production workers
wages, incentive payments on non defective pair, and overtime
Price competitiveness in branded footwear is determined by
if wholesale price is above or below the average wholesale price all of other companies
Market for private label is to grow
10% annually all 4 regions years 11-15
8.5% in all 4 regions years 16-20
Not a factor in determining unit sales and market share
mail in rebate
Most important factor in determining company’s unit sales and market share
bid price
5 measure to judge company’s peformance
SQ rating, revenues, EPS, ROE, end cash
Company only had production in what regions
North america and Asia-pacific
What does not affect the reject rates
SQ rating and plant upgrade B

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