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BUS 215 – Practice Exam 2 (#3)

Which of these statements regarding the use of e-mail for goodwill messages is most accurate?
If you frequently communicate via e-mail with the intended receiver and are certain this e-mail will be received, you may send a goodwill message via e-mail.
Show confidence in the closing of an adjustment message by writing with a positive, confident tone; mentioning the product in a favorable light; and
suggesting a new product or service, expressing your appreciation for the customer’s business or anticipating future business, referring to the desire to be of service and to satisfy customers = All answer choices are correct
In the closing of a claim message, you should
promote goodwill and summarize your request.
Isabel is responding to a congratulatory note she received from a colleague. Which of the following is the best sentence to include in her response?
Thanks for your kind words regarding my promotion.
Which of the following is not a goal when writing adjustment messages?
To verify the honesty of the customer’s claim
When writing a message to express condolences, you should mention the loss tactfully, recognize the good qualities of the deceased, assure the receiver of your concern, offer assistance, and
conclude on a reassuring note.
Most companies receiving a claim message tend to
respond promptly because they want to maintain customer goodwill and loyalty.
Which statement about a sympathy message is most accurate?
Sympathy messages are probably more difficult to write than any other kind of message, Sympathy messages should reference the death or misfortune sensitively, Sympathy messages should praise the deceased in a personal way = All statements are accurate.
Joaquin will use the three-step writing plan for his claim message. In the body of the message, Joaquin will
identify enclosed copies of all pertinent documents.
Which of the following would be least effective in a sympathy note?
I am sorry to hear your sad news; but if I may be of any help, please do not hesitate to contact me.
When business writers request information or action that will likely be received positively, they should frontload their messages, which requires
putting the most significant statement first.
Which of the following sentences represents an appropriate end date in a claim message?
Because we have enjoyed your prompt service in the past, we hope to receive the correct projectors by January 12.
Which of the following is the most important part of a negative message?
An explanation of the reasons for the bad news
Taylor must send a bad-news message to a client and indicate to her that he will be unable to meet a delivery deadline. What should Taylor do first?
Analyze the bad news to see how it will affect his reader.
Although you may worry about using the indirect strategy to communicate bad news, one benefit it has is
ensuring that your reasoning will be read while the receiver is still receptive
When presenting the reasons for bad news, you should
use positive wording, explain the reasons clearly and specifically without revealing confidential information or creating potential legal liability, cite benefits to the reader or others = All answer choices are correct
When writers must convey bad news, they must carefully consider all of the following except the
total number of words they use.
All of the following are effective techniques for softening bad news except
positioning the bad news at the beginning or end of a paragraph
You must announce to customers that your restaurant will no longer be open on Sundays. Which of the following uses passive-voice verbs to deliver the bad news?
Beginning last month, our restaurant was closed on Sundays.
You can soften the blow of the bad news in refusing a typical request or claim by
implying the refusal.
When you must deliver bad news to one person or a small group, you should usually
deliver the message in person
Receivers are far more likely to accept negative news when you show that the decision was
fair, impartial, rational = All answer choices are correct
Human Resource Specialist Julie Woodard must inform employees of a major reduction in health care benefits. When delivering this announcement, she should apply all the following techniques except
let the employees find out through the office grapevine.
Which of the following would be an effective way to begin a bad-news message using the indirect strategy?
Complimenting the reader, providing a statement of mutual agreement, revealing the bad news, = All answer choices would be effective techniques to open a bad-news message using the indirect strategy.
A bad-news message, whether delivered in person or in writing, is usually better received when you
give the reasons before the bad news
To correctly format a hard-copy interoffice memorandum, which of the following is not a guideline you should follow?
Justify the right margin.
Podcasts and wikis are part of the new user-centered virtual environment called
Web 2.0.
When writing or responding to a blog, you should
correct any errors in your grammar, spelling, and mechanics.
Which of the following is not a social networking site?
An e-mail message or memo usually ends with action information, dates, or deadlines; a summary of the message; or a
closing thought
Podcasts are used by
News organizations and media outlets, educational institutions, and businesses all use podcasts to deliver information.
Eyasu must create a corporate blog. Which of the following should he use in his blog?
Expressive action verbs; numbers, bullets, and subheadings; conversational language = Eyasu should use all these techniques in his blog.
Companies use blogs for all of the following reasons except
conducting job interviews
Tara is starting a new job that will allow her to use text messaging. What advice should she follow?
Identify herself when texting a new contact.
Most e-mail messages and memos
have nonsensitive topics and begin directly.
All of the following statements about social networking are accurate except
only teenagers use social networking sites to communicate with others.
Seng must inform his staff about the new process for accessing the company’s intranet from remote locations. What communication channel should Seng use to convey this information?
Jackson is sending an e-mail message about an important upcoming meeting. Which of the following represents the most effective subject line?
Please Attend Staff Meeting August 15
Professional marketers and salespeople follow the AIDA strategy in their sales messages because it is effective. What does AIDA represent?
Attention, interest, desire, and action
Learning to compose effective sales and marketing messages benefits you because
techniques for sales writing can be applied in any persuasive communication
In the body of a persuasive request, you can reduce resistance by
anticipating objections and offering counterarguments.
You must write a sales message to prospective customers. What should you do in the opening of your sales message?
Offer something valuable, promise a benefit to the reader, or use some other technique to gain your reader’s attention.
Persuasion in today’s businesses focuses on
influencing others
As a persuasive writer, you should practice all of the following except
offering a bribe or kickback to ensure that you win over your audience.
Persuasive claim messages are also called
complaint messages.
The opener for a sales message should be
stimulating, relevant, honest, and short (1-5 lines).
When developing a claim message, you should
close the message by clearly specifying what you want done, describe the problem without providing a long, detailed account of the issue, include copies of relevant materials = All answer choices are correct.
On behalf of your civic organization, you are inviting a motivational speaker to your semiannual meeting. In your request you guarantee the speaker an enthusiastic audience and a positive impact on the community, both of which emphasize
indirect benefits to the reader
Sammie is planning a persuasive request. What advice should she follow for the opening of her request?
Capture the reader’s attention and interest.
Techniques to elicit audience desire and overcome reader resistance in a marketing message include all of the following except
application forms.
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