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bus 280 quiz 5

Which of the following is most likely to a function of ethics officers in firms?
Auditing decisions to make sure they are consistent with the companies moral principles
In the modern world, corporations can contribute to the global tragedy of the commons by
moving production to locations where they are free to pump pollutants into the environment.
Unipeg Corporation has uniform high sales targets for its employees all across the globe, regardless of the environmental constraints in each market. Employees are penalized for any shortfall. This has caused many employees to falsify the values of their sales. In this context, the roots of unethical behavior can be traced to:
unrealistic performance expectations.
Silver Meteorite Inc. is a multinational company whose home country, Palumbia Republic, considers grease payments as both illegal and unethical. Hence, the company has a zero-tolerance approach toward grease payments irrespective of any of its host nations’ perspectives toward such payments. In this context, Silver Meteorite Inc. is following the _____ approach to ethics.
righteous moralist
People who work for or own the company such as employees, board of directors, and investors are commonly referred to as:
internal stakeholders.
The first step to establishing a strong sense of business ethics is for a society to emphasize strong
personal ethics.
A situation in which none of the available alternatives seems morally acceptable constitutes a(n):
ethical dilemma.
Which of the following is most likely to be considered as unethical?
Orion Inc. sends its products for recycling to a developing nation because the pollution control laws in its home country are much more strict than that in the developing nation.
According to Rawls, which of the following principles would be unanimously accepted by people under the veil of ignorance?
Each person should be permitted the maximum amount of basic liberty that is compatible with a similar liberty for others.
A righteous moralist is most likely to claim that:
a multinational’s home-country standards of ethics are the appropriate ones for companies to follow in foreign countries.
Which of the following is the last step in ethical decision-making?
Auditing of decisions
The straw man approach of righteous moralism is typically associated with managers from:
developed nations.
Which of the following practices should be avoided by a company to ensure ethical decision-making?
Placing its economic interests before its moral principles
_____ implicitly rejects the idea that universal notions of morality transcend different cultures.
Cultural relativism
Which of the following is most likely to lead to unethical behavior in a business setting?
Home-country managers working abroad in multinational firms away from their ordinary social context and supporting culture
The concept of _____ refers to the idea that businesspeople should consider the social consequences of economic actions when making business decisions, and that there should be a presumption in favor of decisions that have both good economic and social consequences.
social responsibility
The CEO of Gold Chip Software engages in corruption and uses his power in the company to enrich himself and his family members. Consequently, his employees too engage in the same behavior. In this case, the roots of unethical behavior can be traced to:
organizational leadership.
Which of the following approaches to ethics helps to provide a moral compass to managers?
John Rawls’s theory of justice
According to _____, all economic goods and services should be distributed equally except when an unequal distribution would work to everyone’s advantage.
John Rawls
According to the theory of rights:
collective good forms the basis for the moral compass that managers should use when making ethical decisions.
The Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions:
does not consider facilitating payments a criminal offense.
Due to certain strict environmental and employment standards in its home nation, Taurus Inc. has shifted its operations to developing nations. Hence, the firm has now been able to gain competitive advantage by avoiding costly pollution controls. This strategic move of Taurus Inc. will be considered as:
Which of the following philosophies of ethics holds that people should be treated as ends and never purely as means to the ends of others?
Kantian ethics
The _____ approach to ethics holds that an action is judged desirable if it leads to the best possible balance of good consequences over bad consequences.

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