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BUSG 240 Chapter 11

The basic purpose of informational reports is
to present data, facts, feedback, and other types of information, without analysis or recommendations.
In addition to offering information and analysis, ________ can also include recommendations.
analytical reports
When selecting the right medium for a report,
your decisions should reflect your audience’s expectations.
Which of the following is a useful strategy in preparing business reports?
Understand and meet audience expectations.
When evaluating material you’ve gathered for a report, you should
check the material for currency.
One task in effective paraphrasing is to
check your version against the original to make sure that you didn’t alter the meaning.
To conduct an effective database search,
read instructions and pay attention to details.
In reports focused on recommendations, it is best to avoid the direct approach.
When you’re selecting people to participate in a survey, it is critical to get a ________ of the population you want to survey.
representative sample
Some start-up investors do not believe a business plan is beneficial in the early stages because
it is difficult to anticipate circumstances and obstacles that will be encountered.
When defining the problems you need to address in an analytical report, ask yourself:
Why is this issue important?
If your readers will want to know what they should do in a given situation, then your report should focus on
your recommendations.
An analytical report always ends by presenting recommendations.
If you’re writing an unsolicited proposal, you may have to
convince readers that a problem exists that must be addressed.
When you’re writing a business plan, the ________ section explains the purpose of your business and what you hope to accomplish.
mission and objectives
List the three (3) most common strategies for structuring analytical reports.
(1) Focusing on conclusions (direct),
(2) focusing onrecommendations (direct).
(3) focusing on logical argument (indirect)
You would not need to cite a source if you
used it to gather common knowledge about your topic.
The two most common primary research methods are
surveys and interviews.
Topical organization strategies for informational reports include all of the following except
Because of its natural feel and versatility, the ________ approach is generally the most persuasive way to develop an analytical report for skeptical readers.
2 + 2 = 4
All of the following except ________ are elements in the planning phase of the three-step writing process.
adapting to your audience
When a business plan is written after a company is up and running, it tends to
function as a monitor-and-control mechanism.
Whereas ________ proposals are used to request decisions from managers within an organization, ________ proposals are directed to parties outside the organization.
internal; external
As it relates to a formal business plan, the ________ defines how the company will generate revenue and produce a profit.
business model
A writer who wants to use a ________ to build an informational report can choose from a number of arrangement patterns, such as geography, sequence, chronology, category, or importance.
topical pattern of organization
Describe how smartphones and tablets have changed the way we collect information for business reports and other communication purposes.
Now, online surveys and tests can be used to collect data. It can help organizations to collect data from any people all around the world, which was problematic before.
When analyzing data, looking at ________ will indicate patterns taking place over time.
One of the best ways to track the behavior of a test subject is through
Whereas ________ reports focus on facts, ________ reports offer interpretation and can also include recommendations.
informational; analytical
When preparing content for mobile devices, a(n) ________ will help leadership easily locate key variables and other report content.
executive dashboard
Briefly describe the circumstances in which the yardstick approach would be particularly useful for organizing your proposal, and provide an example of a report that would benefit from this organizational approach.
The approach may be useful when you have to evaluate more than one solution to the problem.
The direct approach and the indirect approach ________; therefore, businesspeople ________.
both have merit; often combine them
________ are initiated by a company that is trying to obtain business or funding on its own, without a specific request from a client.
Unsolicited proposals

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