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When it comes to communication skills, employers express particular frustration with?
Recent college graduates who haven’t learned how to adapt to a professional environment
Which of the following is not a characteristic of effective business messages?
They present the writer’s opinions as facts
A flatter organizational structure
helps make communication flow more effectively
The term corporate culture refers to what?
The mixture of values, traditions, and habits that give a company its atmosphere and personaltiy
An example of horizontal communication is
an email message about sick leave sent from one department secretary to another secretary in a different department
In most organizations, the rumor mill tends to be particularly active when ?
the formal communication network is not providing the information employees want
Generally speaking, limitations of the formal communication network
have helped to spur the growth of social media in the business environment
In the first step of the communication process, the sender
has an idea/
Uncomfortable meeting rooms, multitasking, and computer screens filled with popup messages are all examples of
During a long meeting, you notice that you’re automatically questioning the motives of anyone whose viewpoint does not match your own. You are engaging in
selective perception
Business communication 2.0 refers to
a new approach to business communication, emphasizing interaction and conversation rather than one way publication
Most companies that embrace Business communication 2.0
adopt a hybrid approach to communication in which some messages follow the tradtional model and others follow the 2.0 approach
Which of the following is an example of Bussiness communication 2.0 in action?
An electronics store invites customers to submit YouTube videos showing how to install home theater systems
The information technology paradox refers to
The idea that information tools such as email can waste as much time as they save
The accepted principles of conduct that govern behavior with a society are known as
Chapter 2: Which of the following is not a way teams help organizations to succeed?
Increase groupthink among members
A hidden agenda refers to
individuals’ private, counterproductive motives
_________ are informal standards of conduct that team members share.
Group norms
One member of a task force on which you serve is particularly good at helping other members along and work through their differences. This individual plays a _____ ROLE
Team maintenance
Only one sales rep can go to the conference in Hawaii, but both Susan and Sean want to go. After much discussion and arguing, they draw straws and Susan gets the trip, This is an example of
a win lose situation
When composing collaborative messages, the best strategy is to
avoid composing as a group
Social networking technologies are designed to
do none of the above
the key to a productive meeting is careful planning that addresses
Use of parliamentary procedure
helps meetings run more smoothly
When conducting a meeting
Do none of the above
If you are listening mainly to understand the speaker’s message, you are engaging in _____ listening
A reliable employee you supervise has come to speak with you about a leave of absence related to personal issues. To understand her feelings and needs, you should engage in ____ listening
The first step in the basic listening process is ____ the message
In part, poor listening occurs because listeners
can think faster than speakers can speak
Which of the following is not an important consideration related to etiquette in the workplace?
Your height and weight
Chapter 3: Diversity in the workplace can be based on differences in
all of the above
Culture influences a person’s understanding of
all of the above
When you react ethnocentrically, you
assume that your culture is superior to others
The practice of accepting multiple cultures on their own terms is known as
cultural pluralism
Cultural differences appear in a number of important areas including
all of the above
To convey meaning in a low context culture such as the one existing in Germany, people rely more on
explicit verbal communication
Compared to low context cultures, high context cultures tend to take a___ approach regarding the meaning of business contracts
more flexible
Women executives who travel abroad
may not be taken seriously as businesspeople, depending on the culture
Meeting a deadline is generally less important than building a relationship for business people in
high context cultures
Associating youth with strength and age with declining power is
common in the US but not in many Asian societies
Learning about an unfamiliar culture is a
a worth undertaking even if you learn only a small amount
Letters from Japanese business people tend to be___ than those written in the United States
Less direct
When writing for multicultural audiences, it is often helpful to
use simple sentences and short paragraphs
When preparing a message to someone from another culture, you should
be careful to express numbers and dates in the format used in that person’s cultures
Which of the following sentences contains an idiomatic expression?
Making our monthly sales quot will be a piece of cake
Chapter 4: In developing business messages, the step during which you evaluated whether you have expressed your ideas clearly is
Inexperienced communicators tend
to dive directly into writing the message without sufficient time to plan
In most cases, a message should be deffered or canceled if
the time is wrong
An example of a specific purpose for a business message would be
to inform employees about the new vacation policy
In general for internal communication, the higher up your message goes, the
fewer details people want to see
Forecasting your audience’s probably reaction to your message is
vital, because potential audience reaction affects message organization
A knowledge management system
is a centralized database of experiences and insights of employees throughout an organization
When meeting your audience’s informational needs, you should emphasize ideas
of greatest interest to the audience
A good way to test the thouroughness of your business message is to check it for
the who, what, when, where, why, and how
Choosing the right medium for your message
is an important communication skill
In today’s high tech business environment, the need for managers to engage in frequent walk arounds( chatting with employees to get input and answer questions)
still exists, according to many experts
Form letters in business can
be helpful when communicating about routine matters
In general, traditional business message rely
primarily on text, with occasional support from graphical elements (such as charts and diagrams)
Telephone calls are
capable of conveying quite a few nonverbal signals
VOIP is a
technology for making telephone calls via the Internet
Chapter 5: Select the sentence with the best “you” attitude
Once your application is complete, you should receive a response within two weeks
When it comes to using the YOU attitude,
it is important to recognize and accommodate cultural differences
In part because of limited opportunities for feedback, written communication and most forms of electronic communication require____ than oral communication
more tact
Select the sentence with the most positive emphasis:
We will complete the process audit by Friday
A euphemism is a word or phrase that is
a milder term for one with neggative connotations
The title chairman
is sometimes used to refer to a woman who heads a board of directors
If you must refer to someone’s disability, the best wording would be
an employee with physical handicaps
To help establish credibility with your audience, you should
show that you are confident and that you believe in yourself and in your message
Using hyperbole when offering praise to fellow employees
is less effective than pointing out specific qualities that warrant praise
Your communication ____ involves the choices you make to express yourself, the words you select, the manner in which you use those words in sentences, and the way you build paragraphs from the individual sentences.
The best tone for most business messages is
Which of the following is not an example of pompous language?
Please let us know
Plain language is a style of writing
designed to make information more understandable to the audience
Identify the voice in the following sentence: ” Based on negative client feedback, the marketing department abandoned the campaign”
Using the passive voice makes sense when you
want to be diplomatic in pointing out a problem or error
CHAPTER 6: Messages sent via IM, text messaging, email and blogging
should be revised, even if it involves nothing more than a quick review before sending
Putting your first draft aside for a day or two before you begin the revision process
is often helpful, especially with more complex messages
When evaluating the work of others, you should
make sure you understand the writer’s intent before you begin suggesting or making changes
As a general rule, if a document you have written scores well on a readability index,
you should not assumed that it is well written
Skilled business writers
vary the length of their sentences to maintain reader interest and convey
When it comes to paragraph length, you should
use one sentence paragraphs only occasionally for emphasis
Informative headings and subheadings
guide readers to think a certain way about the topics covered
If the figures are in by the end of the month we will hopefully be able to begin planning for the upcoming year’s budget, but if they are not, then the planning process will most definitely have to wait until later is an example of
an overly long sentences
What is wrong with the sentence?” To waste time and missing deadlines are bad habits.”
Similar ideas are not parallel
Environmental impact consultant study results is an example of
a long noun sequence
The above mentioned book is potentially an example of
an awkward reference
Which of the following sentences is the most concisely worded?
Before the project begins, the engineers need the revised specifications from the project manager
Starting a sentence with IT IS or THERE ARE is
usually a sign that the sentence could be shorter and more active
A spell checker
highlights words it doesnt recognize
When using a computer thesaurus you
should be careful to use only those words that convey your intended meaning
CHAPTER 7: Email is to be used for external communication
regularly, although it has been replaced in many cases by other tools
Which of the following is not true of instant messaging?
It costs more than phone calls or email
In terms of the three step writing process, podcasts differe mostly from written messages in the ____ step
When it comes to writing messages in today’s business environment,
printed letters are still used for external communication
Which of the following compositional modes for electronic media involces helping people find their way through an unfamiliar system or new subject
Which of the following compositional mode for a communication task using electronic media, the central factor to consider i
what kind of information audience members are likely to need
Social media postings on sites such as Twitter and Facebook
have caused some employees to be fired
One of your sales representatives has begun using social networks to aggressively promote a new product line. The best response would likely be to
Discourage him from using blatant salespeak since it is likely to alienate the audience
You have decided to post a video on YouTube explaining how to use one of your company’s new products, To be most effective the video should be no more than ___ minutes long
Compared to social media sites, email
still has compelling advantages that make it useful in many companies
Email hygiene refers to
all the efforts companies make to keep email clean and safe
One important element of basic email etiquette is to
respect the chain of command
Email messages s
should be written with the assumption that they will be stored forever
Which of the following is the best example of an effective email subject line?
Website redesign is on schedule
should follow the convention of other business writing in formal situations

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