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Busi 105 Mid Term

Communication skills are
critical to effective job placement, performance, advancement, and organizational success.
What is the most accurate statement about being an effective communicator in the digital age?
Realize that because of social media and other online technology, your writing will be on display more than ever.
Knowledge and information workers must be able to think critically, make sound decisions, and
communicate information to others.
The most successful job candidate in today’s competitive job market
is able to communicate effectively about work that is increasingly complex and intellectually demanding.
The most significant trends in today’s dynamic workplace include global competition, team-based projects, flattened management hierarchies, new communication technologies, and
expectations of around-the-clock availability
Which of the following statements about team-based management is least accurate?
Companies that use team-based management prefer to train employees in teamwork skills rather than hire new workers who already possess these skills
The three basic functions of business communication are
informing, persuading, and promoting goodwill.
The most prevalent communication channel in the workplace today is
Which of the following is considered a rich medium?
Face-to-face conversation
Which of the following is an example of downward communication in an organization?
The CFO sends information to the finance employees about a new tax regulation to ensure that payroll will be submitted according to new governmental standards
Ethical business communicators strive to tell the truth, label opinions so that they are not confused with facts, are objective, communicate clearly, use inclusive language, and
give credit when using the ideas of others
When faced with an ethical dilemma, what is the first question you should ask
Is the action I am considering legal?
Today’s new communication technologies have made writing skills less important than in the past.
You are born with the abilities to read, listen, speak, and write effectively
The 21st-century economy depends mainly on information and knowledge.
Only workers at the highest levels of management skills are expected to think creatively and critically.
Communication in today’s workplace is shifting from one-sided, slow forms of communication to interactive, instant, less paper-based communication.
One advantage of oral communication over written communication is that oral communication can be more easily adjusted to the audience.
Organizations with free-flowing, open communication tend to be more successful.
As a business communicator, you should understand basic ethical principles so that you make logical decisions when faced with dilemmas in the workplace.
______refers to conventional standards of right and wrong that prescribe what people should do.
Businesses form teams because teams make better decisions, respond faster, and
increase productivity.
Teams should
develop procedures to guide them.
Which of the following statements about conflict is most accurate?
Confronting conflict saves time and enhances team commitment.
Lindsay is planning a meeting to develop a new procedure for handling employee grievances.
five or fewer employees.
Which of the following statements about virtual meetings is most accurate?
Two of the most significant reasons for virtual meetings are saving travel costs and reducing employee
Experts say that we ignore, forget, distort, or misunderstand
75 percent of everything we hear.
Critical listening requires
judging and evaluating what you are hearing.
Sarah wants to become a better listener in the workplace.
Which of the following is the best technique to improve her listening skills?
Rephrase and summarize the speaker’s message in her own words.
Which of the following is not a form of nonverbal communication?
The words used in a sales message
Which of the following is an effective way to improve your nonverbal communication skills?
Ask friends and family members to give you feedback on your nonverbal behavior.
Which of the following is the most accurate statement about etiquette and courtesy in today’s workplace?
Etiquette is more about attitude than about formal rules of behavior.
Landon will be starting a new job soon and wants to exhibit proper business etiquette in his new workplace. What is the best advice you can give him?
Send thank-you notes to express sincere appreciation and praise.
Generally, teams are able to respond faster to problems.
Consensus is a method of group decision making where group members bargain and negotiate to reach a middle ground.
A good agenda includes any premeeting preparation expected of
Today’s communication technologies allow employees to exchange ideas, brainstorm, build consensus, and develop personal
Good listening skills are needed for employees at every level.
Eye contact has the same in meaning in all
Because e-mail is an informal communication tool, it’s not necessary to check your messages for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
In the workplace you are more likely to be taken seriously and be promoted if you look and sound professional.
____________________ skills include competencies such as listening, nonverbal behavior, and business etiquette.
Learning more about the powerful effect that culture has on behavior will
help you reduce friction and misunderstanding in your dealings with people from other cultures.
U.S. businesses and those of other countries are seeking to expand around the world for all of the following reasons except
maturing domestic markets.
Select the most accurate statement about culture.
Cultural rules of behavior learned from your family and society are conditioned from early childhood.
An example of a low-context culture
the United States.
Brianna would like to become more culturally competent.
What should she
Brianna should practice all these tips to improve her intercultural effectiveness.
Zachary works with employees from a variety of cultural backgrounds and wants to be tolerant of their beliefs. Zachary should
Megan is writing a business letter to a French customer.
What should she do as she prepares the letter?
Use correct grammar and conventional punctuation.
Which of the following statements about intercultural ethics is most accurate?
Some companies require their employees to take ethics training programs.
According to Transparency International, what are the two most corrupt countries in the world?
Afghanistan and Iraq
Which of the following statements about diversity in the workplace is most accurate?
Advances in technology are allowing more physically challenged people to join the workforce
Which of the following statements most accurately describes diversity in the workplace?
Teams made up of diverse members are better equipped to create products that diverse consumers want.
Jake was just hired by a company with an extremely diverse workforce. He wants to fit in immediately. What should he do?
Concentrate on shared experiences, mutual goals, and similar values.
New transportation, information, and communication technologies are important factors in the increase in globalization.
A country’s culture rarely changes.
Members of high-context cultures are more likely to be logical, analytical, and action oriented.
In low power distance countries, subordinates expect formal hierarchies and embrace relatively authoritarian, paternalistic power relationships.
Ethnocentrism, the belief that one’s own race is superior to others, is a natural attitude inherent in all cultures.
Only North American companies have adopted ethics codes.
When American businesspeople conduct business abroad, they should always adopt the ethical standards of the foreign country as a sign of respect.
Consumers prefer to deal with companies that respect customers’ values and diversity.
____________________ refers to the stimuli, environment, or ambiance surrounding an event. It is probably the most important cultural dimension and is also the most difficult to define.
Select the best definition of communication.
Communication is the transmission of information and meaning from one individual or group to another.
The process of communication is successful only when
the receiver understands an idea as the sender intended it.
When employees at Coors translated its slogan “Turn It Loose” into Spanish, they didn’t realize it would translate to “suffer from diarrhea.” To avoid similar problems, the sender of a message must
select appropriate words or symbols as part of the encoding process.
The U.S. Army carefully selected the words used in its slogan, “Be all you can be,” while
encoding the message.
E-mail messages, text messages, tweets, smartphones, wireless networks, letters, memos, reports, pictures, and spoken words are all examples of
Zachary needs to deliver a sensitive message to a colleague and decides to deliver it face-to-face. Zachary is in the process of
selecting the channel for the message.
While reading an e-mail message from her boss, Melissa is distracted by numerous typographical and spelling errors.
These errors that detract from the message and make it difficult to read are called
Suzanne has just received an e-mail message from a client and is reading it carefully to determine her client’s needs. She is involved in the ____ part of the communication process.
Which of the following is an example of an internal disruption in the decoding process?
Meaghan finds her mind drifting during a lecture as she thinks about her upcoming trip to Florence.
Jeanette is offended when she notices that only masculine pronouns are used in the company’s human resources manual. This decoding problem is a result of
a semantic obstacle.
Jay includes the sentence “Let me know whether I can answer any questions” at the end of his e-mail message as a way to encourage
As her supervisor explains the new procedure, Rachel nods her head. Rachel’s response is an example of
nonverbal feedback
Cassandra is trying to decide whether to call her boss or to send an e-mail message. Cassandra is in the first phase of the writing process.
Robert is gathering data for a business proposal he is writing. Robert is in the first phase of the writing process.
The third phase of the writing process involves editing, proofreading, and evaluating your message.
Business communicators generally spend the most time on the prewriting phase of the 3-x-3 writing process
The first question to ask yourself when composing a business message is “What channel should I use to send the message?”
Anticipating and profiling the audience for a message helps a communicator determine what words and tone to use.
Profiling the audience means anticipating how both primary and secondary audiences will react to a message.
The only factor that matters when choosing a channel to send a business message is the cost involved.
______________ is technical or specialized terms used by and familiar to professionals in a particular field such as insurance, law, or medicine.
In the direct pattern, the main idea comes first, followed by details, explanation, or evidence. In the indirect pattern, the main idea follows the details, explanation, and evidence.
Which of the following documents would most likely use an introduction, a proposed solution, staffing, a schedule and/or costs, and authorization organization?
Since our restaurant opened last week, we have been booked solid is an example of a compound sentence.
The first ATM opened near London in 1967 is an example of an independent clause.
Which of the following is an example of using a formal research method?
Amy conducts a Web search to find information about a competitor’s products.
An organizational pattern that presents the main idea followed by details, explanation, and evidence is the
direct organizational pattern.
Brooke is working on a business proposal for a prospective client. What is the primary question Brooke should ask as she gathers information for her project?
What does the client need to know about this topic?
One of the most important tasks in preparing well-organized messages is
grouping similar ideas together.
The direct organizational pattern should be used when writing to an audience that will be unwilling, uninterested, displeased, disappointed, or hostile.
June is our busiest month, February is our slowest contains a comma splice.
Michelle is preparing an outline to help her write a report about her recent attendance at a technology symposium. What advice would you give her?
Define the main topic in the outline title
An organizational pattern that presents the main idea after the details, explanation, and evidence is the
indirect organizational pattern
The sentence Clara was accepted into an MBA program is an active-voice sentence
Brandon is preparing a short informational report for his boss and wants to begin his research by conducting informal research. What should he consider doing?
Brandon should consider doing all of these.
You are preparing an outline for your report on Web security in the workplace. Which of the following should be a major category for this outline?
Web Security Threats
Because she wants to be promoted into a management position, Jessica is taking business courses at her local community college is an example of a ____________________ sentence.
When you expect the reader to be pleased, mildly interested, or neutral the most effective organizational pattern is the
direct pattern
The sentence James responded to the inquiry is an active-voice sentence in which James acts as the subject.
Angelica has been asked to learn how many pedestrians walk by a specific location that her company is considering for a new sporting goods retail shop. Probably the most useful way to research this information would be by
investigating primary sources.
Chuck is part of a team identifying ideas to cut expenses. The team has decided to hold a brainstorming session. What is the best strategy the team can do during this session?
Set an established time limit.
Marco uses Google for his research Stephanie prefers Yahoo is a run-on sentence.
The sentence In the event that you pass the CPA exam, please consider applying again could be made more effective by eliminating a(n)
flabby expression.
Concise messages are easier to read and comprehend than wordy messages.
____________________ such as exception to the rule and pass with flying colors are expressions that have become exhausted by overuse and that can be difficult to explain, especially to those who are new to our culture.
The sentence I am writing this e-mail message to let you know that we have received your application for the receptionist position
contains a long lead-in.
Conduct a discussion of, give consideration to, and perform an analysis of are all examples of
verbs that have been converted to nouns.
In the sentence It is absolutely essential that you turn your expense claim in by Friday, the expression absolutely essential is redundant.
A newly hired colleague has asked for your advice about revising e-mail messages, text messages, and tweets. What is the best advice you can give her?
To avoid messages that waste time, create confusion, and reduce your credibility, take time to revise e-mail messages, text messages, and tweets.
The sentence Your attendance at Monday’s marketing meeting is absolutely essential could be improved by eliminating a(n)
Which of the following is an example of an effective, businesslike expression?
None of these choices
The sentence This e-mail message is to inform you that your employment application has been received is an example of effective business writing.
Basic fundamentals, exactly identical, and repeat again are all examples of
One important part of the revising process is to test for ________ to make sure that your message will be immediately understood by the reader.
There are, there is, and it is are examples of unnecessary opening fillers.
Most experts who have had a lot of practice can prepare a perfect document on the first try.
At this point in time, due to the fact that, feel free to, and in the near future are examples of
flabby expressions.
The first step of Phase 3 of the 3-x-3 writing process is evaluating the document.
The sentence There are five new items that we will add to our menu next week could be made more concise by eliminating a(n)
opening filler.
Blake has just written an e-mail message to his colleagues. Before sending it, he wants to make sure that his colleagues will immediately understand the message. What is Blake checking for?
As per your request, enclosed please find, and thank you in advance are all examples of
trite business phrases.
Expressions such as due to the fact that and in the near future can help your business documents sound more professional.
Some experts recommend spending about half the total composition time editing, proofreading, and evaluating a document.
Businesses use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to connect with customers and employees, share company news, and exchange ideas.
Which of the following situations is most appropriate for sending an e-mail message?
Sabrina wants to know whether her supervisor is available for a meeting next week.
Podcasts can be played only on iPods
In the workplace, Wikis are used exclusively by information technology departments
The most important part of an e-mail message is its ____________________.
subject line
Which of the following statements about e-mail in the workplace is most accurate?
Typical businesspeople spend at least two hours a day writing and replying to e-mail messages
Daniel is resigning from his position as a management consultant and would like a permanent record of his official resignation. Which of the following is the best communication channel for him to resign and to inform his supervisor of his resignation?
Because blogs are informal, bloggers do not have to worry about being grammatically correct
Which of the following statements about digital media in the workplace is least accurate?
Desktop computers are still the most popular choice in most business offices.
A professional blog should provide fresh content regularly.
Blog posts can benefit from the _____________ pattern by emphasizing the big news up front, supported with specifics and background information.
Instant messages and text messages can become evidence in court cases and lawsuits
Which of the following subject lines is most effective?
Attend Our Sales Meeting on January 30
Which of the following describes communication in today’s digital age?
All of the above statements describe communication in today’s digital age.
Shondra is starting a new administrative position and knows that she’ll be writing a lot of e-mail messages. What is the best advice you can give her?
Don’t put anything in an e-mail message that you wouldn’t post on your office door.
The biggest advantage of business blogs is that they potentially reach a far-flung, vast audience
Aimee has discovered a production problem that will cause this month’s shipments to be a few days late. Because her Brazilian customers will need to know about this problem right away, Aimee should
send an e-mail message.
When writing blog entries, use passive verbs, use formal language, and avoid contractions.
Liliana must be able to access her company’s accounting records and accounting software from remote locations. What technology will allow her to store and to access data and software application in remote network clusters?
Cloud computing
As Nathan begins his business career, he will probably find himself writing more ____ than other types of messages.
e-mail messages
What is the best advice for organizing e-mail messages?
Consider using side headings to better organize longer e-mail messages.
You must ask a series of questions in a routine request e-mail message. What is the best way to present these questions?
In a bulleted or numbered list in the body of your message
Instructions will be most readable if the steps are presented in a numbered vertical list.
An effective opener for a message replying to a customer’s request might be Yes, our retreat facilities, which can accommodate 126 people, are available on March 9-12, 2015.
The most emphatic positions in a message are the
opening and closing.
Pull the red lever is an example of an instruction in the imperative mood
Kevin is writing a routine e-mail request. The main idea or purpose of his message should be placed in
the opening.
Companies should respond to every comment left by customers on social media sites
The best business writers do what in the opening paragraph of a routine request message?
State immediately why they are writing
Diana is in charge of telling employees about a new procedure for submitting expense claims. Many of her employees do not have access to company e-mail. What communication channel should she use?
Which of the following is a command disguised as a polite request?
Will you please send my order by USPS Priority Mail.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call is an effective and professional way to end a routine response message.
Gianna is writing an e-mail message to a company to ask about its software for removing malware (malicious software) from her company’s network. Which is the best opening statement for her message?
Please answer the following questions about your new malware removal program
Our company will be holding an employee retreat early next year is an example of putting the most important information in the beginning of a message to a hotel requesting information about accommodations.
Action information, including deadline dates, should be placed in the body of a routine request message.
Which of the following is the best example of placing the most important information first in a routine information request message?
Please answer the following questions about your office printers
When a company receives a claim and decides to respond favorably, the response message is called a(n) ____________________.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation is an effective and professional way to show appreciation in a request letter.
Routine request and response messages should be written using
the direct strategy.
What is the best advice for writing the body of a routine request message?
Remember that the quality of the information obtained from the request depends on the clarity of your inquiry.
Where should deadlines and action information be placed in a routine request message?
In the closing
Which of the following is the best closing sentence for a message requesting information?
Your answers to these questions by April 30 will help us decide which product to purchase.

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