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Business 1301 Chapters 7, 8, 15, 16

The process of working with people and resources to accomplish the goals of an organization
These are short-term targets a company implements that are designed to help realize the plans that have been made
Conceptual Skills
A successful manager must use these skills to be able to think abstractly in order to picture the organization as a whole and to understand its relationship to the rest of the business community
Network Organizations
An emerging business structure in which a group of companies collaborate
Six Sigma Initiatives
A quality initiative that is statistically based, proactive, and long-term and that is designed to look at the overall business process to prevent problems
According to Maslow, which need are people striving to satisfy when they seek stable places to live and work?
Ross’s work team is made up of various members of the art department who have all worked together for many years. They like that they work in synch and rarely have to explain things to each other because they are so much alike. A threat to Ross’ work team is narrow-mindedness caused by ________.
Hawthorne Effect
According to this theory workers will be more productive when they know they are being studied
Balance Sheet
This shows what the company owns and what it has borrowed (owes) at a fixed point in time and shows the net worth of the business
Cash Flow
This measures a company’s short-term financial health and financial efficiency
Gross Profit
The money a company makes just from its products
This is the process of selling accounts receivable for cash
Demand Accounts
Checking and savings accounts are these types of accounts
Securities and Exchange Commission
The federal agency that oversees and regulates the buying and selling of stocks and bonds.
Secured Bond
A corporate bond that is backed by collateral
The strategy of having a variety of investments in your portfolio, such as different types of companies in different industries
A bear market
This is characterized by a declining stock market and decreasing investor confidence.
Defensive stocks
The name for stock that will likely suffer the least amount of depreciation in a major recession.
Short-term Liabilities
Obligations a company is responsible for paying within a year
Financial Management
The term for strategic planning and budgeting of short- and long-term funds for current and future needs
Financial Advisory Firm or Brokerage
These act as the intermediary between companies issuing stock and investors who purchase the stock?
A formal legal document that provides details about an investment
This index does not include financial institutions but does include companies incorporated outside of the United States
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Self Actualization, Self-esteem, Love and Belonging, Safety and Security, Physiological Needs
McClellands “three needs” Theory
Achievement, Affiliation, and Power
Extrinsic Motivator
Pay, Promotion, Verbal Praise
Intrinsic Motivator
Sense of purpose or value from completed work
Financial Accounting Standard Board
Blue Chip Stocks
Stocks issued by companies that have a long history of consistent growth and stability
Financial Manager
This role is responsible for raising capital for future growth and expansion
Venture Capital
Funding provided in exchange for an ownership stake, an active role in management of the funded company, and an opportunity for a large return on its investment.
The fundamental accounting equation
Assets = Liabilities + Owners’ Equity
Income Statement or Profit & Loss Statement
Shows how much money came into the company and how much money the company spent last period
The speed at which assets can be turned into cash
Ratio Analysis
Numbers used to compare current data to data from previous years, competitors’ data, or industry averages.
Revenues – Liabilities
Determiner of Net Income (or Loss)
Treasury Bonds
Considered the safest type of bond
Municipal Bonds
Bonds issued by state and local governments
Revenue Bond
A bond to finance the construction of a toll bridge paid for by tolls
CCC rating
The Standard & Poor’s bond rating categories denotes the highest risk.
AAA rating
The Standard & Poor’s bond rating categories denotes the lowest risk.
Net Asset Value
Primary Market
The market used when a company first issues stock
The role in the company responsible for strategic planning and budgeting of short- and long-term funds for current and future needs
Debt Financing
Long-term financing generated by the owners of a company
Short term financing
What you are seeking when you borrow funds to make payroll and your company will pay it back within 9 months
Working Capital
Current Assets – Current Liabilities
Lines of Credit
Funds that a manager can access at any time up to an amount agreed upon between the bank and the company
Commercial Paper
What you are utilizing when your large corporation needs short-term financing and decides to issue an unsecured debt instrument of $200,000 to be paid back in 150 days.
Intangible Assets
Assets that do not have physical characteristics but have value nonetheless
Tracking a business’s income and expenses through a process of recording financial transactions
Cyclical Stocks
Description of stocks issued by companies that produce goods or services that are affected by economic trends
Income or Value Stocks
Stocks that pay a large dividend and are unlikely to experience major appreciations
Growth Stocks
Stocks issued by a young and expanding company that usually doesn’t pay a dividend
Discount Broker
The cheapest way for you to buy a stock
Bull Market
An increasing stock market and increasing investor confidence
Capital Gains
When a stock owner sells the stock for a higher price than he paid for it.
Debenture or Unsecured Bond
A corporate bond backed only by a company’s promise to pay.
Convertible Bond
A corporate bond that can be exchanged for stock.
False, also financial management
TF- In MOST companies, accounting is the only responsibility of the finance department.
TF- Financial management involves setting up and monitoring controls to make certain the plans and budgets are monitored sufficiently so that the business can reach its financial goals.
TF- Financial statements serve as a basis for management to develop expectations of where the company will be in future periods.
TF- Factoring is the process of selling accounts receivable for cash instead of using them as collateral for a loan.

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