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Harley-davidson Mission

Bimbo has always sousing to rails Its inclemency. 10 ay tans, It NAS developed technology Tort ten manufacture of its products, which allowed it to optimize its resources, shortened its production time, improve the quality of their products through the use of better packaging; looking for continuously maintaining pleased and satisfied consumers. 5. Acquisitions strategy. “We identified new growth opportunities. ” We had already commented on the growth that Bimbo has had around the world.

In the year 2007, the company acquired new assets in Chile, Peru, Panama, Brazil and Uruguay. This growth had been most of the time through the acquisition of bakeries and local food processors, that they enjoy certain roots and respect in their markets. In this way, Bimbo ventures between new audiences by exploiting brands and products already known to them, at the time that launches and introduced new brands (like the already traditional in Mexico). 6. Talent management strategy. We promote the development of our employees. ” Bimbo knows it, with more than 90,000 employees, has developed modern systems of management and measurement of objectives, in order to support and push their employees achieve their goals so prompt and thorough, with the professional benefits that entails.

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4. What are the core competencies for KGB? Gob’s main competitors include Con Agar, Group Corgi, Frito Lay, Harris. Hershey, Nestle©, and Sara Lee Bakery Group. Many of these competitors are American based firms.

Harley-Davidson 1 . Based on this case and other information you may have about Harley, what do you think are its major strengths and weaknesses? Strengths: Strengths that Harley Davidson has are that the company complies with what it remises to buyers and can reflect 80% of net sales in the segment of motorcycles, also can mention that they sell items such as accessories for motorcycles, clothes etc. Since this helps customers satisfy their passions for motorcycles.

Weaknesses: The prices are very high anyone who wants to buy a Harley can not buy them, only is aimed at lovers of Harley. 2. What are several of the potential of opportunities and threats facing Harley? Threats: One of the threats is the fuel to climb much since consumption is very high, that there are regularities for this type of vehicles such as restrictions in countries. Opportunities: The opportunities that can be given is that Harley wants to accompany their clients Ana seek to Improve toner products to De addle to stay In ten market 3.

Does Harley have a clear and well-stated mission? I think that Harley has a very clear mission and tries to fulfill his promises to make customers feel more satisfied with all their services. 4. In terms of the generic competitive strategies model, which of the four strategies does Harley appear to be following? Explain. Be different to all the others, be the only ones that sell heavy high-powered motorcycles and do everything services.

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