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Periodic tyre maintenance is one important topic that every car owner should be aware of. Aside from improving the performance and prolonging the life of car tyres, the same also has an important impact on the life of the car owners and passengers and on the community that we live in. It is unfortunate, however, that current practices that are designed to inform the public of the importance of tyre maintenance are not sufficient to fully educate them of the harmful effects that can be caused by poorly maintained tyres.

Hence, instances exemplifying the negative effects of using poorly maintained car tyres still happen every da...

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...y. The environment is still slowly being adversely affected by fuel consumption and disposal of EoL tyres and vehicle-related accidents still take place. In this regard, it becomes apparent that there is a need for another mode of educating the public about the importance of periodic tyre maintenance. One such mode is the inclusion or addition of a periodic tyre maintenance program in the services offered by the tyre shop.

Through the survey that was conducted for purposes of the study, a lot of car owners are not aware of the impact that tyre maintenance has in the society. Attempts to inform said car owners of proper tyre care through the issuance of manuals proved to be futile as many of the respondents to the survey admitted that they never even tried to peruse said manual. At present, it would appear that most of the car owners do not regularly check or maintain their car tyres simply because they are not aware of the big difference that the same would make if they begin to periodically maintain their car tyres.

The survey results also shows that car owners are willing to obtain information concerning the topic and in fact, they would appreciate it if aside from the services they normally obtain from tyre shops, they will also be given additional information as to how they can properly maintain their tyres. It comes into view that there is a great probability of public acceptance of the implementation of the program. The customers will view the program as a tool for them to understand why tyre maintenance is important in their lives.

Additionally, it must be noted that the costs for marketing and implementation of the proposed program is reasonable considering the materials sought to be used in advertising and actual operation of the program. Expenses for marketing and advertising were necessitated by the need to effectively relay to the customers that an additional service is being offered in the shop. Likewise, a creative and innovative presentation of the program need to be utilized and funded by the tyre shop in order for the customers to easily absorb and understand the information concerning tyre maintenance.

It is noted that despite the costs required by the marketing and implementation of the tyre maintenance program, the tyre shop will obtain competitive edge in return as the program may be a good reason for customers to patronize the tyre shop. Naturally, a customer will prefer a tyre shop that gives information on how tyres can perform better and be more environment-friendly than a shop that imparts nothing to its customers as regards the issue of tyre maintenance.

There is also a big possibility for the tyre shop to be considered as an example for other tyre shops and garages to follow in the matter of educating the customers about tyre maintenance. Ultimately, the implementation of the program is a response to the social responsibility of the tyre shop in making sure that due regard to the environment and to the safety of the other members of the community is accorded in the conduct of its business affairs.

In the end, what will be imparted by this project to the community is not simply the importance of tyre maintenance in our lives, but more importantly, the realization that a simple act of properly maintaining one’s car tyres can actually make a big difference to the environment and in our society. Appendix A HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY In the conduct of its business, it is one of the primordial concerns of the tyre shop to always keep in mind the health and safety of its customers and employees.

In the rendition of service to customers, the tyre shop and its employees should always bear in mind that the service that they give to the customers affects the health and safety of said customers. Be that as it may, the tyre shop and its employees must always efficiently render services to the customers. The same is true as regards its relations with the employees and staff. In this regard, tyre shop premises should always be free from unnecessary tools, equipment and other materials which may pose as threat to the safety of customers, employees and general public within the tyre shop premises.

The premises should likewise be kept in order at all times to ensure a safe working condition and environment for the employees of the tyre shop. Appendix B ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY The tyre shop acknowledges that it has a responsibility to the community for the preservation and protection of the environment. It is the policy of the tyre shop to help create an environment-friendly atmosphere even in the conduct of its business. To this end, the tyre shop shall undertake to minimize wastes that may emanate from the operations of the business.

Further, the tyre shop shall ensure the proper and reasonable use of our natural and physical resources in the operations of its business. Above all, it is recognized that the responsibility of the tyre shop as regards the environment shall include being an advocate of environmental protection and preservation to its customers, business associates and employees. Appendix C CODE OF ETHICS In the conduct of its business and in dealing with third parties, the tyre shop recognizes the rights of others and its obligation to respect said rights.

The tyre shop shall always be fair and honest in the course of its business. In this regard, the following shall be considered unethical and are contrary to the principles upheld by the tyre shop: Refusal to render services to a customers on account of personal interests; The use of false pretenses in order to encourage a customer to engage the services of the tyre shop or to purchase goods from the tyre shop; The use of inaccurate and erroneous statements as regards the products and services offered by the tyre shop;

Disparaging other companies and business entities in order to advertise or promote the products or services offered by the tyre shop; Refusal to render aid and cooperation to other business entities to the detriment of the community in general.


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