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Business As An Agent Of World Benefit Essay


Industrialization and global business activities have made various business units invest a lot of resources for quality production. There has been a general trend whereby industries have had to use sophisticated methods to achieve positive results. High expenses are incurred by consumers who are required to obtain goods and services at a higher cost. Life has been unbearable for the low income earners because; they are unable to adequately access services due to high costs.

The environment has also been affected in different ways through industrial pollution and a strain on its resources. Therefore, the centers for business as an agent of world benefit are engaged in activities that encourage innovation to bring about fairness in the society.

‘Business as an agent of world benefit’ is a center that is concerned with transformation of business units and groups in the world by equipping individuals. B.A.W.B does this by combining different market abilities to come up with strong decisions that will transform the world. The center provides solutions to companies to enable them understand how to carry out their activities.

Their skills are sharpened through research, practice and education (Sun, 2008). The center mainly focuses on two areas namely; sustainable value and social entrepreneurship.

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In sustainable value, businesses are transformed by addressing the environmental and social issues that affect their growth. In social entrepreneurship the center aims at solving environmental and social issues through the application of new models and tools.

Some of the activities that the center is involved in are encouraging business units to make huge investments in economic projects like solar energy. Such investments may be costly at their launch but once they are established, a lot will be saved in terms of resources. Social entrepreneurship and social design are means through which businesses enter into creative capitalism to create strong business opportunities. B.A.W.B encourages the business to be innovative in the areas of social entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

The need for BAWB

Industrialization is growing at a higher rate and the demand for high quality products has also been high. With all these challenges, there has been need for the industries to innovate economical and environment friendly procedures to manufacture products. It was discovered that when certain means and measures are applied, it will be possible for industries and business units to produce high quality services and goods without having to incur a lot of cost in terms of resources (Laszlo, 2008).

Industrialization has not only put a strain on the natural resources but also led to global warming making the environment to be hazardous to the living creatures. The world population has had to endure some side effects of industrialization by nursing some environmental connected complication.

These are the factors that have inspired the center of business as an agent of world benefit to motivate business units to invent production means that will not affect their units and the world in any negative way. The resources that are being used may face extinction due to the pressure that is being exerted on them. Therefore, it is advisable for the units to look for alternative means that will ensure that they have a regular supply of resources. The resources invented must also be friendly to the environment and manageable. http://worldbenefit.case.edu/

Measures employed by B.A.W.B

B.A.W.B engages in research activities to find out the most appropriate resources that can be adapted by companies for sustainable development. B.A.W.B has involved a number of scholars who undertake research projects in complex issues. Some of the current research projects include business and society literature, business relationships, mutual beneficial possibilities, model of mutual benefit and creative coexistence and corporation. The center is also involved in world inquiries where success stories of some business units are shared and how different inventions enabled the units to succeed. The stories are shared through various publications where other business units can invent similar means and employ them.

B.A.W.B is also involved in educational programs aimed at informing the business community about the modern methodologies that will ensure quality management. The training is offered through seminars and publications. Some of their recent programs include principles of responsible management, a pilot MBA course, Latin American reforms and the Fairmount minerals colloquium series. The center is also offering programs for students to pursue their masters and doctorate degrees, training through the internet, supply of newsletters and organizing conferences.

B.A.W.B is also involved in practices with leading business organizations to address challenges experienced by them through partnership. They help different organizations to apply methodologies that have been researched on for economical and environmental sustainability. Other practical innovations of this center include the global forum of 2009, transforming the energy sector of the United States, the national peace academy, transforming the Amazon, creating sustainable index and promoting health and energy reforms in Africa. (Laszlo, 2008)

Effects of B.A.W.B

As the center for business as an agent of world benefit advances in its programs, the center desires to come up with beneficial advances that will address immediate needs of the global business world. The center wants to ensure that the entrepreneurial energy expressed is in direct promotion to what is globally needed. The factory and industrial building need to be designed in a way that nothing is released as waste product. The available resources will be utilized to enable them to be recycled and reused. This will eradicate poverty and ensure that byproducts of commodities are reutilized as raw materials. The center desires to design sustainable means that will positively impact on the society.

The center is aimed at eradicating the feeling that an organization needs to spend much in terms of resources in order for them to generate more income. BAWB challenges business organization to be innovative and utilize the available resources to maximize on their production. Communities will be transformed through the empowerment of the low class society. The center desires to eradicate poverty by ensuring there is production of goods and service that will be accessible to all despite their economic status. The center recognizes the fact that education is necessary for the world to acquire quality managerial skills. Therefore, it is involved in various education forums to equip existing business managements.

The academy of management is an association that equips scholars at school, college and university level about the modern management skills. It is an international association that deals with scholars from all over the world (Arthur, 2007). The scholars are trained to be innovative thinkers through various projects assigned. The projects are aimed at establishing problems in the current business world and finding solutions for them. The solutions are usually tested for practicability and thereafter published for use by other organizations.

‘Case weather head school’ is recognized for the bold ideas that it has brought into the management field that has given it a new system of teaching the subject. The center for business as an agent of world business was founded in the school by professor Cooperrieder. The center is aimed at revolutionizing on the means of eradicating poverty, creating international peace and understanding and restoring the world biosphere. The institution is involved in multi-stakeholder forums, conferences and global summits.

‘The United Nations global compact’ is a large international corporation that partners with non governmental organizations, business units, governmental organization and universities. It is a voluntary initiative working towards two objectives namely, catalyzing business actions to support the millennium development goals of United Nations and integrating principles for citizenship into world wide business activities.

Through the various seminars that it organizes, businesses are challenged to be innovative and avoid relying on the obvious and launching deeper into other alternatives. Rigidity to specific management aspect has hindered the business society from inventing new methodologies that will bring about positive changes and developments. Therefore, the world business needs to be empowered on the available resource and how they can be utilized for sustainability. (Laszlo, 2008)


Business as an agent of world benefit center has put in place strategies that can be employed by any business organization to ensure quality production. The measures advised on are aimed at preserving the environment and ensuring that business units are not spending a lot in their production procedures. It is a center that targets to reach all countries and empowering the business class on measures they can take to ensure that there units are of high quality.

The center also targets poor communities by raising their living standards through the innovation of quality economical goods and services. BAWB is a center that has been initiated in different organizations and institutions through the realization that the global business world can be strategically transformed through innovation and invention. The global representation of scholars in such institution ensures that every country has a pioneer that will implant the same to their nations after training. With continued implementation of new inventions the center hopes to maintain a high quality production with minimal costs on the environment and economy. http://worldbenefit.case.edu/


Arthur J. (2007): Innovative Approaches to Reducing Global Poverty, Washington: IAP pp18

Laszlo C. (2008): Sustainable value, Stanford: University Press pp191

Sun T. (2008): Survival tactics, Westport: Greenwood Publishing Group pp27


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