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Business Btec Level 2 Essay

9th November 2012

Dear Uncle Bob,
I am writing this letter to you because I am sure that you know that many small businesses in the area have failed, as they did not know their market and I understand that you don’t want me to make this mistake. This is why I want to prove to you that I can make my business successful, by mentioning how I will prepare to market and sell my products/services. To be able to attract customers, I will ensure that I do my market research correctly, so I can then know who I will be ideally suited to attract. I will ensure that for my customers, I will communicate that makes my business stands out so I can get more customers. I can also get help from market research professionals, who would help me produce from surveys to focus groups, which can lead my business to success. I will need to make sure that the location of my business will be spot on, because the location does matter to the customers of whether they will return again or not. So I have to make sure that my location of my business will be situated in a

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non-traffic or non-busy area, so there can be lots of customers going in and out. I will make sure that the appearance of the shop will be 100% perfect, so the customers coming in will be satisfied and will be coming again. I will research into what types of cakes or bakery products, people nowadays like, so that can help meet customer’s needs.

To be able to keep my customers, I will study every potential customer contact point and then turn it into a remarkable experience for them to be able to come again. I will make sure that I will acquire customers who will appreciate my products and services and not because they are looking for the lowest price. I can create a customer database with the purchase history, so I can have an approximate figure of how many customers have come into the shop and how many products have been sold, as well as how many purchases been done. So I can be able to realise how many more customers I can have and how many I have maybe lost. I will promise that I will deliver what I will do, because that is what was promised by me as the owner of the business to the customers. As, I will make sure that at all times my products and services will be 100% perfect and are what they should be. To be able to keep my customers, I will make sure that I will treat them respectfully at all times. I can find out what keeps a customer satisfied, so then I can make a similar idea and have that adapt to the customers, so then they can come again and again, with no problems about the business. To make more customers come again and again, I can change the menu at times, so it doesn’t appear to be a boring menu with boring and the usual products. I will make sure that I will build relationships with the customers, because so I can show to the customers that they aren’t just here to buy products and leave.

I want to show them that they are family, because so they can feel at home in the shop, and so that they can pass the message on about my shop and so that more customers can enter into the shop and take purchases. When a business supplies a product, there are more ways of getting the product to the customer. There are many ways of doing this: Direct selling: you can do direct selling, either by having a shop or visiting customers. Normally for a shop to be successful, it has to be in a good location with plenty of passing trade. With visiting customers, the advantages are that you have face-to-face contact, but is expensive and time-consuming. Selling to wholesalers: this lowers the distribution costs, but there is no direct contact with the customers. Distance selling: using the telephone, direct mail and/or the internet. This has the advantage of being inexpensive, but there is less opportunity to interact with the customers and there are several regulations about this type of selling. To be able to promote or services, I will have to provide information about the location of my business and its contact details. I will be giving information on products and services, stating their attributes and the benefits that are associated with buying them.

I will explain about the improvements in my business, products, customer service and about the changes in my business. I will have to publicise special offers or events, including competitions or sales. Also, I will be building up a positive image of my business. The examples of advertising and brand marketing being in my business are: The adverts of my business can be in local newspapers and trade or professional journals. Commercial radio.

Can be on billboards and on posters.
Buses and trains can advertise of my business.
New media, like internet adverts, emails, text messages.
The advertisements of my business can on in the cinema, as cinemas do view adverts before the film starts. From the survey that I created, I will show you how many people answered and took part in the survey and what was the answer that was the most popular:

1. In Question 1, 50% of the public said that they like cakes as their favourite sweet food. So I am now 100% sure that opening up a sweet food shop is great idea because most of the public consider this option.

2. In Question 2, there are 2 options of which were voted the same percentage, 60% of the public expect perfect presentation more from sweet food and 60% of the public expect perfect quality more from sweet food. So I now know that these two factors are the main in what you expect more from sweet food and I can make sure that these two main factors are always accomplished and as well as the other factors.

3. In Question 3, 60% of the public said that they prefer a cake shop than other types of sweet food shops. So I know that just sticking to cakes is the best option, as there is a big percentage of the public who consider and prefer this to happen.

4. In Question 4, there are 3 options, of which were voted as the same percentage, 60%of the public like unique cakes, 60% of the public like chocolate cakes and 60% of the public like wedding cakes. I now know that what types of cakes the public likes and of which I can have in my cake shop and be able to make, because I want to make cakes that the public most like to buy to be able to increase sales, profits and make my business successful.

5. In Question 5, there are 3 options that the public voted the most for, 70% of the public preferred to buy and book cakes for weddings, 70% of the public preferred to buy and book cakes for birthdays and 70% of the public preferred to buy and book cakes for parties.

6. In Question 6, 70% of the public said that the following criteria that is important when they make a cake is that the cake must be personalised or tailored (unique) and there is an option which is near to being the second popular option and which has only 3% less voters to be able to voted as the second most popular option and that is that the cake must be coloured. I now know that I will have to make my cakes of the popular o important criteria that is important when making a cake: so my cakes must be personalised or tailored (unique) and that the cakes can also be coloured.

7. In Question 7, 60% of the public agreed that cake decoration is important. I know now that my cakes can be decorated and are better if they are decorated anyway.

8. In Question 8, 46% of the public prefer pastries with a cake shop. Also, there is another option of which is just 1% less than the most popular option and 45% of the public prefer tea/coffee with a cake shop. I now know that I can include these two options, of which are the most popular, so I can make my cake shop unique and not boring, as not just selling cakes but other refreshments alongside it as well.

9. In Question 9, 65% of the public have voted that fabulous presentation is what makes them like sweet food. I now know that presentation as well as taste are the main key factors when it comes to making sweet food, preparing the finishing touches as well as eating the sweet food.

10. In Question 10, 65% of the public would want my business to hold special cards for customers, so they can keep on coming to the shop, as they’ll get discounts and rewards. I now know that if I stick to this great scheme, then my business will boost and will be successful. This is a screenshot of my flyer:

I hope that after reading this letter, you will feel more confident in me my decisions for my business, because you now understand what my plans are of starting this business and to make it successful. Yours sincerely,

Sam Smith

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