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Business Comm 2-3

During the second phase of the writing process, you conduct research,
organize ideas, and compose the message
includes both the verbal and nonverbal responses from the receiver.
You are selecting a channel for sending your message. Which of the following is not a factor to consider when making this decision?
Your competitors’ channel use.
Lindsay is writing a property description for a new real estate brochure. To make her brochure more effective, Lindsay should anticipate her audience. This means she
considers what the readers are like and how they will react to the message.
Which of the following demonstrates effective business writing?
A record number of Japanese investors are purchasing real estate in the United States.
Business writers who use words such as interrogate, remuneration, and terminate are using language many readers would consider
Before Melissa organizes and composes her message, she should ask two questions: (1) Why am I sending this message? and (2)
What do I hope to achieve with this message?
When preparing a business message, you should make your writing audience oriented. Audience oriented means you should
concentrate on looking at the problem from the receiver’s perspective.
Which of the following is most acceptable for business writing?
All physicians must carry their own malpractice insurance
Which of the following communication channels is considered the richest medium?
Face-to-Face conversation
Adapting your message to the audience involves
Thinking of the right words and tone to use in your message.
Profiling the audience for a business message helps the writer
identify the appropriate tone, language, and channel.
Empathic writers
try to give something to the receiver.
Which of the following demonstrates effective business writing?
The office personnel will assist you with your forms.
In the final phase of the writing process, check the message for clarity and readability, proofread for errors, and
evaluate for effectiveness.
According to writing experts, approximately what percentage of time should you spend on the prewriting phase of a business message?
Business writing should be economical. In this context economical can best be defined as
presenting ideas clearly and concisely.
One technique that improves business writing is the use of empathy. Empathy refers to
putting yourself in the receiver’s shoes to adapt the message to the receiver’s needs.
Which of the following represents the best business writing?
You can return all resalable merchandise for a store credit
Which of the following sentences demonstrates conversational business writing?
Your return policy really ticks me off.
Which statement about the communication process is most accurate?
Feedback helps the sender know that the message was received and understood.
Which of the following is most acceptable for business writing?`
Shiela will examine the job proposals carefully.
Which of the following demonstrates effective business writing?
Will you please credit my account for $125 due to the computer error on May 1
One of the best ways to develop audience benefits is to use the “you” view, which
emphasizes second person
Business writing should be all of the following except
sender oriented
Travis must determine the appropriate channel for an important business message. In this context channel refers to the
medium through which
Adaptation is the process of
creating a message that suits
Which of the following sentences demonstrates effective business writing?
your proposal demonstrates
Courteous business messages
all answer choices
Which of the following sentences best focuses on the audience?
register now to lock
Human Resources Manager Claire Siu must inform Anthony that company job changes will require him to seek retraining or lose his position. The best channel for Ms. Siu to deliver this message is
a face-to-face
The primary purpose of business writing is typically to inform or persuade; a common secondary purpose is to
promote goodwill
Jorge must inform Samantha that she is not eligible to have an August vacation for which she recently applied. Which of the following sentences best demonstrates the “you” view Jorge should use in denying Samantha’s application?
Although the august
Converting ideas into words or gestures to convey meaning is called
Which of the following sentences demonstrates effective business writing?
enclosed is our latest
When selecting a communication channel, you should follow two tips: use richer media for persuasive or personal communications, and
use the richest media
Business writing should be purposeful. In this context purposeful can best be defined as
solving problems and
Experts say that writers should spend the most time in the ____ stage of the writing process.
A communication channel
is the medium
Michael usually holds team meetings on Tuesday mornings, but he needs to reschedule next week’s meeting to Wednesday morning. To tell team members of the date change for the next meeting, Michael should
Send an e-mail
Which of the following is not an element of the communication process?
Displaying empathy
Marketing Director Schultz must inform the board of directors that customers are not responding positively to the company’s new advertising campaign. Which of the following sentences would be the most appropriate wording for the marketing director to use in her message to the board of directors?
We have received reports
Communication noise
is anything that interrupts
Communication is successful only when
the receiver understands
The process of translating a message from its symbol form into meaning is called
The communication process begins when the sender
has an idea
Communication is defined as “the transmission of information and meaning from one individual or group to another.” The crucial element of this definition is
The first phase of the writing process involves analyzing the audience and your purpose for writing, anticipating your audience’s reaction to your message, and
adapting your message to
Business messages should use positive language rather than negative language. Positive language
tells what is
Which of the following sentences about jargon is most accurate?
jargon should be used only
All of the following are informal research methods except
conducting a scientific
How many ideas should be developed in a paragraph?
To emphasize an idea through mechanics, place it in
Any of these
Technology has changed the working environments of employees, that is why employees are telecommuting more than ever is an example of a
comma splice
As interns in human resource management, Brad and his team are administering a professionally developed employee questionnaire to collect information on workplace violence. This type of research produces data that is considered
Firsthand information
Effective paragraphs
All answer choices are correct
The indirect strategy is most appropriate for what kind of messages?
Sensitive messages`
When brainstorming to generate ideas, you should
Record ideas


Paragraphs should

contain 8 or fewer
Which of the following business messages would not use the direct strategy?
a letter to a customer
To build paragraph coherence, a writer should
All answer choices
Which of the following is an advantage of the direct strategy?
Saves the readers time
All of the following would probably require informal research methods except
long reports and complex business problems
Which of the following sentences uses modifiers correctly?
To take advantage of the discounted
Parallel writing
Uses similar structures
When should passive voice be used in business writing?
when you want to conceal
Which of the following is a simple sentence?
A supporting sentence
Must relate to the topic
Which of the following is an advantage of the indirect strategy?
respects the feelings
Quality Building Materials Inc. has developed a new whole-house weather blanket and needs to determine the price point at which builders would switch to this new product. The best research method for this is a(n)
scientific experiment
must be placed close
Which formal research source is best to obtain firsthand information?
Which of the following uses only active voice in a complete sentence?
a few unhappy customers
Which of the following sentences emphasizes an idea through style?
consider adding a statement of qualifications
Which of the following sentences is most effective in de-emphasizing the bad news?
although cash refunds are not offered
A topic sentence
states the main idea
Which of the following message openings is the most direct opening for an e-mail message announcing a new telecommuting plan?
our new telecommunting
Before composing a business document, you should gather information that will answer which of these questions?
what is the reciever
Which of the following is a complex sentence?
employers are now using social
Which of the following is a formal research method?
investigating primary
The direct strategy would be most appropriate when
expecting the audience
All of the following are effective tips for creating an outline except
use a single item
What kind of sentence contains only one independent clause?
simple sentence
What kind of sentence contains an independent clause and a dependent clause?
complex sentence
What is a run-on sentence?
Two independent clauses run together
Ahna is sending a persuasive memo to her staff asking them to participate in the new wellness program. Which of the following sources of information would be most appropriate to help Ahna shape an effective persuasive message for her staff?
Which of the following uses parallel structure?
big business demands
What is the recommended maximum number of words for a sentence?
What is a comma splice?
two independent clauses joined together
Which of the following kinds of business messages typically use the indirect strategy?
sensitive messages
What do most business writers use as the first sentence in a paragraph?
Topic sentence
What kind of sentence contains two independent clauses?
compound sentence
Paragraphs are coherent when
ideas are linked
What is a sentence fragment?
a broken off part of a sentence
connect ideas
Transitional expressions such as next, first, and finally are useful to show
time association
When you expect a reader of your message to be uninterested, unwilling, displeased, or hostile, you should
explain all background information first
Active-voice sentences
place the subject of the sentence
According to communication experts, what is the greatest failing of business writers?
poor orginization
The second phase of the 3-x-3 writing process begins with
researching the topic

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