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Business Communication Ch13


a written offer to solve problems, provide services, or sell equipment

this responds to a request for proposals

6 Components of an Informal Proposal
Authorization Request
Introduction of a Proposal
1. Hint at extraordinary results
2. Promise low cost or speedy results
3. Mention a remarkable resource available only to you
4. Identify a serious problem
6. Specify key issue or benefit at heart of proposal
Mind Mapping

involves generating ideas around a single word and grouping those ideas into major and minor categories

creates a web of relationships

Goal of an unsolicted proposal

convince reader that a problem exists

so in the background section you must use more details

Goal of solicted proposal

to persuade the reader that you understand the problem

so you will repeat the language from the request for proposal

Proposal, plan, and schedule

want to disclose enough info to secure the contract without giving away so much info that your services aren’t needed

tell what you propose to do and how it will benefit the reader

Staffing section of the proposal

describes the credentials and expertise of the project leaders and supporting staff

As well as other resources like computer facilities

Budget Section of Proposal
1. prepare it carefully b/c it represents a contract
2. you cant change the price later
3. Should include a deadline for acceptance to protect you from rising cost
4. Can itemize costs or have total sum
Authorization Request in Proposal

should remind reader of key benefits and motivate action

might include a deadline beyond which the offer is invalid

a lot of times there is some negotiation before final contract is awarded

What are the extra components added to the informal components in a formal proposal
Copy of RFP
Letter of Transmittal
Abstract or Executive Summary
Title Page
Table of Contents
List of Illustrations
Letter of Transmittal in Proposal

addresses the person designated to receive the proposal or who will make the final decisiosn

describes how you learned about he problem or how the proposal responds the the RFP

briefly present major features and benefits of your proposal and assure that you are authorized

Abstract or Executive Summary in Proposal

Abstract summary of a proposals highlights

Abstract intended for specialist or technical readers so should be less technical

Executive summary is for managers

Executive summary tends to be a little longer than abstract. Contains brief summary of proposals highlights

Formal proposals may contain one or both

What info goes in appendix
ancillary material of interest to only some readers
Grant Proposal

formal proposal submitted to gov’t or civilian organization that explains a project, outlines its budget and request money in the form of a grant

very similar to formal proposal

Components of Business Plan
Letter of Transmittal
Mission Statement
Executive Summary
Table of Contents and Company Description
Product or Service Description
Market Analysis
Operations and Management
Financial Analysis
Letter of Transmittal in Business Plan

provides contact info fora ll principals and explains your reason for writing

should include a summary of the market, a brief not about the competition, and explanation of why your plan is worthy

Mission Statement Definition
Explains the reason an organization or program exists
Goals of Mission Statement
1. Easily understood
2. Free of complex words and buzz words
3. Concise, memorable, and simple
4. Unique in distinguishing a business or program
Executive Summary of Business Plan

highlights the main points but should not exceed two pages

concludes by introducing the parts of the plan and asking for financial backing

Formal Report Definition
document in which writer analyzes findings, draws conclusions, and makes recommendations to solve the problem
Formal Business Report Components
Title Page
Letter of Transmittal
Table of Contents
List of Figures
Executive Summary
Letter or Memo of Transmittal in a Formal Report
uses direct strategy
usually less formal than report itself
announces topic and tells how it was authorized
briefly describes topic
highlights findings, conclusion, and recommendations
closes with appreciation, instructions for actions, acknowledgement of help, or offers assistance in answering questions
Executive Summary of Formal Report
Look for strategic words and sentences
prepare outline with headings
fill in outline
begin with purpose
follow the report sequence
eliminate nonessential
control length
What does a good formal introduction cover
What might you add to intro
literature reviews
sources and methods
definition of key terms
the introduction to a proposal typically:
highlights the writers qualifications
The staffing section of an informal proposal may:
Include resumes of key people
Formal proposals differ from informal proposals in:
size and format
Title Page should include:
Authors name and name of clients organization
RFP number or other announcements
Date of submission
Most accurate statement about table of contents
table of contents should include all headings and their beginning page numbers
Executive Summary of a Business Plan Should:

include a concise mission statement for its business type

provide your name and contact info

introduce the parts of your business plan and ask for support

For existing companies the company description section should describe:
the company’s founding, growth, sales, and profits
Are investors only looking for unique produces and services
What should the product/service section explain
why your produce or service is better than existing products or services
What would appear in market analysis section of a business plan

discussion of customer behavior

overview of complementary products/services

explanation of how you will attract, hold, and increase your market share

What do many investors consider to be the most important factor in assembling business potential
whether your management team can implement the business plan
Financial analysis section of a business plan should
explain how much money you already have
What gov’t agency is most useful for advice on writing business plans
the small business administration
Are formal reports for external audiences only
Title Page Includes (in order)
Report title
Name of person receiving the report
Authors name
Date of submission
Example of a Statement that is not appropriate for a transmittal letter or memo
The questionnaire shown here was used to collect data for this report
Table of Contents for a short formal report should:
Include all headings
Body of formal report
discusses, analyzes, interprets, and evaluates the research findings or solution to the initial problem
To avoid sound repetitious in a formal report:
vary your presentation of the info slightly
What section of a formal report tells what the findings mean
the conclusion
Expert report writers advise:
recording ideas quickly and saving revisions until after the first draft is complete
Are most proposals external
True or False: Most proposals are unsolicited
Example of an effective opening for an informal proposal
we are pleased to submit this proposal describing how our computer consulting service can help you increase the efficiency and productivity of your staff
Example of an appropriate statement to include in the letter of transmittal accompanying a formal proposal
This bid will be in effect until July 23, 2009
Should the executive summary be more technically oriented than an abstract summary
If you have only one illustration do you need to include a list of figures
Do formal proposals always have to be in writing
Do formal reports and formal proposals both make offers
after writing the first draft of a report should you put it aside for a day or two before revising it
Purpose of a report cover
to give the report a professional, finished appearance
Are formal reports written for external readers only?
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