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Business Communication Chapter 8

Persuasion can best be defined as
using convincing arguments to influence others.
You should use persuasion when
ideas require preparation and deliberate development before they can be presented effectively.
Martina is a sales rep for a business security firm. Because she anticipates her client will resist installing a new alarm system, an effective persuasive technique is
laying a logical and concise foundation in moderation of indirect and direct benefits before she makes the request.
The writing plan for a persuasive request includes an opening that obtains the reader’s attention, a body that builds interest and reduces resistance, and a closing that
makes a specific request and motivates action
Select the most effective opening for a letter that invites a state representative to speak at your organization’s Flag Day celebration.
Your patriotism and leadership in the House of Representatives has improved the quality of life across our great state of Mississippi.
The body of a persuasive request should reduce resistance, which means
anticipating arguments and offering counterarguments.
Which of the following is the best closing for a memo persuading the president of your company to adopt a tuition reimbursement program?
Your e-mail supporting this procedure change by August 1 will allow me to present this proposal at the next strategic planning session.
Select the situation that is least likely to require persuasion.
A request to have a defective printer replaced within the warranty period.
As the president of the local Lions Club, you need a guest speaker for the annual community services banquet. You cannot provide a fee to the speaker, but you can guarantee an enthusiastic audience and a positive impact on the community. You are focusing on
indirect benefits of the persuasion.
Which of the following situations would most likely require persuasion within an organization?
Asking employees to accept a pay benefit of stock options to avoid layoffs or plant closings.
When employees ask a manager to change an established procedure, the persuasive request should include a focus on the receiver’s needs, moderation, and
clear documentation, including facts, figures, and evidence.
Which of the following is most accurate about the legal use of persuasion in promoting products and writing sales letters in business?
Honesty is not just the best policy–it’s the only policy.
When you are writing a persuasive adjustment request about a problem, and you’re worried that your reader might be reluctant to grant your request. You should use
the indirect strategy.
Effective persuasive claim letters
present a logical case with clear facts and a moderate tone.
Adjustment requests and claim letters are also called
complaint letters
The most personal and powerful form of advertising today is
traditional hard-copy sales letters.
Your primary goal in writing a sales message is to
get your audience to devote a few moments of attention to your message
In the opening of a sales letter, you might offer something valuable or promise a benefit to the reader. The purpose of this opening is to
gain the reader’s attention.
Building interest in a sales message can effectively be done by
emphasizing central selling points identified in the prewriting analysis and reducing resistance.
Which of the following represents an emotional appeal?
You’ll catch everyone’s attention behind the wheel of a shiny, brand new Mustang convertible driving along the sandy, white beaches.
It is appropriate to use a rational appeal when the
product is expensivefinancially successful, and long-lasting.
A sales message may use a dual appeal, which means that you
include both emotional and rational reasoning.
Which of the following most effectively illustrates reader benefits?
Going on a walking tour of Europe will allow you to visit small villages, meet and converse with the locals, and dine on authentic cuisine.
Which of the following illustrates a testimonial?
After completing your training, I received job offers from three interviews in one week!”
Which of the following is the most effective closing for a sales letter?
If your sales don’t increase at least 10 percent after your salespeople complete our “Closing the Deal” training, you get a full refund. Use our toll free number to call me by August 1 and begin training on September 1.
Although sales letters are a preferred marketing medium, they do have drawbacks, including which of these?
direct mail is expensive
Which of the following increases the effectiveness of an online sales message?
Send online sales messages only to customers or prospects who have given you permission to send them e-mail marketing messages.
Main information in an e-mail sales message should be placed above the fold, which means that
your primary points appear early in the message so it captures the readers attention.
Which of the following is not a technique that reduces resistance in a sales message?
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