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Business Communications: Chapters 1-3

Importance of writing in the digital age
Writing effectively is critical, due to emailing, text messages, online media
Advantages of workplace diversity
ability to read trends, able to respond to a diverse market base
Guidelines for open office etiquette
Don’t hang around, limit chitchat, don’t eavesdrop, speak in a soft voice, wear headphones
Three basic functions of business communication
inform, persuade, promote goodwill
Networked workplace has changed workplace communication
speeds up the communication flow, smartphones make work happen faster
Advantages of oral communication
immediate feedback, adjustable, nonverbal cues, quick delivery
Disadvantages of oral communication
no permanent record, careless expression
Internal communication
superiors, coworkers, subordinates
External communication
customers, suppliers, government public
Media richness
mediums ability to convey a message with clarity, facilitate feedback, become personalized
Communication network
downward- management informs employes
upward- employees provide feedback to management
horizontal- communicating with others at the same level
The grapevine
Also known as the rumor mil, gossip, communication that takes place outside the formal network
Characteristics of an ethical business communicatior
follows the law- knows the rules and follows them
tells the truth- do not intentionally make untrue statements
communicate clearly- write clearly so the receivers understand easily
Ethical traps
false necessity- people act from the belief that they are doing what they must do
doctrine of filth- unethical actions sometimes look good when compared to something worse
rationalization- explain unethical actions by excuses
self deception- willing to inflate ones self
ends justify the means- taking unethical actions to accomplish a desirable goal
Five question to guide ethical decisions
Is it legal?
Would you do it if you were on the opposite side?
Can you rule out a better alternative?
Would a trusted advisor agree?
Would family, friends, and others approve?
Cloud commuting
Digital storage space is online. You are able read write documents
Social media
technology allowing people to connect and participate in social networks
Social presence
degree to which people are engaged online and their willingness to connect with others
Phases of team development
Forming- getting to know each other
Storming- define roles and responsibilities
Norming- information begins to flow
Performing- implement plan, manage project
Groups reach decisions
Majority- members vote and majority wins
Consensus- discuss until agree on one thing
Minority- subcommittee makes a recommendation for action
Averaging- negotiate to reach a middle position
Authority rule with discussion- the leader listens to the team members idea and the leader has the final decision
Participate in meeting
arrive early, shut off phone, have the agenda, have a positive attitude, express yourself, follow up after meetin
soft skills
communication, team, listening, and nonverbal skills
virtual team
collaborating with people in other cities and countries
group think
peer pressure that influences group memebers
discriminative listening
identify main idea, understand logical argument, recognize purpose of message
Professional guidelines when communicating in the workplace
Turn off cell phone,
emails should use complete sentences, avoid misspellings
professional email address
avoid saying like instead say said
Business etiquette pointers
use polite works, send thank you’s, don’t put people down, respect coworkers space
Reasons companies are seeking to expand around the world
favorable trade agreements
growing middle-class in emerging nations
Spicy stew or tossed salad
replacing the concept melting pot because each ethnicity is contributing its own flavor
Visible and invisible signs of culture
Visible- words, dress, nonverbal clues
Invisible- beliefs, values, attitudes, biases, feelings, upbringing
Low-context culture
rely on verbal communication
monochronic- time is important
High-context culture
rely on nonverbal, relationships
polychronic- relationships are important
Guidelines for improving written communication between cultures
strive for clarity use correct instead of right
cite numbers carefully
short sentences and short paragraph
observe titles and ranks
Foreign corrupt practices Act of 1977
prohibits payments to foreign officials for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business
judging others by your own culture, everyone else is inferior
power distance
how people relate to more powerful individuals
try to see the world through anothers eyes, treat others like they want to be treated

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