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In one article I have reviewed, gender is no longer the determining factor in the success of the business. If people that were assigned to manipulate the business are those who are leaders in themselves, then we are sure that they will have the characters that will enable us to work more efficiently in the company. If the employee involved in the transaction is well – trained and has ideas that could launch a number of “YES”, then the transaction will be closed and be termed as great and successful. There are also business firms that are headed by women.

Ethics in the business world is also accompanied by the norms and culture of the society. Good thing though that as we have experience the development of our technologies, there are also shifting and changing of beliefs within the circles of the business. There were more opportunities offered to women and many were also lucky to have experienced that during this era. Aside from the gender issue in the business, there is I think separation with the members of the business before, giving distinction to the bosses and the employees. The transactions within the company just stay on it, giving a very big line of separation between them.

Now, there are already CASUAL talks between the employee and the boss and at some point, both share their personal life with each other, making interaction and working more fun. There are already parties for the interaction of the big bosses to its employees. The factory workers of the microchip industries are acting with every one, depending on the personalities of their bosses. Ethics in the business world changes through time. Starting with the trade fairs, to the boss and subordinate relationship, to the transactions done within and out the company and with money that is involved, a huge acceptance of the new norms can be seen.

I have heard from my parents that their bosses do not really talk with them before. This means that there is more people-people understanding now than before, even if machines were already injected in the business. There are even some stories when a boss marries his/her employees. Businesses become successful with people who aspire to give great contributions on it. Whether it is a big or small business, the people that make it work are factors in the continuity of it. There might be problems within the company but if educated and outspoken people will take care of it, then those conflicts might be cleared.

We must always keep in mind that even if we have different perspectives in life, we must follow by the set of rules provided to us by the company in order to make us deserve our positions. Let not the old beliefs ruin the link between people matter. Good relationship and camaraderie must still be seen in a world where not only money talks, but also people.

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