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Business Exam 2-Ch 6

Management is a process
or coordinating resources to achieve objectives
managers need adequate____ resources to pay for essential activities
all of the following are typical resources that must be acquired by each organization in the pursuit of its objectives except
laws and regulations
managers need adequate___ resources to pay for essential activities.
____ make decisions about the use of an organization’s resources and are concerned with planning, organizing leading, and controlling the organization’s activities.
If a manager is analyzing several methods for obtaining the money needed to expand operations, she is involved with which of the following resources?
determining an organization’s objectives and deciding how to accomplish them are part of the management function known as
why is monitoring the consequences of decisions important?
without it, the consequences of decisions may not be apparent quickly enough
all of the following are functions of management except
forecasting is most closely associated with
the type of planning conducted on a long-range basis by top managers is usually called
dividing work into small units and assigning it to individuals are tasks related to
June and Jerry have just finished interviewing four candidates who want to work for Jack’s Office Supply, Inc. They are involved in which of the following management functions?
giving people incentives to achieve objectives relates to the management function of
when harold pointed out to his supervisor that the furniture assemblers at their manufacturing plant were using 20 percent more nails than in the preceding month, he was involved in
The first step in the control process is to
measure the actual performance
decisions regarding adding new products, acquiring companies, and moving into foreign markets would most typically be made by
top management
___ are responsible for tactical planning that will implement the general guidelines established by top management.
middle managers
___ are responsible for tactical planning that will implement the general guidelines established by top management.
middle managers
Production and operations managers are concerned with
transforming resources into products
a person in charge of designing production facilities, purchasing supplies, and ensuring that products meet quality standards is probably a
production and operations manager
the development of a performance-appraisal system is primarily the concern of
human resources management
developing and monitoring advertising and promotion efforts of a company would most likely involve the ___managers.
Jayden has been put in charge of a group of new employees. He has told them they must perform their duties in the exact manner and order that he has commanded, with no exceptions. Jayden is using
autocratic leadership
When melissa allows her employees to do their work with little interference, her leadership style is
free rein
Michael met with all of his department heads to listen to their opinions about buying a new machine. Although they all thought is was a good idea, Michael did not buy the machine because his employees did not think it necessary. Michael’s leadership style is
having good human relations skills means that a manager is able to
work with others
when assessing the appropriateness of a decision option managers should
consider its impact on the organization as a whole
after monitoring the consequences of a decision, management determines that the decision failed to accomplish the desired result. Which of the following is not a possible reason for this failure?
the mathematical management formula was flawed
managers at tidalwave inc. have recognized declining sales on their ABC model product and must make a decision about what to do. Their next step is to
define the situation

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