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In today’s globally competitive business industry, economic instability is very apparent. Records of returns of investments would often show an unpredictable rise and fall in figures, the reason why businesses and companies are finding efficient resorts in order for their industry to thrive. One of the most effective strategies in marketing a certain product is trough advertising through the media. It is undeniable that the media holds a huge factor in influencing the publics’ opinion and perception on certain things that affect their everyday routine.

People have been so dependent on television and radio that we would base it on these media’s weather forecast whether to bring an umbrella or not. Moreover, the products that we use at home are sometimes no longer based on their quality but on the popular celebrity endorser that we see on TV or the visual distortions that we see which makes us think that there is a must for us to immediately purchase a certain product. The Interview conducted: This interview was conducted with a sales supervisor who works under “Colgate-Palmolive Inc.

” The Interviewee requested that his identity be kept confidential to protect his company’s interest. Q: How do you promote your products? A: We

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advertise through television, radio and print. Q: Your company is well-known in the business industry. What are the most effective advertising strategies that made you a hit in the market? A: Well, basically, one of our company’s trademark in advertising is through testimonials by famous endorsers. We pay celebrities to do commercials for our products.

Once people know that their favorite star uses a certain brand, they’ll definitely buy it. Q: How do you know whether who to pick for your commercials? Do you conduct auditions? A: Yes, we sometimes do auditions, but more often, we negotiate with a popular personality basing on his or her suitability with our product’s features. Like if we are trying to market a new shampoo, we try to scout for someone who is popular among our particular target market and we see to it that this person has indeed a great hair to flaunt.

Q: Are the testimonials of these endorsers scripted? Or do you give them time to use your product and make them give a truthful opinion whether they liked it or not? A: Yes, the commercials are scripted, there is in fact a director who sees to it that our products would be promoted nicely. But, before we shoot the vtr, we give ample time for them to test the product before we get them to give a favorable testimonial on air. Basically, celebrities know which brands or companies to choose, they wouldn’t risk their reputation in promoting something with no credibility.

Q: Besides testimonials from popular endorsers, do you have other advertising techniques as to how to make you product very appealing to the public? A: Definitely. We use the services of a really good advertising agency who could pull through a really catchy 15-30 second TV or Radio ad. The whole impact would depend on how it is presented, the storyline, the plot, and of course, the product’s impressive visuals. Q: Speaking of really good visuals, do you sometimes enhance your product’s image just to make appear pleasing? A: Yes, we do.

Q: By doing certain enhancements on your product’s images, do you think that the buyers’ expectations are met when they actually see the product? A: Foremost, we wouldn’t attest to our products’ effectiveness if we have second thoughts about its quality. The main reason that we put it in the market is that we know for a fact that ti’s good to go. There might be some enhancements in product commercials, but its just a marketing strategy, the bottom line is, we have an established company and our products are of the highest quality. Summary of an Observation or Experience

As a person who considers watching television and surfing the internet not only an exquisite way in spending my leisure time but as a huge part of my daily habit, I have recently found out that for several years, I was also a victim of Untruthful Advertising. Ever since I was a kid, I was fond of believing that the beautiful things that I see on television are exactly what I’ll get when I actually buy them. I was wrong. I have proven that more than often, advertisement on products or even services now seem to be too good to be true.

There was this instance when I was with my mom and we were watching a favorite local TV program. We were both engrossed to the show that we were merely blinking, and then came the commercial break. The ad featured a certain popular fast food chain which specializes on burgers and fries. The commercial showed that they are endorsing a new type of burger which had double patties, additional bacon and mushroom toppings, thicker cheese and a whole lot of vegetables. The visuals were magnified and whole burger thing was assembled in such a mouth watering manner that the 15-second ad was enough to make me and my mom starve.

Thinking that it was a must for us to get a hold of that burger the soonest time possible, we both dressed up and headed to the nearest branch of that particular fast food chain, only to find out that the very product that we saw on TV was only as big as our fist and the taste was too bland from too much meat extensions from the double patties. That experience was an eye-opener for me not to always believe in what I see either on television or even in print ads because most advertisers practice visual distortions to gain profit.

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