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Business Logistics Management

Supply chain management is the association of services and distribution channels which functions from procurement of the raw materials to the transformation steps required to process into a final product and its final distribution to the customers (Ganeshan and Harrison, 2005). Cooper (2003) mentions that supply chain of Marks and Spencer is important to visualize the processes which are involved from the idea generation stage to the deliverable component. Proper identification, understanding and analyzing the processes would make sure that better strategies can be devised for innovation.

It largely helps Marks and Spencer to optimize costs and produce quality products and services (Ballou, 2002). It is also important for Marks and Spencer to seamlessly integrate the business process for strategic decision making towards resource utilization and process innovation. Innovation is the identification and improvement of a product or a service for better processing, distribution and optimization of effort, time and money for any organization (Hindu. com, 2008). It is essential for Marks and Spencer for the reasons stated below: It is better chanced to serve customers and make sure to fetch better market segment.

It needs innovation to take effective strategies against the resources that fetch them business continuity and cut down

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their costs. Innovation with SCM would help Marks and Spencer to grow with the dynamic information driven world and embrace changes for managing its business better and fill its objective at a large scale. (Claudio, 2006) Answer: 4 The Rolling Stones have revolutionized the concept of announcing music and stage events over the internet. The streaming facility at their website has ensured better management of their resources for people of the globe.

Online selling model of their music videos and songs have received huge response and have created a new concept of sharing original media of their copyright. The information technologies that have been deployed in this arrangement are streaming music over the internet using their video server, selling music using an ecommerce application and enabling better ways of purchasing their merchandise through their website is a concept that generated huge response and created a virtual world of internet streaming on-demand (Rolling Stones. com, 2009).

They have combined multimedia and ensured a Business to Customer (B2C) model for direct sale of their merchandise through their website. Answer: 5 Dell was an early and enthusiastic convert to the Internet, creating its first web site in 1994 and moving many of its business activities to the Internet ahead of its competitors. (Kraemer & Dedrick, 2004) The company witnessed that its direct model gave it a lead in selling online. Unlike indirect vendors such as Apple, IBM, HP and Compaq, Dell did not have to worry about channel conflict with resellers and distributors when it began selling online.

Also its build-to-order manufacturing processes were already in place, making it easy to offer customers the opportunity to configure products online just as they already did on the telephone. According to (Kador, 2005) “Dell is a perfect example of how the web has added another value-added retail channel. ” Dell represents a new breed of retailers; changing the way business is conducted online with their business to consumer model (B2C. ) It is a virtual reseller, one of the main new intermediaries (Sarkar, 2004).

They are an electronic-commerce only intermediary; business and customer relationship management (CRM) is conducted purely via their website. Dell have created a virtualised value system through their accelerated ordering, delivery and payment of goods and services, while reducing operating and inventory costs. They have access to global markets, economies of scale and the ability to personalise. As a virtual merchant, their products are suited to the Internet, their business models remain a source of differentiation (Armstrong, 2006).

The use of its direct model was impossible without the use of information technology as the connection of the company with its suppliers and manufacturers was an impossible task without exploiting technology. Answer: 6 Nordea’s enthusiastic convert to the internet has enabled a large number of resources to be managed well and ensure that all the various challenges towards security and ubiquity is well measured. The primary objective of its ecommerce model was to provide a standard interface and transparency of its business operations and evaluations to its employees.

Accessibility: This formed a major objective of Nordea and enriched the very idea of usability. The various regions would be catered and all the customers would make good of it. Wide accessibility would fetch larger customer base and would generate greater revenue in the process. Fulfilling a need: The website would bring close all the prospective users who always desired checking their balances and new promotional products and services in the way. The other products of the bank namely the mutual funds, demat accounts, credit card accounts and fixed and floating deposits and many others can be availed through it.

Suitable business where opportunities are large to spread globally. Create in turn job opportunities around the website, for example employees to maintain website, delivery centers, purchase clerks and many more. The other organizations would take the Nordea’s convert to the internet in a challenging way to measure up the various electronic facilities that are provided by the internet. The various ecommerce facilities of Nordea has digitized their operations and enabled them to function better in creating a transparency for their operations.

Any organization wishing to replicate Nordea’s vision would not only live the digital dream of Nordea, but at the same time open up various opportunities for growth and development. Answer: 7 A low budget organization named Take-a-Break is to compete with a giant AI sandwich. The marketing information required by Take-a-Break would be of various forms from customer’s dynamically changing preferences to supplier dynamics, manufacturers pricing to competitive pricing in the market.

The existing business processes require an efficient system to record the sales, perform some intelligent data mining for deriving some knowledge out of the database of large sales values (Take-a-Break. com, 2009). The competitive pricing in the market for their products must be easily determinable by them so that Take-a-Break Snacks is able to work out a competitive strategy for determining the price of their products and enable better synchronization of price with prevailing prices in the market.

The prices of the competitors would be taken care for measuring up the various customer strengths and demands. A better and innovative approach for competing with Al’s Sandwich would be to focus on total innovation and look of their products. Enormous resources of Al’s Sandwich is definitely a disadvantage to them, however innovation is a qualitative factor which can be an element of success for Take-a-Break. Answer: 8 The price of products and services would make a subsequent strategy for international marketing mix to manage.

The various pricing objectives would ensure better identification of the customers spending perspective, their economies of scale, market demand for the products, psychological aspects of framing the marketing strategy in the international market and various other objectives for growth and development. Identifying pricing strategies for products of Dell have ensured better understanding of the economies of scale and ensuring better sale of its products.

Dell’s objective was to ensure that its products are for every mind of users and enable better design for all pockets around the world.


Armstrong, A. & Hagel , J (2006). The Real Value of On-line Communities, Harvard Business Review, pp. 134-141. Ballou, R. H (2002). Business Logistics Management, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Third Edition. Cooper, M. C. , and L. M. Ellram (2003). Characteristics of Supply Chain Management and the Implications for Purchasing and Logistics Strategy. The International Journal of Logistics Management, 4, 2, 13-24.

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