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Business management course

Networking events is a venue for different people to make new connections that will make their career or business prosper. Good networking events are a combination of good venue, activities and marketing. I once had a chance to attend a small business summit, a networking event sponsored by One Business Club International. They introduced themselves as an international networking platform that has members from different countries in the world.

This means that members of the club do not only have the capability of communicating in the country where they are residing but the opportunity of expanding their business and careers in any place around the globe. The summit presented many activities and discussions. Global network and business networking are the major focus of the event. They also presented the free business support provided by the different local government. The most important part of the summit is the networking itself, where many non-members are given the chance to meet new business owners, enthusiast and experts.

I have the chance to share some insights and got some expert advice from a group of entrepreneurs. A representative from Bloomer Heaven shared the importance of accountancy and the recent legislation on small business. Other members of the group shared their experience of how they managed to survived and prosper in their business. As I am planning to take a business management course, this event opens my eyes on the importance of properly managing business no matter how small it is. All in all, this networking event is to be considered a successful one for it created many new business relationships on the attendees.

I also acknowledge the need for planning before attending such networking events. This will make the event more helpful to you. Among the right things to do are: 1) have a good first impression to other business people, 2) make the first move, 3) research and preparation and 4) setting goals to achieve. Reference “How to Hold a Successful Networking Event. ” National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Retrieved April 8, 2009 @ http://www. naifa. org/benefits/yat/documents/yatnetworking. pdf