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Business Management Ethics Essay


Good interpersonal behavior is the key to a successful business. The management and the employees should engage in effective interpersonal skills that will enable them to run the operations of the company in a competent way that is in accordance to business ethics. The CEO/managers of the company should stipulate strategies that will allow interpersonal skills to be implemented in the organization. In the Cypress Semiconductor Corporation the CEO does not conduct his role as a leader of the organization since he neglects the managerial business ethics while performing his duties.

This highly affects the reputation of the company and the top management team together with members of executive support staff are forced to review his behavior. The shareholders and prominent investors of the company are complaining and giving warnings of withdrawing their resources and support from the company if the problem is not solved. As the vice president of the investor relation I have undertaken the task of challenging the board of governs to evaluate the behavior of Mr. Rodgers as this is not the first time he is breaking business ethics which is negatively conceived by the public.


Businesses have principles that govern their behavior, morals and way of operation to prevent misconduct or neglect of the important business fundamentals. The world of today emphasizes the implementation of good ethical behavior from companies. It requires the management team and the subordinate staff members to highly execute their tasks in accordance to the agreed business ethics. Managers of businesses are under the directive of the Chief Executive officer and are answerable to their heed. Failure by the CEO to govern the business according to the stipulated business ethics and highly advocate adherence to the business ethics will be displayed in the tasks performed by the managers and replicated in the working environment of the subordinate team members.

Therefore the selected CEO of a company should be of high integrity, qualified, competent and well versed with good managerial communications skills that are among the agreed business ethics. This will enable the organization of the company to be well planned and delegation of activities to be fairly distributed according to the ability and qualifications of the workforce. The relationship between the management team members and the team members and the relationship between the team members will be good resulting to creation of an environment that is conducive to the preference of every member of the company (Orourke, 2006).

Management Ethics

Management ethics were implemented in the 1960s to help discipline business leaders and enable them to address any obstacle faced by the company in the most rationale way. The concept of defining what is wrong and right by leaders and managers of an organization helps them to be able to surpass any crisis, conflict or query that faces the company without going against their strong hold on morals. Most CEO and managers of companies fail to implement guidelines that guide their moral behavior too assist them to conduct their roles as leaders of an organization in the accepted and anticipated manner.

This in return adversely affects the overall performance of the company as it may result to withdrawal of investors and shareholders who are the financial block of the company. Customers may also not want to be associated with the company as their interpersonal desires are not fulfilled and the overall quality of the product being provided by the company may be poor. The interrelation of the company with people outside the boundary of their country may be spoiled as the company carries a bad record and reputation. The working environment in the company will also not be spared as the element of trust and loyalty between the management and the employees will not be cropped up.

Thus any information passed across maybe wrongfully interpreted, leading to development of conflicts that are not beneficial to the company. The work out put of the employees will decrease resulting to poor performance of the company and reduction in its profit margin (Orourke, 2006).

Management in Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation is a high technology corporation which produces computing chips. The organization is well versed with the technology thus has development opening branches in America and internationally. The main headquarter of the company is located at Palo Alto, California. The company being a corporation has a well defined organizational structure that outlines the hierarchy of the company. Mr. Rodgers is the Chief Executive officer, under the directive of a board of directors.

The CEO has selected mangers to help him run the organization by relying on the information pertaining to the performance and work culture of the company given to him by the managers to be able to extensively play his role. Mr. Rodgers is very qualified and satisfies the education qualifications of the company’s KSAOs, but he is not competent thus not the ideal CEO of an international company that intends to further grow so as to develop its branches locally and internationally. This is because Mr. Rodgers is not well versed with effective management communication which is required to enable him to implement management ethics that are stipulated into the organizational structure of the company.

His lack of competence is depicted in the way he handles criticism directed to his company. He has a bad reputation of using provocative language to keep away his critics. For instance in the reply letter he sent back to sister Doris where he tells her to get down from her moral horse and when he reproached the  critics who advocated the company to support the immigrants. He also overlooked the initiative the federal agents took in supporting the high technology industries which aid in the development of the country.

He is also seen to be discriminative as he works with a certain group of people, this is depicted in the letter sent by Sister Doris requesting for implementation of qualified women and those considered to be the minority in the society into the board of directors of the company. This further stipulates the discrimination the company portrays against the community, as inclusion of women and the minority into the board of directors will enable them to fight for the needs of the community.

This mishap calls for the attention of the management team, executive support staff members and the investors advisory board to act before the situation gets out of hand leading to bankruptcy of an international company. The arrogant behavior of the CEO should be put to check by dismissing him from his duties or taking firm disciplinary action against him (Orourke, 2006).


To be able to satisfy the sophisticated needs of the mature market that the 21st century has seen develop, business ethics should be implemented and followed to book by organizations. The CEO/managers of the companies should stop misguiding themselves by perceiving the functions that they emulate in the fundamental operations of the company as immune to these business ethics. Employment of individuals should be improved to enable formulation of staffing strategies that will cater for employment of the required quality and quantity of staff members of the company.

To enhance leadership qualities in managers/CEO the desired virtues should be nurtured from school so that they can be instilled into the interpersonal qualities of the prospective leaders as they grow. Seminars that elaborate and educate members of a company on business ethics should be enacted into the business programs. This will result to the growth of a company that adheres to morals stipulated by business ethics winning the favor of many people; investors, shareholders, customers and the government. This will increase the sales of the company resulting to a growth in the profit margin of the company.

Reference List

Orourke, S. J. (2006). Management Communication.

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