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Business Management Final Review

In an organizational chart for a company, training will generally fall under what division?
human resources
When Boeing recently produced its latest airplane, the Boeing 787, parts of the plane were manufactured by a firm in Italy, other parts were manufactured by a firm in Wichita, Kansas, and all of the elements of the plane were shipped to Everett, Washington, where the final assembly was completed. This is an example of a ________ organization.
Which is NOT a primary function of management?
Which of these falls directly under the responsibility of first-line managers?
day-to-day operations
Diane Pollock was recently promoted to middle management based on her excellent interpersonal skills. These skills help her because one of the primary roles of a middle manager is to ________.
act as a liaison among different groups in the company
A network organization is an emerging business structure in which ________ collaborate
a group of companies
When Ford Motor Company formed management groups around areas of specific production, it was using a(n) ________ organization structure.
What represents the highest level of planning in an organization?
strategic planning
In Maslow’s hierarchy, the need for water, food, and sleep are classified as ________ needs.
GlobeTrekkers, Inc. has employees all over the world. Employees have face-to-face meetings on occasion, but they communicate with each other mostly via conference call, email, and webcasts. These employees ________.
form a virtual team
The Q12 identified Sarah as an employee who is not engaged. According to the Q12, which of the following statements is MOST LIKELY TRUE?
Sarah makes little contribution to the company
Yoshi is charged with the task of forming a high-functioning work team. To accomplish this task, he must consider all of the following EXCEPT ________.
how other teams in his company were created
According to Vroom’s model, which psychological force answers the question, “How great a reward will there be if my performance is exemplary?”
American Girl, Inc. manufactures dolls with a variety of hair, eye, and skin colors as well as a variety of hairstyles. Consumers are able to choose the combination of features that meet their needs. The doll is then manufactured according to the customer requirements. American Girl, Inc. must use ________.
mass customization
Jeff is part of his company’s production management team. His team is responsible for doing all of the following EXCEPT ________.
identifying business prospects that his firm will pursue
The Six Sigma approach to quality control ________.
finds potential problems early to prevent recurrence
Which quality control approach involves inspecting a random sample of products at every phase of production?
statistical process control
Marketing departments do NOT serve which of the following functions?
determine what products to produce and what products not to produce
The marketing concept changed the focus from finding the right customer for a product to producing the right product for a customer and doing it better than the competition by specifically focusing on all of the following EXCEPT ________.
creating one product designed to meet the needs of all customers
When competition for customers became more intense during the sales era, businesses began to ________.
undertake aggressive sales tactics to “push” their products
Organizational structure depends on a variety of factors NOT including ________.
the location(s) of business operations
To make good decisions, a successful manager must be able to think abstractly in order to picture the organization as a whole and to understand its relationship to the rest of the business community. In other words, the manager must have ________.
conceptual skills
Tasty Pastry Bakery Shop is having problems with its sticky buns. The bottoms are burning and the customers are complaining. Management has identified the problem and is looking into possible alternative solutions. They could change the recipe and reduce the sugar, which burns quickly. They could change the type of pan they are using. They could lower the temperature of the oven. They have tried changing the type of pan from steel cookie sheets to glass pans; however, the buns are still burning. What should they do now?
try reducing the amount of sugar or lowering the temperature
Which of the following best defines McClelland’s need for achievement?
It is the need to accomplish something difficult on one’s own
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a good team setting for group flow?
sitting at round tables and using individual notepads
Johanna decides she is bored with her current job and is ready to quit. She wants to take some time off and then look for a new job in a different city. Her coworker tells Johanna to check the company handbook to make sure her reasons for quitting are acceptable. Johanna knows this is not necessary because of the legal doctrine, ________.
employment at will
For her psychology project, Melissa has decided to study the production levels of cooks at a local fast food restaurant. She expects the cooks in her study group to outperform the cooks in her control group because of ________.
the Hawthorne effect
Which of the following is the BEST example of an employee in a flow state?
Diana feels in control of her job situation, which often leads to her producing her best work
Veronica is reentering the workforce after years away caring for her elderly parents. She is making many assumptions about today’s workplace. Which of Veronica’s assumptions is FALSE?
Women receive pay equal to their male counterparts
Phishing is MOST OFTEN used to ________.
steal credit card numbers
Steve has a new job as a data warehouse specialist. He has attended formal classes at the local university and informal classes provided by his employer in order to learn the skills required by his new job. Steve also has learned job skills by performing them during the workday. Steve has experienced a(n) ________.
apprentice training program
Kyle has just accepted a job as an accountant for a large firm. He is deaf, so his employer is expected to accommodate Kyle’s needs with some modified telephone equipment. These reasonable accommodations are legislated under the ________.
Americans with Disabilities Act
Retro Inc. wanted to reduce the amount of supplies it had on hand at any given time to the minimum required. To accomplish this goal, it implemented a ________ system.
Which of the following is NOT a primary source of data?
accounting records
Yoshiko owns a greeting card store and recently hired a new daytime clerk. The new clerk is learning job skills by performing them under Yoshiko’s informal direction. Yoshiko is conducting a(n) ________.
on-the-job training program
Goals are broad accomplishments that an organization wants to achieve within a certain time frame; in most companies this is about _______.
five years
The California Nurses Association was formed to negotiate the unique salary needs and working hour structures of direct-care nurses with the hospitals in which they work. The CNA is an example of a ________.
labor union
Recently, negotiations between a local housepainters union and their employer came to an impasse. The employer felt he had a legitimate position in the negotiations and refused to allow union member painters from entering the premises. This is called a ________.
Which statement about a Theory Y management style is FALSE?
People mainly want security in their jobs
Yvette was recently hired as a restaurant manager for McDonald’s and must attend classes at Hamburger University. This is an example of ________.
Which of the following is the BEST example of how technology supports ethical conduct in hospitals?
Technology allows employees to report their mistakes without risking disciplinary action
What is MOST important for cloud computing?
Which of the following is a function of a company’s IT department?
managing the use of mobile computing
Jesse works for a canning factory that creates soda cans for distribution. His job is to move identically filled boxes from the end of the production line to the shipping area. He is one of only thirty employees at the factory because most of the work is done by machines. Which type of production does Jesse’s company use?
mass production
A group of companies that band together to purchase goods or services is called a(n) ________.
procurement exchange
Ben receives an email purporting to be from his bank, advising him that new passwords are being distributed. The email asks him to enter his current password, as well as other personal information. Ben sends the requested information and then notices the next day that funds have been withdrawn from his account without his knowledge or consent. Upon contacting the bank, Ben learns that the original email was a fraud. Ben is a victim of ________.
Which of the following tools is NOT used to retain customers in order to stimulate future sales of similar or supplementary products?
heavy public advertising
The quality initiative that is statistically based, proactive, long-term and designed to look at the overall business process to prevent problems is called ________.
Six Sigma
The unit in a company that is most often responsible for the hardware components, software programs, and networking strategies of a business organization is ________.
information technology
According to Maslow, which need are people striving to satisfy when they seek to maximize their own potential?

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