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Business – McDonald’s Essay

Every production focused company brings certain risks for its employees which can even endanger their lives if the workers are not trained properly to handle the equipment or production processes. The company I’ve selected is McDonalds where certain jobs bring considerable risk to the well-being of the employees.

The most dangerous job at the company is the one which requires preparing the fast food in the huge machines to provide quick delivery to the customers. The machines used for preparing the food are huge and deep fryers, and grills which are kept at extremely high temperatures all the time. Moreover, the employees are asked to work at a high speed with these dangerous equipments in order to serve the customers as fast as possible (Pothukuchi, 2001).

The equipments filled with boiling oil accompanied by the speed of the work leads to a number of accidents in the kitchen. A slip of arm can cause the hands to end up in the boiling fryers which results in burn scars especially at the lower end of the arms. This is a dangerous task since the huge quantity of boiling oil is dangerous to the lives of the workers working in the kitchen. The process

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requires pulling the burger or any other fast food item off the grill with the help of a spatula and then handling the hot food item with bare fingers in order to dry it. Therefore, preparing the food in the kitchen is considered to be the most dangerous job at McDonalds since it involves huge oil boilers, heated grills and deep fryers (Perman, 2009).

The employees at the restaurant preparing the food become informed of this dangerous risk when they join the kitchen and are taught to prepare the food. Those who feel that the working conditions are unsafe are free to quit but those who continue willingly accept the risk and continue preparing the food in the dangerous machines (Royle, 2001a). All employees have a right to safe working condition according to the labor laws and it is the duty of the company to provide safe working conditions to their employees.

If the equipment involved is dangerous then the employees should be provided with necessary training and protective clothing which minimizes the risks of the fryers, grills and boilers. However, the uniform doesn’t include any protective clothing for the workers who continue working in the unsafe environment of the kitchen. Moreover, minimum training is provided to the workers due to which accidents are very common in the kitchen. This is against the rights of the employees and action can be taken against the concerned company for not adequately fulfilling their duties (Royle, 2001b).

The huge risk involved in preparing the food at McDonalds is completely unreasonable and unacceptable since it endangers the lives of the employees who become a victim of frequent burnings and other accidents. It not acceptable that the employees risk their lives for the sake of earning few bucks and the company should act responsibly towards its employees.

McDonalds has been considered a socially responsibly fast food chain company but the company is not only responsible towards the society but also towards its employees who hold a strategic place in the success of the restaurant. The danger to which employees are exposed in the kitchen is unreasonable and the management should be approached for making the working conditions at the restaurant safer for the employees (Talwar, 2003).


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