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Business Midterm 2

T/F: The process of managing inventories to minimize both holding costs and potential stock-out costs is called inventory control
Operations control includes all of the following except
basic research
In a service industry such as a package carrier, the ____ of the conversion process is usually small or none at all.
A Boeing factory in Everett, Washington, manufactures 787 Dreamliner jet aircraft. What type of layout is most likely in this factory?
Fixed position
During the process of operational planning, management must compare market demand with
Given that ABC is dedicated to operations control, the management must have incorporated all of these aspects of operations control except
T/F: When compared to manufacturing resource planning (MRP II), enterprise resource planning (ERP) is more sophisticated and can even monitor inventory at a supplier’s location.
An industrial company contacts Caterpillar to design a specific type of equipment for use in its manufacturing facility. If Caterpillar accepts this offer, the two companies will have to create a set of specifications from which the product can be made. This process is called
product design
The period of time over which an operational plan will be in effect is known as a
Planning Horizon
Purina has a new product idea to create a cat food that will give cats more energy and allow them to live longer. Management appoints a team to convert this cat food idea into an actual product. This process is called
design planning
T/F: When using PERT, the critical path is the sequence of production activities that takes the longest time from start to finish.
Which of the following is not a possible cause of only a small increase in America’s recent productivity growth rate?
Increased investment in new equipment
To ensure that work flows according to schedules, operations managers use a procedure called
follow up
During the period after World War II, the United States was the most productive country in the world for approximately ____ years.
T/F: The cost of running out of inventory is referred to as a holding cost.
The major resource or resources that comprise the major input for a conversion process is often referred to as the
When a lumber company takes timber and converts it into lumber, cardboard, and other paper products, the company is using
an analytical process
The examination of work in process for the purpose of controlling quality is called
T/F: Automation is characterized by low initial costs and high operating costs.
T/F: Texaco uses a synthetic process when it refines crude oil
T/F: An FMS combines computer-related software and hardware into the service sector organizations.
The ____ is the sequence of production activities that takes the longest time from the beginning until completion.
Critical Path
For ABC, using the Baldrige award criteria could result in all of the following except
Form Utility
However, his excitement was overshadowed by the ____ cost resulting from lost sales that his division would suffer.
T/F: In supplier selection, the main idea is to find the highest-quality materials available.
When considering the conversion process, human resources in the form of hair stylists and cosmetologists are the ____ for a beauty salon.
T/F: An analytical process breaks raw materials into different component parts.
T/F: The Employee Retirement Income Security Act passed in 1974 requires firms to provide a retirement plan for their employees
T/F: Human resources planning and recruiting are two of the activities carried out during the development phase of human resources management.
All of the following are examples of employee benefits except
an end of the year bonus
A government agency has assigned a staff member to investigate complaints about employment discrimination at Shadows and Sun, Inc. The staff person probably works for the
One organization carefully observes candidates’ mannerisms, another uses gut feelings, and still another compares the candidates’ grade point averages when making a ____ decision.
T/F: Job analysis is the list of qualifications required to perform a particular job.
Universal Dynamics Corporation recently was awarded a $150,000 federal contract. Thus, the government requires the corporation to engage in affirmative action related to
Recruitment and Selection
Two useful tools for estimating the supply of needed human resources are the
replacement chart and skills inventory
HRSI hopes that all companies can downsize simply by attrition, a word that, in this context, refers to
people leaving the company
T/F: Subjective appraisal methods use some measurable quantity, such as dollar volume of sales, as the basis for assessing performance.
T/F: No federal law forbids age discrimination against people younger than 40.
Maintaining human resources involves which of the following?
The three types of performance feedback interviews are tell-and-listen, tell-and-sell, and
Problem Solving
T/F: OSHA is charged with enforcing Title VII
Critics of comparable worth argue that
the market has determined the worth of certain female-dominated jobs
Verizon employees who sell cellular phones and calling plans are evaluated based on their total sales per hour worked. This is a(n) ____ appraisal method.
The development phase of human resources management consists of two important activities: (1) training and development (2) and
appraising performance
Herzberg recognized only two dimensions:
Motivation and Hygiene
Which of the following is an example of Herzberg’s motivation factors?
To retain its key middle managers and to reduce the effect of a bank closure on its incomes, EastWest Bank has established a two-year severance pay package. Theoretically, the bank is motivating employees to stay with the company through
Negative reinforcement
A manager who believes that employee motivation depends on how much we want something and on how likely we think we are to get it is using
Vroom’s expectancy theory.
As the employees form teams at GRI, they should know that each person’s role within the group starts to become apparent during the ____ stage of team development
T/F: Frederick W. Taylor made his most significant contribution to management practice by his involvement with the Hawthorne studies
Jon has the chance to be promoted into a higher paid management position if he exceeds his goals in his current position. Thus, he has high ____. He loves the company and is excited about the new position opportunity. Thus, he also has high ____.
motivation; morale
All of the following are examples of Herzberg’s motivation factors except
working conditions
According to Ouchi, American industry is dominated by ____ firms. These firms emphasize short-term employment, individual decision making and responsibility, rapid evaluation and promotion, explicit control, and specialized career paths
Type A
The Hawthorne studies showed that ____ are equal to salary motivation
Human Factors
According to Theory X by McGregor, managers assume that employees
dislike work and need to be controlled.
The need for self-actualization concerns an employee’s desire for
becoming the best there is.
IBM, Eastman Kodak, and Hewlett-Packard are organizations that emphasize long-term employment, collective decision making, individual responsibility for the outcomes of decisions, and moderately specialized career paths. These companies are examples of ____ firms.
type z
T/F: According to the hierarchy of needs concept, people satisfy their needs in order of importance.
What is the main weakness of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory?
They do not explain why or how motivation is developed and sustained.
All of the following are examples of hygiene factors that can cause dissatisfaction except
T/F: Goal-setting theory suggests that employees are more likely to experience a high degree of motivation when management assigns a series of specific goals for the employee to achieve.

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