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Likewise, the students can only enrol RM2/Bplan 2 If they have passed RM1/Bplan 1. The business plan of students shall be based on their interest and capability to raise the required financial capitalization. The business proposal must be unique and can be proven viable and implementable the following semester’s. II. Lecture Series Students shall attend their regular lecture series that shall consist of topics on the parts of the business plan specified below. The department’s business plan standard format: b. d.

Company Profile Nature of Product/Services being offered Size and Growth Trend of the Market Make-up and Background of the Management Team Financing Requirements Key Projections ( Sales, Gross Profits, Income) Section 2 – Business Description Vision Mission Firm Description Business History Proposed Legal Form of Business * Proposed entry strategy/time line of events * Description of Products/Services Section 3 – Market Analysis . Industry Description b. Industry Competition c. Barriers to Entry d. SWOT Analysts e.

Target Market ( Size, Segment, Growth and Demographics) Section 4 – Marketing Plan a. e. g. Geographical Areas to be served Products/Services Strategy Pricing Strategy Channels of Distribution Positioning and Branding IMC Strategy Customer Relationship Management Section 5 – Operations Plan a. Production/ Operations b.

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Facilities and Lay-out c. Quality Policy d. Inventory Management and Control e. Corporate Social Responsibility Section 6- Management Team a. Background and Primary responsibilities of the management team Personnel/Organizational Structure c. Job Description/ Job Specification d.

Form of Ownership External Risks Internal Risks c. Insurance Provisions d. Contingency Plans Section 8 – Financial Plan * h. Financial Assumptions Three-year Financial Projections Sales Schedule Cost of Goods Schedule Financial Analysis Test of Profitability Test of Liquidity Test of Stability Return on Investment Payback Period Break-even Analysis Sources of Financing the Project Appendix * Reviews by independent firms, publications, citations Questionnaires used to collect data * Demand and supply study * Resumes of management Team and technical key advisers

Promotional brochures, paraphernalia * Lease Contract/Legal Documents * Partnership Agreement ( if applicable) Ill. Course Professor The lecture series will be conducted and handled by a competent faculty member with adequate knowledge and experience in business planning. He/ She shall also serve as the course adviser of the students pertaining to the prescribed format of the business plan specified in this MOP. As such, he/she shall also be responsible in the screening and approval of business ideas of the business groups.

His/her other responsibilities pertain to submission of documentary requirements: Business Advisers’ Grade, Business Adviser’s Acceptance and Consultation Form (with the agreed schedule) the Final Grade of students. groups. Ensure proper endorsement to the advisee for proper documentation. As course professor, he/she shall be paid the regular rate for a regular class. ‘V. Grading System RMI – Business Plan Writing and RM2 – Business Plan Implementation shall follow the enumerated grading system.

RMI – Business Plan Writing 30% – Quizzes and Class Standing (Attendance, Seatwork, Researches, Class Behavior, and Other Outputs required by the subject professor) 30% – Business Plan Advisers’ Grade 40% – Oral Defesce 00% Note: RMI must have written quizzes or equivalent to Chapter requirements V. Business Plan Advisers Students shall be given a set of business plan advisers. The advisers will be composed of faculty members from the College of Business Administration and Accountancy. Their duties and responsibilities shall be the following: 1 .

Assists the students in understanding the rudiments of research. 2. Reviews and evaluated the survey questionnaire. Ensure that the business plans of the students are anchored on products 3. that are innovative, creative and viable. 4. Provide sound advice according to their expertise and specialization. . Guide business plan groups or students in the completion and implementation of their business plans. 6. Rate the actions and decisions of the business groups or students all through out the process. 7. Observes submission deadlines like the Midterm and Final Grade. 8.

Meets the advisees on a regular basis as conformed and indicated in the consultation form. 9. Guides students in sentence construction and grammar structure. 10. Conducts mock defense if necessary. 11. May serve as panel members during the Business Plan Oral Defense that shall be determined by the program chairmen and approved by the Dean. The advisers are expected to provide not only sound advice to ensure a well- integrated or cohesive business plan. final upon the approval of the Dean. They will finalize the list of advisers and disseminate the information to all concerns.

In case of disagreement between adviser and advisees, the program chair has the final decision to settle any discrepancy. VI. General Guidelines in the Selection of Business Plan Advisers The following will be the general guidelines in the selection and number of groups can be assigned to business plan advisers. 1 . An academic and non-academic staff can be assigned as Business Plan Adviser rovided he/she has at least a master’s degree. 2. An academic and non-academic staff can be assigned as Business Plan Adviser if he has attended the research seminars provided by the Colegio and by the department. . A full-time academic staff of the department may be given 8 advisory groups only. 4. A full-time academic staff of the department may be given additional 2 advisory groups (maximum) provided the program chairman has fully Justified the need and upon approval of the dean. 5. A part-time faculty of the department may be given advisory groups if he has the academic requirements and has attended a research eminar from reputable institutions in the last five years. 6. A part-time faculty of the department may be given a maximum of 5 advisory groups only in consideration of his time availability. . Non-academic staff may be given a maximum of five advisory groups only. 8. Non-academic staff may not be given additional advisory groups in consideration of their staff functions. 9. Non-academic staff may be given advisory groups provided that his/her department head gave him/her approval. 10. Fair distribution of the advisory groups should be followed in the selection and assignment of business plan advisers. 11. The program chairman and dean cannot be given business plan advisory groups in any given situation. 12.

The program chairmen screen and suggest to the dean the business plan advisers under their program in a matrix format. 13. The dean approves and communicates the final list of business plan advisers to the office of the vice president for academic affairs and the financial affairs office for proper documentation and notification. VI’. Duties and Responsibilities of Business Plan Groups / Students As partial fulfilment of the requirements to the degree, CBAA students are required to write and implement a business plan. Specifically, the student is expected to fulfill the following duties and responsibilities. . Strictly follow the consultation schedules they set with their adviser at the start of the semester. 2. The students are expected to discuss intelligently with their advisers the merit of their contentions during their meetings deadlines / appointments set by the advisers and/or program chairmen. The students have the responsibility to notify their program chair regarding any changes in their business plan, business plan adviser, and group members for proper guidance. VIII. Qualification and Selection of the Panel Members for the Business Plan Oral

Presentation and Defence Only qualified individuals with proper credentials can seat as panel members in the business plan oral presentation and defense of the students taking up RMI – Business Plan. 1 . The academic members of the department can seat as panel members in the business plan oral presentation and defense if they have at least master’s degree. 2. The academic members of the department can seat as panel members based on their field of expertise. 3. An academic member of the department who is a Certified Public Accountant but no master’s degree may seat as panel member by virtue of his expertise in accountancy. A non-academic staff of the Colegio may seat as panel member provided he/she has the required academic qualifications. 5. The non-academic staff of the Colegio may seat as panel member upon the approval of his/her department head. 6. An industry expert can seat as panel member provided they have the required academic requirement (MBA)/ or corporate managerial expertise. 7. A panel group shall be composed of 3 members: 1 accountant, 1 marketing expert and 1 management expert. oral defense. 8. A panel member can be given a maximum of 8 groups only in the 9.

Ordinarily, the program chairmen and the Dean may not seat s panel members in the oral defence since they are in-charge of coordinating the oral defense activities. of the final revisions. 10. The panel member’s recommendation is the basis 11. The dean can seat as panel member. ‘X. Defense Fee / RM Fee A reasonable amount shall be charged to students in business plan writing to cover the following expenses: Business Plan Advisers’ Fee The Business Plan Advisers shall receive professional consultancy fee from the department.

The Business Plan Adviser will receive their professional consultation fee after submission of the final copy of the business plan of their advisory groups. The dean determines the professional consultancy fee of the Business Plan Advisers. In case of Incomplete Grade, the student/s shall shoulder the honorarium of the Adviser for extra hours rendered beyond the school term. The panel members for the business plan presentation and oral defense shall be paid for their rendered expertise at the end of the oral defense date. The dean determines the amount of the oral defense fee to be received by the panel members.

The program chairmen prepares the budget for the business plan advisers, panel members, materials, supplies, and other costs related to the activities. They also have the responsibility to liquidate all the expenses at least 1 week after the completion of the activities. X’. Submission of Business Plan 1. The business groups or students are required to submit 3 copies of the Business Plan to be defended. 2. The groups are expected to meet the deadline of submission of business plan for oral defense with the endorsement of their advisers. 3.

All business plans must be submitted to the Dean’s Office thru program chairmen two weeks before the scheduled defense for distribution purposes. 4. Only business plans that conform to the standard format/style pecified in this manual shall be accepted for oral defense. 5. Non-submission of business plan before the oral defense is equivalent to FAILED. 6. A group who failed to comply with the final requirements for submission will automatically get a grade of INC. XII. Mechanics of Business Plan Defense 1. The Dean’s Office, announces the date of Business Plan Oral Defense. 2.

The program chairmen are responsible for the posting of the oral defense schedule. 3. The chairman and the panel members of the oral defense should ensure that a wholesome, relaxing and pleasant atmosphere is maintained during the examination. The experience should be a professional business forum and not a confrontational case of business ideas. There should be mutual respect between and among panel members and the examinees. 4. The panel members should have carefully read through and studied the business plan in preparation for intelligent questions during the oral defense. . Questions and comments of the panel members may pertain to the content as well as the format of the business plan. 6. Questions asked by the panel members should be within the business plan being presented by the students. 7. The panel should allow the business groups to xplain their plans and should avoid giving suggestions without giving the examinees the full chance to explain and defend their plan. 8. If the panel suggests a new direction or business idea, full assistance along this line should be extended to the candidates by all the panel members. . The program chairman, business plan adviser, or parent may observe the oral defence of the group. As observers, they should refrain from participating in the oral defense of the group. 10. The students/groups and business plan advisers should avoid familiarity with the panel are not allowed to bring food or any item for the panel members except for product rototype if any. 12. The group may bring corrections of their business plan up to 5 pages only, provided that the addendum shall not alter the business plan entirely.

It shall contain only minor corrections such as change of words, typographical errors and minor additions to the text. However, changes or additions such as financial statements, projections, basis on market demand, change in operational, management, and marketing strategies are not allowed. 13. Students are expected to take down notes particularly major issues which normally are the required revisions by the panel members. 14. The group members of the business plan ay obtain Passed (75% and above) or Failed (below 75%) rating only based on criteria set for the oral defense.

Students will be graded individually and as a group. 15. The business plan groups/students will be given INC. grade if they failed to submit their hard bound copy 16. [manuscript on or before the deadline. 17. Those groups whose business plans FAILED the subject must re-enrol the course. 18. Each group / individual will be given a maximum of 45 minutes for the oral defence. The breakdown of which is as follows: * 5 minutes for the presentation of the summary * 30-35 minutes for the defense proper 5 minutes for the deliberation 19.

The entire defense should not last more than one (1) hour. XIII. Mock Defense Advisers are encouraged to subject their advisees to a mock defense so as to prepare the students well for the actual educational exercises. XIV. Criteria / Grading System Each student/group will be graded on the following during the Business Plan Oral Defense: Individual Criteria Working knowledge on the business plan 30% Ability to defend position logically 20% Ability to answer Clarity of presentation of ideas Business Plan organization & format Composure and physical appearance Group Criteria

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