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Business Proposal, Effective Recruitment Essay

The course of action include eight steps namely work force planning developing job analysis and pacification, identifying sources of recruitment, promoting the recruitment process, identifying and training recruiters, planning interview and selection process, providing orientation and training program to new employees and finally measuring the returns on the investment. This research puts forward four recommendations. First the companies should conduct work force analysis frequently.

Secondly, Companies must provide proper training to the recruiters, and also should develop appropriate training and orientation program to new employees. Next, the Companies should maintain good relationship with schools and recruitment agencies. At last, companies must employ modern technologies to increase the Return on Investment Introduction The recruitment process of most of the companies is too poor and Inefficient to meet the demands of the companies. In most of the companies the recruitment fails to anticipate the workforce needs leading to the outsourcing of the works.

Most of the companies In the current business scenario react to hiring situation as emergencies and they don’t have effective ways to forecast the workforce needs of the organization. Three fourth of the companies In the present business scenario are acing tough challenges while recruiting new employees for meeting the demands

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from the various functional departments of the organization. The recruitment of most of the companies suffers from high costs of recruitment and high rates of attrition that plague the profits of the company.

Background Data while hiring the right staff will never be an exact science, human capital management (HOC) technologies can help organizations to develop a more cost effective and successful recruitment strategy. According to a poll by online recruiter Talent Puzzle in January 2010(Taleteller. Mom, 2010), UK businesses spend EH. 6 billion on external recruitment each year and yet over three-quarters (76 percent) of Review of literature on commonly used technologies for effective recruitment.

Effective recruitment is vital in accomplishing high organizational performance and reducing labor turnover. The ‘recruitment’ function encapsulates and analyzes exhaustive details of the applicants and matches the parameters to the Job requisition’s 1 . Recruitment is the activity of employing workers to fill vacancies or sign up new candidates. Usually, finding and placing of suitable candidates is done y a Job placement company employment agency, or by the personnel officer of the company. Employees recruited can be either external or internal. 2 whatever might be the requirement; it usually involves advertising about the Job vacancy/call for recruitment in newspapers, magazines, etc. , and also in various recruitment websites. The recruitment channels can be promoted through various channels like internet, newspapers and magazines. The online promotions like email and websites help in covering the target audience better. Research indicates that low involvement f recruitment strategies influence consumers in a manner that requires little or no search processing effort from them.

The company can also opt for high involvement strategies that primarily attempt to influence consumers by providing arguments and information about the company. Course of action In the case of getting the approval, the following actions will be taken to come with the best solution of the problem stated above. 1. Workforce planning. It is the systematic process by which the required work force competencies are identified to meet the strategic goals of the organization and for developing the traceries to meet these requirements. This task will involve six steps listed as follows.

Work force analysis Forecasting future needs Analyzing the gaps Developing strategies Implementing the strategies Monitoring and evaluating the proceedings 2. Developing Job analysis and Job specification. Job analysis is the process through which a Job is described. It throws light on the requirement, skills and specifications for a particular Job. Here the Jobs are analyzed by conducting behavioral event interviews. These interviews are helpful in getting crucial information about the Job and the skills required by them. 3. Identifying the sources of recruitment. Universities, competitors and internal sources like Job posting, promotion and referral contacts. The external sources like colleges, universities are more suitable when there are a lot of personnel requirements especially at the entry levels. In the case of head hunting competitors and referral contacts are vital sources. 4. Promoting recruitment process. Fair recruitment involves promoting the application process to as wide as possible. A brief summary of media with all promotional material will be included as it was not known by everybody.

Wide promotion helps the new people to serve. The recruitment process in the organization should be promoted through the website and emails, which provides us with a wide reach of the target audience. 5. Identifying and training recruiters. The potential recruiters are identified through a recruitment process that include five steps namely, collection of resume, telephonic interview, director interview, checking documents and references and the fitness test. This process ensures that the company identifies right recruiter.

After identifying the right recruiters they are trained to meet the demands of the company. They are trained by mentoring and Job rotations. This is because a recruiter needs lots of generalized competencies other than his subject like laws and regulations of the government, psychology of candidates and the policies of the company. 6. Planning the interview and selection process. Planning the interview and selection process is important for the company to have the right candidate, at the right Job and at the right time.

The recruiter has to plan the interview and selection process well ahead. This helps to ensure that the company doesn’t run short of employees at any point of time. This planning should be based on the nature of the Job and the nature of the employees needed. 7. Providing orientation and training program to the new employees. The employees so recruited through the selection process should be trained to meet the policies of the company and the requirements of the Job.

For this reason a training and orientation program is conducted and all the new employees are asked to participate in this. This program will be helpful for them in getting to know about the expectations on them and in fulfilling them. 8. Measuring return on investment. After training the employees, the return on the investment on training costs should be measured. For measuring the return on investment on the training program, the infinite and costs involved due to the training program should be calculated first.

The costs include equipment cost, salaries of trainers, consultancy fees and all the other costs which are incurred due to the training. After calculating all these costs, the benefits through the training program should be summed up. Finally, the return on the training investment is measured with the help of the above inputs. Companies must frequently asses its workforce requirements: the companies must frequently assess their workforce requirements in order to avoid any shortage of employees in the future. This also helps the organization to keep updated with the requirements of workforce.

If the requirements are assessed often and they are full filled, it helps the organization to stay away from huge and urgent work force needs that tends increases the cost of recruitment. Companies must provide proper training to the recruiters who form the base of their recruitment strategy. The companies should ensure that their recruiters are trained in various generalized areas, laws and regulations of the government and in the psychological sectors. Also it is equally important for the companies to develop a good orientation and training aerogram for their new employees.

Companies should maintain good relationship with schools, colleges, recruitment agencies and other possible sources from which they can recruit candidates for the workforce needs in present and future. The relationship with these sources helps the company by providing easy and cheap sources for the company’s workforce needs. Companies must employ modern technologies of recruitment to increase the Return on Investment. These include scouting, re-recruitment, event recruitment, networking, e-recruitment and knowledge based recruitment methods.

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