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During this stage, project manager will be required to re-examine the concepts of the project in their costive connotation to define the objectives or specific needs for the project (Ramekins, 2010). Thereafter, the project manager will be expected to identify the a project team based on the level and type of skills needed with respect to the current resource capabilities of ARCH Ltd. Once these factors are defined, the project will enter the second phase, which is the development stage, also referred to as the planning or design phase.

This stage will basically entail creating planning dimensions, which will include: drawing project plan, resource plan, financial plan, (Nicholas and Steen, 2012). The third phase is the execution or implementation phase. This phase will involve implementing the plans created during the development phase and will involve a series of management processes for purposes of identifying change, risks, and issues, and monitoring and controlling the deliverables being output by the project (Wasteland, 2007). Project transfer or project closure would be the last phase in working out the new project for ARCH Ltd.

Once customers are exposed to the new building, it would be the mandate for the project manager to hand over the project

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documentations to ARCH Ltd, terminate suppliers entrants, release project resources, and communicate the closure of the project to all stakeholders (God and Clement 2012). 3. Skills and Competencies required by project manager Based on the four phases of project life cycle, it is evident that the project manager needs to undertake various project management activities in each stage of the project in order to successfully oversee the ARCH Lad’s project to completion.

This further means that the project manager needs to have various skills and competencies to effectively perform all the activities contained in each stage of the project. 3. Skills required in project concept phase 3. 1. 1 Project feasibility analysis Project manager would be required to carry out feasibility analysis in the concept phase of the project. The purpose of a feasibility analysis is to assess whether each option addresses ARCH Lad’s project problem or need.

Also, feasibility analysis will investigate whether the solution is achievable, the forecast costs are reasonable, the risks are acceptable, and the identified issues are avoidable (Wasteland, 2007). Thus, project manager for ARCH Ltd project has to be a good planner and organizer and above all a critical thinker. These skills will enable project manager avoid putting forth and approving a wrong final recommendation solution that would see the project initiated to deliver wrong solutions to the company’s project needs. 3. 2 Skills required in project development or planning phase 3. . 1 Project scope management In development or planning phase, project manager needs to carry out project scope management. Given the current condition of ARCH Ltd, project scope management would entail project planning, project preparation, cost control, verification, validation of the project scope, and change control (Awake and Bibs, 2002). Carrying out project scope management would ensure that the project is initiated and controlled, scope change-control processes are defined and made available, and project manager roles are established.

Also, it would ensure that scope planning, definition, and verification processes are well managed. To achieve this, project manager has to be decisive and have integration skills. These skills are necessary to ensure that the project team at ARCH Ltd includes only the work required to complete the new project successfully without running into uncontrolled occurrences including costs overruns and schedule overruns (Dickers and Foreseers, 2010). 3. 2. 2 Project risk management Project risk management is another activity that the project manager needs to carry out in planning phase.

For ARCH Ltd, project risk management would entail defining, identifying, and quantifying risk; devising appropriate risk mitigation strategies; and developing suitable risk response and control processes (Awake and Bibs, 2002). To risk management skills and technical skills. Also, project manager must have a clear understanding or knowledge of ARCH Ltd Company to be able to understand the arioso risks and issues that face or are likely to face the business.

According to enterprise risk management theory, project risk management enable project manager identify multiple risk response plans and strategies to minimize risks throughout the entire project process (Noncom and Stall, 2006). Figure 2: ARCH project risk management framework 3. 2. 3 Work breakdown structure Project manager would also need to develop work breakdown structure in the planning phase to make the project workable (Atkinson, 1999).

Project manager would need to posses work breakdown skills to come up with a comprehensive work reawaken structure that divides the entire ARCH Lad’s project into successive smaller end-item subdivisions (Gleeson, 1994). Also, project manager need to be flexible to make constant and necessary changes in assigning work package to specific units of the work breakdown structure as well as integrate emerging issues into the project plan (Lamer, 2002).

By breaking down the work into smaller units, project manager would reduce the occurrence of possible risks and uncertainties since each level would provide a greater probability that each activity would be accounted for (Taxed and Likelihood, 2008). Assistant managers Project team members Figure 3: ARCH Ltd WEBS Larger Seems Large Mans Raw materials Finished products 3. 3. 1 Leadership In execution stage, project manager would be required to carry out human resource inspire others to carry out each activity outlined in the work breakdown structure and achieve the specific goals of the project.

Project manager need to lead by example through following his or her responsibilities identified in the project plan in order to build confidence in project team members. Also, project manager need to have authority, be available, helpful, and with a positive attitude all the time when leading am members. This would aid in realizing all the project deliverables (Awake and Bibs, 2002). 3. 3. 2 Motivation Motivation is another key skill that project manager for ARCH Ltd needs to have in executing the new project.

Although motivation is often overlooked in office settings, project manager for ARCH Ltd new project needs to know when to offer motivation and how to deliver (Gerard, 2011). This is important given the fact that the anticipated workforce for the project is small, meaning that motivation would play a vital role in encouraging project team members to work out the numerous tasks outlined in the work breakdown structure. 3. 3. Team structuring Project manager for ARCH Lad’s new project would be required to carry out team structuring in project execution phase. Team structuring would help project manager influence the way team members operate, collaborate, share their skills and knowledge, support each other in pursuit of the project goals, and work together (Gerard, 2011). However, project manager needs to ensure that the project team is comprised of few individuals to guarantee clarity among team members about their roles in the project (Gerard’, 2011).

Also, project manager will need to have technical skills and planning and organizational skills to constantly structure the composition of project team members depending on their skills and knowledge while progressively executing projects tasks (Scandalous and Abdullah, 2011). Figure 4: ARCH Ltd project team structure 3. 3. 4 Project time management Project time management is another crucial and vital activity for project manager to carry out in execution phase. Project manager needs to have and good time management skills to carry out project time management to ensure the project is employed on time (Awake and Bibs, 2002).

For ARCH Lad’s new project, project time management would entail activity definition and sequencing, schedule development, duration estimation, and schedule control (Awake and Bibs, 2002). Project time management tools such as bar charts, activity lists, networks, or giant charts can be employed to manage time. See giant chart below; 3. 3. 5 Project communication management Communication is vital in getting all stakeholders involved in a project. Thus project manager for ARCH Lad’s new project needs to have good communication skills to Leary communicate with stakeholders at all levels of the project.

Proper communication would ensure project manager generate, collect, disseminate, store, and dispose project information to all stakeholders in the correct time. According to stakeholder analysis theory, all stakeholders have a say in the running of a project and have the right to access any information deemed important to them (Reynolds, Schultz and Hickman, 2006). 3. 4 Skills required in project transfer phase Project transfer or closing phase is the final stage of the project and would demand project manager to carry out minimal activities.

Basically, project manager would be required to ensure ARCH project meets the approved quality and is formally accepted by business stakeholders. Also, project manager would carry out administrative closure and contract closure with relevant suppliers. This means project manager would need to have good administrative skills, quality assessment and evaluation skills, and communication skills. 4. Conclusion Any typical project undergoes four stages or phases before its declared successfully completed. These phases entail a project life cycle and include conceptual, development, execution, and transfer phases.

This report looks into these phases, which are crucial for the completion of ARCH Ltd office project. These phases unveil the various tasks and activities to be undertaken right from the beginning to the completion of ARCH Ltd new project. This report further ascertains that for the ARCH Ltd project to be successfully completed, project manager need to have various project management skills and competencies including leadership, communication, motivation, authority, responsibility, accounting, team structuring, risk control management, project scope management, team structuring, and work breakdown mongo others.

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