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Business Report – “Because You Matter” Essay

This program will prove to be very beneficial to keep the youth busy focusing on positive activities even after the school day Is over. This report will try to gain the attention of the Knuckleball County NC Parks and Recreation in order to gain their assistance to start up the program. There is a major need for this type of program now way more than even before. The name of the program Is “Because You Matter”. The name In itself has such a positive meaning that we would want to make sure that each and every individual that plans on joining the program should know.

The message that e want to get it Is that we care about the welling being of the youth In the community and that they are important. This program offers a place that the youth can come so that they will not be out In the streets getting into trouble like over something that is not worth it. It is very important that we have a place so that will have somewhere they can go for advice of help if they do not feel comfortable talking to their parents at least they will have another adult

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they can turn to and trust and get some positive feedback.

After school no one really knows what it is like in the homes of some of the youth come from. At times school is the only place they get encouragement or a kind word so it is always nice to have an extra place to go and get away from the things at home. “Because You Matter” is not Just an after school program to but it will be a program to try and help create a well rounded individual. It is not going to Just be a place to go and have fun but we also plan to educate, encourage, and, arm the youth with the knowledge and resources so that they can be successful outside of school but in the community as well.

Without that start of a program such as “Because You Matter” the community youth will continue o become static and become victims because of the lack of knowledge and encouragement. Ever turned into your neighborhood and had a group of young men standing on the corner? Have you ever walked outside your door to see a group of young ladies yelling and fighting? Or maybe you’ve seen a group of young men and young ladies together and Just knew they were up to no good at all? What is the first thing that comes to mind “now they ought to be shame of themselves need to be somewhere doing something productive. The very next question that you should ask yourself where loud they go or what could they be devoting their time to other than heading down the wrong path. This is exactly why there needs to be a program such as “Because You Matter” so that they do have a place that they can spend their extra time. When there is not a program in place to offer extracurricular activities for the youth take a part in then what do they do or where do they turn to have fun or for entrainment.

With the program we are not only offering fun but we have other plans as well. There will be all types of different things going on within the program since we are a program that is focused on the idea of success in all areas. We plan to offer help with school work and teach helpful study habits, there will also be many different seminars to help with interviews skills, and basic Job training skills. This will help the young men and young women involved with the program become ready to enter into the work force.

They will know how to conduct themselves in an interview and have the skills already to handle the basic needs that may be required. Another major area that the program will focus on is the importance of health. At least once a month there will be at least one volunteer from the health department to come out ND educate the youth about the dangers and risk of being unhealthy and not taking care of themselves. During these meetings the youth will be allowed to ask question and receive packets of useful information.

Of course the program goal is to promote abstinence but we will also educate the youth about teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, and let them know of the importance of going to the doctor or the clinic for a normal check up. The program will also offer the activities such as different sports, games, and theater days for Just the simple enjoyment. “Because You lulled of being pulled in the wrong direction. This program could actually save lives and realistically change that way our young people makes decisions.

This report will give you some background information and ways to make this program come to life and become a success. Problem Statement “Because You Matter” is a program worth taking a chance on. This program is to help with the success of the youth of the community. This program will allow there to be a safe place to go outside of school where they feel comfortable and trust that they are going to be treated fairly and be cared about it. By starting this program there would sure to be a decline in the number of young men and young ladies caught up doing the wrong and making poor choices.

There will finally be a productive place to go that is well maintained and best of all right in the community so they do not have go far or worry about being how to get there or having to worry about paying a price to be involved. Method Used Most of the research for this new program was done on the internet and a few phone calls to different organization. The main organization that the most research was done was the Parks and Recreation. Some other places that were considered when this research was conducted were the local Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA.

The reason that the research was done on these particular organization was because they are the most similar to the program that “Because You Matter” is most like. This way there will be a place to start and see what ideas have been tried, the ones that worked and were very successful, and the ones that did not turn out so great. By making contact with these organizations there would actually be a place to start from as far as how to get up and running and if the ideas of the program are good or if hey need more working in order to be a realistic program.

Another area that research was done was to Juvenile system to see what crime was commonly committed by most youth. Below is a bar chart to show the most common and the percent. Findings All of the organizations that research where was conducted all were very similar in the type and the mission. They all offered much of the same activities for the different age groups. One of the main things that they all offered was the different sports programs. This seemed to be the most popular choice of all things since ports is what grabs the attention of most of the youth.

Not only did they all have sports but they had different mentoring programs in which the youth could pair up with an adult or even their peers. This I found to be very helpful as well so that there is always someone available to talk to at all times no matter what the circumstances by be. Along with these activities they also did some health promotions as well as offering tutoring. One major difference that was recognized while doing the research was that in each of the programs that youth had to travel to the facilities.

In some were hosting but not to all the other normal activities like open gym or Just plan afternoon recreation time. On the other hand “Because You Matter” is a program that is held within the community. This makes it for easy access so that at all times the program is accessible to all the youth that want to participate. Another that that makes “Because You Matter” a good program is the fact that it is open each day after school as well as all day long on Saturday. The other organizations do not offer something each and every day for the youth to come and partake in positive reductive activities. Because You Matter” is geared to make sure that if the youth have free time it can be spent in a positive and safe place where on the other hand many of the other organization or focused on how the youth only spends their time on the weekend. There should never be time in which the youth has not where to go or have something to do in order to keep out of trouble. “Because You Matter” is truly an outreach to the community since we are bringing the programs into the community where the youth are located reaching out to get them involved in a life changing program.

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