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Time, because they are time bound by the scheduled time and effort because If the movie Is really DOD and has been long awaited a lot of people watch the same, as a result they have to buy tickets earlier and come earlier than the scheduled time In order to get the best seat. Despite and in spite these factors, a lot of people still patronize this because of the cozy and comfortable feeling watching In big screens with a good quality audio system. The other alternative is making use of the Internet connection, they download movies online for free.

People who opt this alternative find it practical, cheap, easy and convenient and they get to enjoy the movie together with their family and friends. Relatively, there are those people who opt to wait patiently for an original video copy In compact discs and borrow the same In video rental establishments. With the emerging growth of technology, the researchers noticed that there are still video rental establishments existing In spite the presence of movie houses or downloading sites offering free movies in the internet.

This made the establishments manage to continue business notwithstanding the aggressive innovations and how can they possibly maintain

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or improve their marketability in order to continually remain in business. Theoretical Background Video rental establishments are business establishments that offer different kinds of movies for rent. You need to be a member of that certain video rental establishment in order for you to be able to rent the movies available.

Recently, it is very rare now for people to get into a video rental establishment Just to borrow original compact disc movies. In the late asses, video rental stores were actually widespread because of the end of videotape format war. Videotape format war was the period of intense competition in creating formats for movies such as analog video, videocassette and video cassette recorders (VS.). (wisped. Rig,July 2, 2013) In asses, the emission of Bateman and VS. put an end to the videotape format war and became as the most stable format back then (yahoo. Com,June 23, 2012).

Video rental stores during that time grabbed the opportunity to use stable formats for their businesses and led the formation of video rental chains such as West Coast Video in Northeast Philadelphia, Blockbuster Video and Rogers Video in Canada (wisped. Org,July 2, 2013). At the beginning, video rental stores originally sold home videos with a VS. cassette format. Despite the tight competition among the video rental businesses, Rogers video rental tore still lead during this time of predicament because it was the pioneering store, which was able to provide first, DVD rentals in Canada (wisped. Rig,July 2, 2013). Video rental industry changes directly proportional with the change of economy, culture and technology. With response to these changes, truth be told that the once solid rock industry has come to a resurgence. (studded. Com,July 2011) Due to the technological advancement and the availability of internet access in the late asses, video rental businesses were confronted with a significant decline in their market. When the dot com companies, a company that organizes most of its business on the Internet, usually through a website that uses the popular top-level domain “. Mom” in turn derived from the word “commercial” (wisped. Org, December 2009), like Nettling, downloading and watching videos online was made easier to the people, thus, providing variety of options that is more convenient to the consumers (studded. Com,July 2011). Narrows forces influence the video rental industry as it transitions from a bricks and mortar industry into a more technologically advanced industry. To remain viable the video rental giants must be willing to evolve.

Extensive organizational changes are essential in the progression of the video rental industry. By identifying and exploring the changes that need to occur, the changes that have occurred, and by assessing the implications and effectiveness of these changes one can determine the viability off and direction that this lucrative industry must take. ” (studded. Com,July 2011) Statement of the Problem This business research aims to identify the factors that affect the sustainability of video rental establishments in Demagogue City.

Moreover, the researchers wish to use this study as a guide to the management of video rental establishments to understand these factors and to know what extra measures the market would actually want them to do or improve on in order to sky rocket marketability and remain in business. Furthermore, this research aims to answer questions such as: 1 . A. Gender b. Age 2. What percentage of the sample population in Demagogue City prefers going to video rental establishments? 3.

What are the respondent’s reasons for opting to rent movies rather than downloading or watching movies in movie houses? 4. What commendations the respondents recommend to the management of video rental establishments to further improve its marketability and remain in business. Objectives This research aims to identify the factors that made video rental establishments remain in business. It aims to discern as well what the respondent’s point of views are with regard to the possible actions the video rental establishments may take into in order to improve and remain in business.

With this, the study aims to: To determine the majority age of the respondents who is fond of watching movies. To know how frequent the respondents watch movies. To classify the respondent’s preferences in watching a movie. To distinguish from the total sample population those who prefer video rental. To evaluate the reasons why they choose to rent videos over downloading and watching in movie houses. To gather respondent’s recommendations to video rental establishments on what they may do as adjustments or enhancements for them to patronize their service.

Significance of the study The data gathered from this study can serve as a source of information and of help to video rental establishments especially those present in Demagogue City. With the paid changes in technology, video rental industry is in its crucial stage of existence. Given that there are still some video rental establishments in the city, Video City in particular, it would be essential for the establishment to know and understand its current standing and how to be competitive enough to remain in business.

With the research’s pursuit, it would help the establishment gather information as to how to strengthen their industry as well as sustain their marketability. The researchers believe that this study would best suit the interest of video rental establishments, heir management or business owners themselves, students and future researchers. Scope of the study This research study focus on the factors that help in the sustainability of video rental establishments and ways to maintain or improve these establishments in Demagogue City.

Moreover, the main points that are being emphasized in this study are the following: The percentage of the sample population in Demagogue who patronizes video rentals The factors that made video rental establishments sustain in business in Demagogue The possible ways to maintain or improve video rental establishments n Demagogue Limitation of the Study This research is limited to the residents of Demagogue City, be it a student, working or non-working, professional or non-professional and etc.

The total population used in this study is from the latest record of National Statistics Office (NSA), the 2010 census and which is used as the basis of getting the sample population needed in the study. The reason for this is that the researchers want to focus on the existing video rental establishments in Demagogue City thus it would be appropriate to of Terms a. Video – A recording of both the visual and audible components (especially one intonating a recording of a movie or television program) (Word Web Dictionary, July 2013) b.

Establishment – A public or private structure (business or governmental or educational) including buildings and equipment for business or residence (Word Web Dictionary, July 2013) c. Technological advancement – it is the evolved generation from agricultural to industrial nation; a series of inventions; that lead to the start of the scientific revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries; including the printing press, sextant, telescope, etc. (equalize. Com,July 2013) d. Industry – The people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise (Word Web Dictionary, July 2013) e.

Rent – Hold under a lease or rental agreement; of goods and services (Word Web Dictionary, July 2013) Research Methodology Research Environment The researchers conducted the study in the “City of Gentle People,” Demagogue City. The City is in the province of Negroes Oriental. It is the capital and largest city in the province. It is also the principal seaport of the province. According to the latest consensus which is in the year 2010, the city has a total population of 120, 833 people.

Demagogue is also dubbed as the university town because of the existence of four universities and a number of colleges where students from neighboring municipals, cities and provinces in Visas and Mindanao go into for tertiary education. The famous University founded in the city is Sicilian University which is the first American private university in Asia. There is roughly 30,000 estimated student population in the city. Moreover, the city is also known for its many foreign tourists who often visit the city due to a numerous beach resorts, diving sites, etc.

Not o mention the relaxing ambiance of the city such as the less traffic, noise and pollution. Respondents of the Study The respondents of the study are residents of the city who are movie fanatics, who are renting Video Compact Disc (VS.) and or Digital Video Disc (DVD) in rental establishments, who are movie goers in Robinsons Place Demagogue and who are downloading movies in the internet. The sample size was taken from the latest consensus of National Statistics Office (NSA) of the city.

Sampling Techniques The researchers used the non-probability convenience sampling method to achieve the necessary sample population of the research study. The researcher used the Stratified Sliven’s Formula shown below. M ? 1 + Nee where: m = sample size N = total population of Demagogue residents (120,833) e = sampling percentage error (5%) Solution is illustrated below: 120, 833 1 + [(120, 120,833 =398. 68 399 Research Instruments The survey questionnaire was used as the main data-gathering instrument for the study.

The questionnaire contains three parts, the letter of intent, the respondent’s profile – name, gender and age, followed by the third part – the survey proper which contains questions that will help answer the statement of the problem and achieve he objectives of the study. In order to test the validity of the questionnaire used for the study, the researchers conducted a pre-testing in which five (5) professionals, randomly selected were asked to suggest, correct and revise the questions made for it to be more useful and effective for the betterment and success of the study.

Subsequently, such corrections, revisions and suggestions were inputted to the questionnaire. Data Collection Procedure The researchers started the collection of data by getting the total population of Demagogue from the National Statistics Office. After which the same data was used o obtain the total sample size using the Stratified Sliven’s formula. The researchers decided to use a percentage error of five (5) percent. Primary (first-hand) data were obtained through random distribution of survey questionnaires.

A total of 399 questionnaires were disseminated mostly around the downtown area, schools and in the specific location of video rental establishments in Demagogue. Secondary data were obtained from published articles in the internet. Chapter II: Presentation, Analysis, and Interpretation of data This Chapter contains presentation of the results from the data gathered by the searchers. The sample population size previously computed was three hundred ninety-nine (399); one hundred sixty-three (163) of which are male respondents, two hundred thirty-six (236) are female. See Table 1). Gender Frequency Percentage (%) Female 163 236 399 40. 85 59. 15 Table 1. Gender distribution per sample size. The data gathered from the questionnaires reveal that the age bracket represented the most is from sixteen to twenty-one (16-20) years old, having a 39% share from the age distribution table. In contrast, the age bracket represented the least is from forty- en to fifty (41-50) years old, having a 7% share from the age distribution table.

Age 16-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 15 147 67 39 37 17 7 Table 2. Age distribution per sample size. Figure 1 Yes 361 No 100% As shown in figure 1, quite a good number of respondents are fond of watching movies. Of all the 399 respondents 361 respondents answered Yes while only 38 respondents answered No. In the given information it gives the researcher an idea Figure 2 Once a day 76 Once a week 136 34% Twice a week 117 29% Others 70 Presented in figure 2 is the frequency of the respondents in watching movies.

This guru shows that 34% of the respondents watch movies once a week, 29% watch movies twice a week, 19% watch movies once a day and 18% answered others which constitute every other day (3), sometimes (5), depends on the mood (6), if I have free time (16), it depends (2), weekends (3), everyday (18), once in two weeks (2), thrice a week (2), five times a week (1), not sure how many times (5), twice a day (2) and thrice a day (5).

Knowing the number of times they watch movies is an essential factor for the study. Figure 3 Action 210 53% Comedy 281 Suspense 164 Documentary 95 24% 253 63% Animated 174 Fiction 151 8% Horror 165 10 3% Figure 3 denotes the different types of movie that the respondents choose to watch.

According to the data gathered 210 respondents are fond of watching action movies, 281 respondents for comedy movies, 164 respondents for suspense movies, 95 respondents for documentary movies, 253 respondents for love story movies, 174 respondents for animated movies, 151 respondents for fiction movies, 165 respondents for horror movies and 10 respondents for others which comprises, porn (2), fantasy (4), crime investigation (3) and toga (1). Figure 4 Movie House 185 Video Rentals 154 39% Downloads 239 In figure 4, it shows the respondent’s preference in accessing movies.

The data shows that there are 239 respondents who prefer to download movies in downloading sites, 185 respondents who prefer to watch movies in Movie Houses and 154 respondents who prefer to watch movies through renting movies in video rental establishments. In this data, it shows that downloading movies is more preferable for the respondents. Figure 5 107 69% More accessible 79 Time flexible 87 56% Do not know how to use downloading sites 45 Cost less 4 Figure 5 illustrates the respondent’s reasons why they opt to access movies in movie entails.

There are 107 respondents who answered that movie rentals have better quality compared to movies from movie houses and downloading sites, 79 respondents answered that movie rentals are more accessible compared to movie houses and downloading sites, 87 respondents answered that it is time flexible, 45 respondents answered that they do not know how to use downloading sites, 68 respondents answered that movie rentals cost them less and 4 answered others which consists of, it is near (1), to go against piracy (2) and cheaper rental (1).

Figure 6 Below PH 15 45% PH 15-20 PH 21 -25 13 % PH 26 and above 8 Figure 6, shows the different cost incurred by the respondents every time they rent movies in video rental establishments. 46% of the respondents responded that renting a movie only cost them less than fifteen pesos (PH 15) for every movie they rent, 41% of the respondents responded that it cost fifteen to twenty pesos (PH 15-20) per movie, 8% responded that it cost them twenty-one to twenty-five pesos (PH 21-25) per movie and lastly 5% responded that it cost them twenty-six (PH 26) pesos and above.

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