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How these roles are developed over last three decades? Literature Overview Over the past few decades, policing and police officers have changed. Policing used to lean heavily toward physical attributes, such as height, weight and brute strength. Over time, the attributes that were thought to make a good police officer have shifted. The job still requires a great level of physical fitness; however, what are more important now is good moral character, and excellent interpersonal, problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills (L. Jackson, 2003, up. 623-48).

This shift can be attributed o a new, proactive style of polling called community policing. Community polling Is now used across North America, and the PEPS is a leader in this area. It’s an integral part of how we work on a daily basis in our community (L. Jackson, 2006). Community Policing Community policing is a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies which support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques. It proactively addresses the Immediate conditions that give rise to public safety Issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime (L. Bland, 1982, up. 373-88).

Essentially, it’s about establishing relationships in the community ? with residents, business owners and community leagues ? and collaborating with

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those partners in order to proactively reduce and prevent crime (Deborah, 2002). Trailing and Patrol When our recruits complete Academy Foundations Training, they hit the streets with a police training officer to carry out community policing duties in a patrol role. Part of this on-the-street training is to work on a problem-solving initiative in the area where they are stationed. From day one, the PEPS reinforces that problem-solving is an important part of the Job (L.

Jackson, 2002, up. 63-83). During patrol duty, officers refine the policing skills learned In training and gain the confidence needed to excel memories. Ask any officer for some of their patrol stories and you will hear about adrenaline rushes, catching bad guys and an eagerness to make a difference (L. Jackson, 2003, up. 623-48). Qualities The Police looks for many important qualities in potential candidates. Officers must be honest and have the utmost integrity. They must display courage and perseverance, along with compassion and understanding, when responding to challenging calls.

These qualities are not strictly male or female traits, but ones that help make a good police officer ? no matter what your gender. Women bring a unique dynamic to policing and female officers are often competent in crucial components of community policing. Generally, women are good communicators with great interpersonal skills. While this is important to policing as a whole, it’s especially helpful in situations where victims feel more comfortable discussing the details of a crime with a female officer (L. Jackson, 2002, up. 63-83).

Female officers complement their male partners and can provide an alternate respective on a problem. Women often approach and solve problems from a different angle than their male counterparts. PEPS officers recognize these differences and see them as vital components of a great team. In the end, each gender brings something unique and valuable to the Job ? that’s why a diverse membership is so important to the PEPS (L. Bland, 1982, up. 373-88). Historical Development When a man is to be a police officer in 1916, and women will always be police officers laughed answer: no, although the war lasted 50 years.

However, the police service of women volunteers was founded in 1914 (L. Jackson, 2006). Police officer female Joined the Metropolitan Police in 1919, the then Commissioner Mr.. Nevi Macerate, insisted he did not want any unhappy spinster or infected middle-aged fans in its ranks. Police officer female is different from their counterparts’ wider powers of women, rank as Police Woman Constable (WAP) and Sheriff of Women (WAP). Sofia Stanley, the first female officers of the Metropolitan Police in 1919 designed the first female police uniforms, known as Stanley uniform (L. Jackson, 2002, up. 63-83).

Preliminary woman as a police officer, including patrolling areas frequented by prostitutes, including omen and young people in care and observation of prisoners to reduce prostitution, help prevent fraud Divination (illegal) to take care of a woman who tried suicide was considered a crime (L. Jackson, 2003, up. 623-48). The officials may enter the brothels, clubs and observing misconduct and evidence collection to play house, but the first character of the crimes committed, they had to call their colleagues. Not allowed to carry handcuffs unless they are not allowed the senior official, to stop, to 1923 (P.

Levine, 1994, up. 34-78). The officers first 6 days, 48 hours of work per week and cannot work night shifts 1973. The officers attached to the Criminal Investigation Department, but in 1921 was the first woman appointed brand Inspector Lillian Wylye Criminal Intelligence. Policy in place from 1927-1946, women were forced to leave the Metropolitan Police when they married. Female police officers have no right to take fingerprints until 1937 (L. Bland, 1982, up. 373-88). The first women police officers who have separate violent criminals who are trying to establish in 1955.

Effie Sling 1969 Allen became the first black female officer in the history of the Metropolitan Police (L. Jackson, 2002, up. 63-83). February 1, 1971, Carpal Gaur, who was born in Zanzibar Indian heritage Sander, Joined the Metropolitan Police, and therefore become the (United Kingdom) The Metropolitan Police first policewomen in Asia. For India before the police officer in India (in 1972 became the first female police officer Koran Bed). In 1973, he was appointed the first female police detective. In 1973, it is also independent of the Ministry of Women fully integrated with the Metropolitan Police.

Female police officers do not receive equal pay for men police until 1974. In 1976, the first woman managing director was appointed head of the sub (L. Jackson, 2006). In 1977, he hired the first female traffic police. In 1979, the first dog, Nicola Gray was hired. Prior to this, women are prohibited from operating a dog that officials must have a wife who can take care of a puppy, and staff go to work because of the rules (L. Jackson, 2003, up. 623-48). Poplin in 1995 becomes the first chief of police, Lancashire County Clare. Female officer corps prefix in front of women since 1999 is outdated.

Caressed Dick in 2009 became the first female commissioner of Scotland Yard (Deborah, 2002). In the past two years there have been problems common stereotypes services. In the service of women do, the idea is to strengthen the brain is not physical. They showed that the regulation is an intellectual career has been met, but not always obvious (P. Levine, 1994, up. 34-78). In the past two years there have been problems common stereotypes services. In the service of women do, the idea is to strengthen the brain is not physical. They showed that the regulation is an intellectual career has been met, but not always obvious (L.

Jackson, 2003, up. 623-48). Women police impact operators. The protection of women and children, it would be today without their contributions. In my own strength, Avon and Somerset, falls to women who really varied efforts (P. Levine, 1994, up. 34-78). Last were the most influential women in the law and order and seriously affected the female officer is deemed published in 2001, gender agenda. Gender Agenda of its success, was launched in October 2006. Founded in the military control system is used as a reference to the progress. Mrs..

Spencer owes its success to be harmless (P. Levine, 1994, up. 34-78). Always work in the organization. We looked not only obstacles, but the distribution of these obstacles. The greatest impact of women gains strength. It touched every part of the organization and strength (L. Bland, 1982, up. 373-88). In practice, a gender program in many areas of traditional male, installing important difference test. While in the past it has been tested, only 44% of women and 97% men were successful. Now the woman is about 88% as the change in the test of test is based on the power of man.

This means that the entire group of women who have all the skills to become a cop, not a suspect fitness test (L. Jackson, 2002, up. 63-83). The success of the sexes, there is still much to do, especially in the power apartment police dog services to change your physical fitness test is not suitable for women, but due to its age, it may Fitness Test, weapons remains inconsistent (L. Jackson, 2003, up. 623-48). Women should do what is necessary, not only to boost the lab. We should be healthy looking, not in the gym. Women are represented in certain sectors (L. Jackson, 2006).

A number of working women is not only warm. Uniforms aspect of the gun is not the bottom. We need to fix the arms, with a low resistance hand grip (Deborah, 2002). Questionnaire As my primary research I decided to prepare questionnaire because I can ask large roof of people. It’s quick and cheap. I can get accurate information, all responses should be honest as my questionnaire is anonymous and confidential. Women working in the police force – questionnaire. The Data of questionnaires is confidential. 1 . Are you treated differently at work because you are a woman? (If yes please state how) Yes No 2.

What is your position? 3. Did you ever feel discriminated at work? 4. How many women works in the police force in your area (approximately in %) 5. Were you ever thinking about leaving your profession? Yes (why? ) 6. Is there something you would like to add? Method To carry out a research project I have a variety of methods to design a data collection reliability, and objectivity of the investigator interference. The presence of these dimensions is minimized in qualitative studies, as they acquire great importance in quantitative work, however often the I have the possibility to adapt the strategy to my needs.

This research will be based upon primary research (questionnaire) and secondary research. Data will be collected from following sources: I Secondary Sources Examples I Administration I Articles and books describing reports and market research I Literary Studies I Analysis of texts, biographies of writers, critics of works, etc. I History Political Science I Biographies, history books, articles and books based on primary documentation I Science I Articles and books taking up and discussing findings, experiences, etc.

I Social studies I Articles and books evaluating, interpreting, taking the primary research I Primary Sources Examples I Questionnaires I Validity of Data In a research study, the validity of the results depends, among other things, the quality of the data collected. This in turn depends on: * A good definition of the rabbles and their measurement scales. * Information sources and measuring instruments. The sources of information must be reliable and complete, so, although it will be more expensive and requires more effort, I can collect data directly (primary data) or/ and use secondary data sources.

Ethical Statement The goal and content of a research project – whether or find knowledge or improve a state of affairs – are planned usually from the point of view of the people it is intended to use the results of the project. However, it is quite possible that the project will create consequences to other people than anticipated. Consider these unintended side effects are the theme in a special subdivision of the methodology – the research ethics. Their aim is to minimize the inconveniences that a research project could cause exterior and can also try to maximize the benefits of a research project these people anonymous.

Conclusion A woman who has no preconceived ideas about what women should play an important role in the coming years. Officials still believe that children need to succeed at work. Women should be themselves and not have to get the progress of their peers through service. But ultimately, women realism their full potential out behaviors essential services. You really go to be effective when organizations treat men and women as individuals. The national police conference couture is known as a new dawn, New Vision – Shaping the future wife of the police.

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