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Business Responsibility

The triple bottom line is the main core concept of which of the following disciplines?
c. Sustainability
In conversations with a close friend about responsible management…
c. You approach the topic from a responsibility perspective, while she approaches it from a sustainability perspective
3. Imagine a company that primarily conducts responsible management activities because it has been shown to be a very effective tool in employer branding to attract high potential employees
c. Business Case
4. Which one of the following is not a driver of responsible management?
c. Green Washing
Your boss has heard about the “business case”…
c. There are certain responsible management activities that typically result in tangible business advantages. You should identify these activities for your business and by all means exclusively implement the activities with such a “business case”
A printing business claims to recycle 100% of the paper used in its process. In reality the company used recycled paper for printing…
b. Green washing
Afriend tells you he doesn’t believe in “all the panic” about global crises…
a. Todays issues and crises, such as water shortage, ecosystem degradation, and poverty are highly interconnected and have the potential to lead to a global mega-crises
Imagine you try to convince your colleagues of the importance of responsible management…
d. Philanthropic spending will probably be cut, but we are talking about responsible management activites…
A company executive tells you about the problems she expects from responsible management…
Problems defining the topic
Which of the following statements about responsible management is wrong?
d. Is a synonym for responsibility management, the management of stakeholder relations
Which of the following statements about management is wrong?
Can be judged by its effectiveness, human input and recourses are uses to create output
What is measured by the rations between the tpl capital used and created…
Efficiency of responsible management
Which of the following job profiles describes a mainstream responsible manager?
a. A marketing director who uses a social marking campaign
Which of the following statements about the competency model is wrong?
b. Include the methodological competences…
The operations manager of a small supermarket chain has been asked to constantly measure the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the new refrigeration system
b. Controlling
Which of the following terms fits the definition “the process off building the structure, systems, and culture needed to implement a strategy”
a. Organizing
Which of the following statements about responsible decision-making are true?
d. Requires managers to assess several alternatives using criteria related to mainstream management, sustainability, responsibility, and ethics
Which of the following tasks is a typical example for organizing in responsible management?
d. Putting together a team for community engagement that jointly will improve the role the company plays in the local community
20. Which of the following statements about responsible leadership is the most accurate?
c. Is leading stakeholders toward the fulfillment of a shared vision
21. Which of the following statements about sustainable development is wrong?
b. Is related to the TPL
Imagine that from local petroleum refinery chemical substances have leaked into the groundwater…?
b. The TPL of this event is negative in all three dimensions
Which of the following statements about sustainability management is wrong
b. Has ecological performance as THE main outcome
Which of the following terms describes “the process of mapping social, environmental, and economic impacts along the stages of production, use, and end-of-useful life of a product”
b. Life cycle Assessment
The X -Inc. organizes an annual charity event where employees can donate money for a good cause. Which of the following is correct
d. This is an example for the new style of business responsibility
You listen to a discussion about business responsibility on TV Person A talks about altruism, B talks about role of community and C talking about business ventures
d. A: corporate philanthropy, B: corporate citizenship, C: social entrepreneurship
27. Which of the following statements is the most complete to define business responsibility?
b. Activities to voluntarily assume accountability for issues related to its stakeholders and aiming to maximize stakeholder value
28. Carroll’s responsibility pyramid
c. Describes responsibility categories in the sequence of economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary responsibilities
The company GoodCorp has just begun to provide employees with free gym membership that they can use during work hours. Which of the following statements can we make about the company’s corporate social performance?
C. The company assumes responsibilities in the legal responsibility category
Which of the following texts is the most complete and concise definition of stakeholders?
b. Stakeholders are “groups and individuals that can affect or are affected by business activity”
Which of the following statements related to stakeholder assessment is wrong?
b. Eternal stakeholders are also always secondary stakeholders
Which of the following statement about business ethics is true?
a. Is the interdisciplinary study of ethical problems in business
One of your professors asked is capitalisn good in one of his lectures. To which level of application of business ethics does the question refer?
b. Economic ethics
IT judges right of wrong by referring to higher duties that must be derived from universal rules. Which of the following terms does the definition describe?
a. Deontology
Which sequence of the components of the ethical decisions and actions framework is correct?
b. Awareness, judgement, motivation, behavior
When talking about companies and their movitvation for engaging in responsible business practices, a colleague states ” I frankly don’t care if a company does good things only to sell more – in the end the thing that counts is they do good things isn’t it?” Good example of what philosophy?
c. Consequentialism
A situation that requires an ethically relevant decision where right or wrong is questioned through a set of alternative actions that are likely to have significant effects on others” which of the following terms is described by this definition?
b. Moral Dilemma
A line manager of medium sized company has decided to always be fair when dealing with his employees. This can be characterized as?
c. Departmental ethics management
Follow higher principles and duties! The statement is the central theme of which following theories of moral philosophy?
c. Deontology
A set of rules to guide the ethical behavior of individuals
a. Code of ethics
An ethics cultures describes a sitation where ethical behavior has become part of the natural character of the company
a. True
An ethical issue is a critical situation cause by a realized or potential right or wrong decision
a. True

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