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Business Statistic Project Report Asian Business Schools

Tuition fee for foreign students is maximum and minimum for International University of Japan and Jambalaya Baja Institute of Management Studies (Iambi) respectively, which is same as for local students, I. E. $33,060 and $1000 respectively. Average tuition fee for foreign student comes out to be $16,582. Thus average talons fee for foreign student Is more than Local students Average age: Massey university (Palmettos North, New Zealand) has highest average age of students, I. E. 7 years, while Indian Institute of Management (Mohammedan) is the one with lowest age of students, I. E. 2 years. The mean of average age of all the given B- Schools is 28. 36 years. Percentage of foreign students is highest in case of Asian Institute of Management (Bangkok) with 90% foreign students studying in it, while it is lowest for Jambalaya Baja Institute of Management Studies (Iambi) with 0% proportion of total strength comprising of foreign students. Average portion of foreign students n Aslant B-schools is about 28%. Starting salary Is highest for International university of Japan (Insignia), I. E. $87,000, while it is lowest for Jambalaya Baja] Institute of Management Studies, I. . $7,000. Average starting salary in Asian Business Schools is $37,292.

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All this data provides information regarding the potential that Asian markets possess and the pace at which they are growing. Standard Deviation is quite high at 23459; It may suggest that $ 87000 Is outlier Screens of the Excel Sheet a. Any Difference between local and foreign tuition costs. B. Any Difference between mean starting salaries for schools requiring and not squiring work experience. C. Any difference between starting salaries for schools requiring and not requiring English test.

Analysis: a) Not much difference between local and foreign tuition fees. Mostly colleges have same local and foreign tuition fees. Lahore University of Management Sciences has highest difference of $ 1 5050 b) Mean starting salary for a-schools requiring work experience is $41305. 26, while for those institutes that do not require work experience, the mean starting salary is $24,583. 33. This clearly shows that average salary of schools with requirement of rook experience is significantly higher as compared to that of those not requiring work experiences.

Average of starting salary of a-schools with work experience is closer to that of overall average, which stands at $37,292. C) Average salary of schools with English test requirement is $45,087. 5, while for those not requiring English test is $33,623. 53. These stats clearly show that there is a wide gap between these two fugues, hence English test can be considered to have a significant & remarkable impact over the average starting salary of the a-School dents but only 8 universities ask for English test and 17 do not. . Do Starting Salaries appear to be related to tuition? Starting salaries possess a minute relation with tuition fees as it has a very random sort of relation. Correlation between foreign tuition and salary is . 66 which is closer to 0. 5 and hence shows not much dependency. This may be because of high foreign tuition fees. Correlation between local tuition and salary is 0. 78 which is towards 1 and hence shows better return for the local students.

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