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Business statistics – Data Analysis Essay

In finance, stocks are often compared by their price-to-earnings ratio, P/E Ratio, or multiple. This value for a particular stock is calculated by dividing the price of the stock by its net earnings per share. As an investor, companies with a low P/E Ratio might indicate an opportunity or bargain stock. Suppose you take a random sample of 51 of the largest companies in the United States and calculate their P/E Ratio. There are not of these P/E ratios which are belonging to the 90% confidence interval, so these three investments are not sure. I will not invest. With the results in part g)

The P/E ratio of the company C belongs to the 99% confidence interval, so C represent a good choice for an investment but the two others not. 2. For marketing and advertising purposes, you are trying to determine the age at which men are getting married for the first time in your local market. You are able to obtain a random sample of marriage licenses issued in the last year which provides the following sample data set which includes the age for first time grooms: Be sure to include a screen print of your output from Excel

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from which you get the following answers. Also, where possible, please state your answers to four decimal places.

The value of a 2% trimmed means that we withdraw 2% of the data set figures in order to have a better sample. Then we obtain ratios which are closer to the reality. Thanks to excel, we have the value of a 2% trimmed mean equals to 29. 5962. It does not change compare to the last mean because the figures changed are not some very significant figures. g) Based on this data set, you are interested in obtaining a 95% confidence interval for the population mean, , of the age at which men are getting married for the first time. Assume that the population standard deviation, , is unknown.

After doing all of the above work, you discover some old research documents in your office from an intern 10 years ago that show an original belief that the population mean for the age men are getting married for the first time in your region is = 25. You are glad you have done the research anyway because you believe this has been changing over time. You decide to use hypothesis testing to determine whether your suspicions are correct. In advance, you have decided to use = 1%. In a cost-cutting move, the company has reduced the number of drivers available to deliver pizzas, which has led to longer and less predictable delivery times.

As a result, the delivery times are now distributed with a mean of 55 minutes and a standard deviation of 5 minutes. You must decide if the motto needs to change. Specifically, if the company wants to give free pizzas no more than 10% of the time, what should be the guaranteed delivery time? What would you recommend? Zony is a well-known electronics company specializing in all kinds of audio equipment, such as DVD players. Based on extensive testing and data collection, it is determined that the average life of the Zony portable DVD player is approximately normally distributed with a mean = 28 months and a standard deviation = 5 months.

You are sitting in a meeting with the CEO who says she doesn’t care about these numbers and , she wants to get a practical description of how long these DVD players are lasting. You do not have access to Excel but you remember the rule of thumb/empirical rule and think you can add something valuable to the conversation. You decide to compute the following: 1. Between what two values of X, will approximately 68% of the values be? In other words, 68% of the portable DVD players sold will last between how many months?

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