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The way of doing of business had changed with the age of globalization. The expansion of business has increased the need for precise and globally appropriate ways of communication. Therefore, business writing skills have become increasingly essential. Despite this, many still fumble and experience difficulties and negative reactions with their business writing. Help and proper strategies in effective business writing is needed. The Owl at Purdue presents the foundation and technical blocks for writing a proper business letter.

The site lists the parts of a business letter along with descriptions of each one’s formatting. Other important factors to consider in business writing are readable fonts and proper punctuation. The Owl at Purdue differentiates three business letters formats – block, semi-block and modified block (Trawick, 2009a). It identifies the parts and formats of the business letter by giving samples of the three (Trawick, 2009b). Brown and Barton’s (2008) guide to business writing, from the University of Ohio website, distinguished formal from non-formal business writing.

One can also find examples of the properly written business letters, memos, and emails (Brown & Barton, 2008). The guide also sheds light on the value of word choice. A good business letter must be concise and refrain from using flowery words. Brown and Barton (2008) also wrote about the how business writing must feature orderly logic or thought flow in its opening and closing statements and paragraph orders. Lynn Gaertner-Johnston (2009a) is the founder of Syntax Training and holds over 15 years of teaching business writing.

Thus, her blog, Business Writing, is based on real experiences rather than from just a conceptual standpoint. Gaertner-Johnston (2009b) presents and assesses real-life situations. She also answers writing-related emails, questions, and comments posted. Apart from the usual format discussion, Gaertner-Johnston (2009b) also discusses appropriate business letter content and etiquette like awarenss of sexist language usage and sensitivity to a global readership. She also criticizes letters and email company personnel send to their clients for their sense of customer service (Gaertner-Johnston, 2009b).

The three mentioned on-line sites provide guidance and assistance to business writers. The sites remind writers of the essential components of a business letter and the value of properly worded and logically ordered business writing. The sites also teach writers to always keep their audience in mind whenever they write.


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