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Calculate costs

(a) Yes! The durations are correct as there is reflection of time allocation on the plan with those applied by the previous oversea travelers. However, some of the time durations are over estimated such as booking car hire, buying tickets and application for leave from work. These durations need to be ? day as now technology has streamlined such activities (b) Predecessor-1) Application for leave from work: – the assurance for leave will enable me that I will have a holiday that I can plan for. Followers are as follows:-

2. ) Visiting travel agent to obtain brochures, fares, etc. so as to known cost of travel and other related activities and routes. 3. ) Study brochures -4. ) Plan itinerary 5. ) calculate costs-6) obtain bank loan-7) obtain passport-8) obtain visas-9) buy tickets –10) buy special clothes –11) book car hire – 12) book accommodation-13) buy luggage-14) pack (c) network diagram for the project ` (d) The start date for the project is determined by subtracting the total calculated days from the end date.

The calculated days are 42days. Hence, from the end date of 19/01/2009, the start date is 8/12/2008 E) Critical activities- application for leave from work, plan itinerary, calculation of costs, obtaining bank loan, obtaining passports, visas, buying tickets packing and car hire. Fault of any of the above activities may lead to disastrous halt of the whole process of travel hence stopping the entire goals of the projects

Non- critical activities- buying luggage, special clothes and booking of accommodation are activities that can be meet as the need arises thus not compulsory in the whole process. (f) Yes! This is because the project manager is mainly involved in activities which are based on the theoretical work rather than practical task. (g) Poor cooperation among participants, poor planning, and Technical problem- this is because such factors would have to time consume time in the process of solving them. (h) WBS- overseas holiday