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Career Development Paper

An organization has a large accessibility for their success that Is why training, development, and career development is imperative to an organization. This paper intends to explain the role of training and career development in an organization’s development. Organization’s can improve their success by training and developing their employees. The role of training is constantly redefined. It is one of the most important parts of an organization’s strategy. The company may contribute by providing tools needed by the employees, as new expectations and needs arise.

Training to guide employees ND Improve productivity, quality, work environment, morale, and profitability. It Is important for an employer to increase the employee’s productivity because it enables the employee to help the organization reach and achieve set goals. Training also enables employees to produce high quality performance. Better training will provide an organization a more competitive advantage over others in Industry. Better performing employees will help companies succeed, and training also helps build good employee relationships.

There are a several employee development methods such as job rotation, assistant-to positions, committee assignment, lecture courses, seminars, simulations, and outdoor training. An organization uses Job rotation to expose that employee to different positions within the company. By doing this, the

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employee will acquire experience that will give that individual the knowledge and skills to expand those abilities. This kind of method can provide with a more reliable and comprehensive evaluation of the employee by his supervisor (Decency & Robbins. Bibb The assistant-to positions allows the employees with clear potential o experience a variety of management activities as a staff assistant or on special boards, performing many duties while supervised by a supportive coach. This can be one way to preparing the employee tort a higher work level . The committee assignment or special board, is a method that allows the employee to participate in committees destined to examine and solve organizational issues, where the employee can voice recommendations while being reviewed from the rest of the committee members (Decency & Robbins, 2007).

Lectures and seminars, offered both in-house or through specific outside vendors are the traditional forms of instructional training for knowledge and development of conceptual and analytical abilities. Simulations provide the employee the opportunity to develop by simulating different scenarios cases taken from real world problems. The employee discusses the case and analyzes it, maybe even role-play. This helps improve decision-making judgment in the employee (Decency & Robbins, 2007). Outdoor training method will mostly teach the importance of teamwork.

Performed outdoors, employers will want to see the employee’s reactions to difficulties. This purpose is to build trust relationships among team members. Training benefits both organization, and employees for a long period. Outdoor training will enhance the employee level of skills. It provides a sense of satisfaction to the employee and multi-skill employees to the organization. Training increases an employee commitment to the Job and the organization, not to mention that better understanding of Jobs, reduce accidents, which in turn help reduce organization’s costs (Decency & Robbins, 2007). “Organizational Development” ,2012) Organizational development takes into consideration how the organization and its constituents or employees function together. Organizational development places emphasis on the human factors and data inherent in the organization-employee relationship. Organizational development strategies can help an employee become more committed and more adaptable, which ultimately improves the organization.

When employees think the organization meets their needs, the employees will in turn give more loyalty and work more effectively to make the organization a success. The source of all productive effort in organizations is people. Organizational effectiveness depends on the performance of all persons working in that organization. Better people achieve better exults. As a part of human resources management, every organization should acquire and retain skilled, competent, and motivated employees, and the full potential of human resources needs to be achieved for the growth of the organization.

The purpose of retaining skilled employees, management should assist individuals to plan their careers with realistic information about career opportunities that exist within that particular organization (Badmouthed, 2004). Career planning is a recently developed phenomenon and organizations are nowadays looking at human resources development in this new angle. The tremendous growth of organizations in recent times because of technological improvements and tough competition in global market necessitates the organizations not only select the right type of staffs but also to retain them in the organizations.

The dynamic growth oriented employees should be allowed to grow through career development programs because the high turnover of such potential staff leads to loss in terms of cost, quality, and productivity. The individually perceived sequence of attitudes and behavior associated with the work related experiences and activities over the span of he person’s life. Thus, a career refers to both attitude behavior and it is work related . Each person’s career is unique. It NAS an upward mobility, I. E. Making more money, acquiring more responsibility, acquiring more status and power (Badmouthed, 2004). In five years I see myself as a successful business owner, which provides a great product and the best customer service. I am looking forward to working hard to achieve my goals and enjoy each accomplishment. Because I am the main employee within the organization year round, I can better assist myself by first determining my arsenal values and establishing if the business I want goes according to my values.

Making sure what I am and what I want are in alignment; assessing my personal characteristics that will influence my career success. I am a people person, to help others and to give great service brings me immense satisfaction and I can capitalize in that quality. Making sure I finish my degree will bring me a personal sense of accomplishment that will reflect on everything I do. Establishing career goals and finding out what is it I need to do and how to get there. Exploring all my options will vive me a solid picture to go about what I want and what resources I can use.

Always critique my self-management skills, it is the only way to recognize and improve on them, and develop fundamental skills. Taking managerial workshops that will keep me current on new trends and ways of improving. Have initiative, solid work ethics and persistence. I know I should always be willing to learn and look for ways to do so, whether with a mentor who can give me guidance or educating myself. Knowledge is power. My favorite words I used on troops while on active duty. Needs will grow, according to how the business grows, and, according to how I self assess my managerial skills as time passes.

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