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Career Planning: Reading and Writing

Once a person enters the workforce, they do not have to read much.
Cliches are useful to a business writer because they help readers understand the main idea better.
Writers should avoid jargon because jargon ______.
Is difficult for many to understand
The first thing you must consider in any type of communication is ______.
The purpose of the communication
It is important to keep the same tense in your business writing, because otherwise your readers may ______.
Become too confused
In general, business writing should be _____.
Easy to read quickly
Written communication involves the exchange of information between a sender and a ______.
Which of the following demonstrates parallelism?
Our company makes both small, complex gears, and large, simple gears.
When organizing your business writing, you want to make sure that ______.
The main idea is at the very beginning
In business writing, the main idea of a written work should be located _____.
At the beginning of the first paragraph

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