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Case Study Analysis: Delta Air

Delta Air lines is considered to be the largest airline traffic in the global market, after the industry acquired Northwest Airlines on October 2008.   Delta Air is originally a regional carrier but the integrated industry has been able to serve more than 375 destinations in over 65 nations and the industry also functions a mainline fleet which is about 775 aircraft. Delta Air is also part of the SkyTeam marketing and code sharing industries that permits most airlines to sell tickets on one another’s flight and hence extend their marketing networks which also involved carriers like KLM and Air France.

The mission of the Delta Air is to be an air carrier with highly developed customer service which offers air transportation for cargo and passengers using low-cost carriers as well as regional jets across US and other parts of the world (Beals, Tucker and Vick, 2).

Analysis of the Company Process

Being the number one in its field, Delta Air is considering different company proves to sustain their competitive position. Delta is an Atlanta-Based industry has been able to establish their names in the airline industries in the global market by generating strong brand worldwide. The airline industry has been considered to be

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one of the DOT’s top three industries in terms of being on time, baggage handling and most importantly customer satisfaction. The company through their management has also been able to resolve labor disputes.

As part of their industrial process, Delta Air has been able to continue to utilize innovative strategic business functions and part of these is their announcement of a new low-fare subsidiary airline that provides services on the East coast known as Song (Beals, Tuck Vick, 2).  In addition, the industry also joins other major industries to generate global alliance which is called the SkyTeam.

This alliance aims on saving costs by sharing passenger and cargo terminal facilities, combining frequent-flyer aspects, sale consolidation, maintaining and administrative functions, integrating information technologies and involving procurement were possible (Corridore, 7). In addition, Delta also give considerations on customer loyalty by their quality trained personnel which is done by providing short waiting times, good on time performance, and quality in-flight food services. Aside from this, Delta air is also considering full maintenance, repair and operations procedure and focused on five aspects: configuration management, supply chain management, technical documentation, execution and planning.

Analysis of the Company Resources

Accordingly, the company cannot be able to sustain their competitive advantage if the management is not able to have efficient company resources. One of the company resources is their highly trained human resources. The company allows unique flexibility among employees to ensure that they will be able to contribute to the company’s growth. Aside from this, another company resource is their ability to innovate and the use of highly improved airport model. Innovation is also considered as one of the company resources that lead to their success. The use of financial aspects, human resources and information technology and innovative facilities has been the resources of the company.


By and large, it can be said that Delta Air is one of the leading airline industries in the world and through their company process and resources; they are able to meet the needs of their target audience.

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