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Case study Analysis Organizational Behavior Essay



1)  The big five personality dimensions are Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism and Openness. Extraversion: Branson is a person who is always excited of what he does. He is a very social person such that at times he puts on the flight attendants uniform and attends to customers on his plane. Branson is quite social to a point of giving interviews with pillows beneath his head and in a relaxed mood. Branson’s social status can also be described by the fact that he considers his work as second from what excites him. He also considers people to be very important and he communicates personally with his employees through writing to them letters after every few months. Branson is also quite talkative as he learns the names of all his employees and likes to spend time with his employees.

He has a low amount of emotional expressiveness. Agreeableness: Branson is seen as an individual of high level agreeableness in that he is friendly and compassionate. This can clearly be seen from the way he relates to his employees. Conscientiousness: He is of high level Conscientiousness, this is evident from the way he

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conducts his work. He is seen as efficient and organized person due to the way he carries out his businesses and his plan of work. Neuroticism: He can be described as a person of low level neuroticism; this is because he is always secure and confident in whatever he is doing. Openness to experience: Branson is seen as a person of high level openness to experience and is inventive and curious to experiment new things.

2) Type “A” or Type “B” personality.

Branson can be described as a type B personality. Because he is patient in that he does not speed up his employees and he always gives them time to achieve their goals. He is also relaxed in cases where he gives interviews with his feet popped up while his head lies on pillows. He is also easy going because he likes flying hot air balloons and skiing.

3) Self-efficacy

Branson is a person who is believed to act in a certain way so as to achieve his set goals. This means that he is a person of high self-efficacy. This can be seen in Branson from when he was 6 years old and his mother stopped him 3 miles to his grandparents’ place and told him to find his way there. Out of his self efficacy Branson at last found his way there. Another experience is when he dropped out of school and started a music magazine which earned him $1 million within the first year period.

            4) Branson’s achievement, power and affiliation motives.

Branson is a person who has really achieved a lot at his age. His achievements can be attributed to his hard work, energy, luck and his entrepreneurial ventures. He believes in whatever he intends to start and this has led to his achievements. The way he treats his employees has also contributed to his achievement because the employees work without a lot of supervision and fear from their boss.

            5) Yes I would like to work for Branson because he treats his employees with respect and he always sets time aside to go out and spend time with his employees. The other reason that would make me work for Branson is his good communication skills seen by the way he often writes to his employees and he takes time to know their names.


1) Since the groups work as a team they have developed good communication skills between themselves and this has caused the cohesiveness of the teams. The other factor is the trust that there is between the members of the teams. The team members also show a lot of commitment to their work to an extent of working for thirty six hours to fix a problem. The freedom given to the teams has also led to cohesiveness, this can be seen when groups recommend rearrangement of the machinery in their workplaces so as to improve the quality of their products. The groups act independently as is the case when they sack and hire employees without the knowledge of the management. The groups also have the power to deploy employees to different sections in-cases where there are more employees than it is required. The other factor leading to cohesiveness of the teams is the lack of “back-stabbing” which can be a major drawback to the achievement of their goals.

2) Performance or excellence; this can be clearly seen by the teams working together to produce the best quality. This is evident in that the groups go to a point of calling the suppliers of certain products and recommend the best solutions so as to achieve best results from their work.

Teamwork or communication; the teamwork or communication norm is clearly seen at Saturn because there is no “back-stabbing” among the groups which ensures best results from the groups. Teamwork is shown by the lack of high instances of absenteeism, in that no employee feels overburden by the other.

Leadership/ supervision norm; The groups are known to work under very little supervision, this can be seen in instances that the teams have sacked and hired employees without the knowledge of the management.

3) Team work has been successful in Saturn because during selection of its employees it selected only those employees that can be easily adapted, those that have the capacity to work well in teams and those who possess good communication skills. Saturn also ensures that the new employees are provided training in team work and once they are in duty they receive two weeks of training after every year. The other thing that has led to the success of teamwork in Saturn is the fact that the employees do their work without a lot of absenteeism, this ensures that no employee of Saturn overworks the other.

4)The major problems that may come up as a result of team work are; self pride- this can be prevented by ensuring that no employee is let to be so pride about the work of the group.

Supervision and leadership; this may be taken care of by ensuring that the teams work under minimal supervision, a lot of supervision of the teams makes the team feel less independent hence demoralizes them.

Group think could also come out as a problem where groups feel completely invulnerable to errors and they don’t accept mistakes. This comes out when the group feels quite perfect in performing their duties and it can be solved by ensuring that the groups are well trained in their areas of duty and that the team members all learn to accept mistakes if any. The other problem may be as a result of one member of the team or a number of them feeling quite sidelined by the activities of their teams because the activities of their team becomes known to them as a surprise. This can be solved by ensuring good communication skills within the team.


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